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Commendation Report: 6FEB2464

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Reporting Personnel: Ahkam al-Nasrallah

Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Captain

Game ID: cgm-aEEb

Commended Personnel:

  • Aez Goldhorn, Chief Engineer
  • Markos Rakt, Atmospheric Technician
  • Felix Fleeter, Engineer
  • Shura Petronovisk, Engineer
  • Douglas Richards, Bridge Crew
  • Eliska Viitalah, Bridge Crew
  • Yuna Ariwiyati, Bridge Crew


- Antediluvian, Executive Officer: Present for the test flights, oversaw the actions of the Bridge Crew. Can attest to the skill and level-headedness of the personnel on the bridge at the time. 

- All crew of the SCCV Horizon at the time of the event: Anyone present during the flight tests can also attest to the coordination and skill involved to pull of such maneuvers and to maintain stable power. 

Time of Commendable Act: 4:30 Station Time

Real Time: ~5:00 AM GMT, 2FEB2022

Location of Act: Engineering, Bridge, SCCV Horizon overall


Overview: Throughout several of the shifts that I have served as Captain of during the SCCV Horizon test flights, Engineering and the Bridge Crew have often shown interested in pushing the ship to its limits to ensure that it will be properly tested and capable by the time that the ship officially in launched. The specific test that was decided upon for today's shift was to put the Horizon's engines and thrusters under a stress test, and attempt to reach the maximum possible speed of the Horizon. This is vital data for the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate to receive in order to understand the functionalities of the Horizon in action--this information could also be vital when we officially launch and leave the safety of the Romanovich Cloud, in the chance that we must quickly evade whatever hazards we come across.

On this shift in particular, the combined efforts of the mentioned engineering and bridge crew showed true dedication to the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate and the SCCV Horizon. During this event, all mentioned crew worked tirelessly to assist in bringing the SCCV Horizon up to speeds that, to my knowledge, has not previously been reached. The specific test in mind was to push the ships engines and thrusters to new limits, with the assistance of Engineering ensuring a stable power and fuel setup for the duration of the tests. At the peak speeds, our bridge crew reported that we were travelling at a minimum of 40 gm/h, which according to our artificial intelligence at the time, was calculated to be around 2% the speed of light. 

This type of dedication toward providing thorough testing to the SCCV Horizon would not be possible without the hard work of the aforementioned crew. Without the careful actions and stellar communication, it is very likely that any less experienced crew would have tore the ship apart at the speeds we reached. Engineering and the Bridge Crew were both absolutely vital to the success of this endeavor. We were able to maintain full-power and ship integrity throughout the entire trial. 

Additional Notes: I believe that anyone who was on the main three decks at the time of these flight tests of the SCCV Horizon can attest to the ability that was demonstrated by the mentioned names. This was truly an impressive feat of coordination and dedication to the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate and toward seeing the true success of the SCCV Horizon. I am thoroughly impressed, and pleased to have such capable crew under my command during this shift.

These crew members truly embody the dedication, intelligence, and grit that it takes to work on a state-of-the-art vessel such as the SCCV Horizon, and because of that, I firmly believe that they all should be recognized for their service to the SCC. 



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