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  1. Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Corporation Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable): Whenever they were initially founded Region of Space: Tau Ceti, Sol Alliance, Epsilon Eridani Controlled by (if not a faction): Idris Family Other Snapshot information: Just adding some extra flavour in the wiki page. Long Description: History Idris Incorporated was founded as pressure grew for a secure way to store Credits and have them transferable across solar systems. Idris Trust was at the time, one of the few banking institutions that offered interstellar services based in Sol, making them one of the most experimental, yet immensely convenient choices for business firms, especially centered around Eridani space. Under supervision from the Idris family, the bank grew astonishingly, as more and more large businesses and corporations noticed the need to expand and extend their influence across the stars. It was then when it was decided that they touch on other fields as well, and enter the stage of megacorporations. Starting off, all of the most lucrative fields had already been dominated by firms such as Hephaestus Industries and Nanotrasen. As such, it was decided that a more commercial approach would be followed, focusing on electronics, gadgets, and software. With enough effort put in, Idris Incorporated secured a moderate foothold in the Solarian and Tau Ceti markets, with its biggest hit being its new cybernetics and augmentation services on Epsilon Eridani. As the corporation developed, so did its banking services and figures, landing it the title of biggest bank in the known galaxy. Meanwhile, Idris Incorporated has managed to secure a place in the service synthetic sector, creating its own software and a decent IPC shell frame production line, intended for use as clerks and customer service, while still famed for its outstanding human staff in the high end service sector, with many acclaimed chefs and mixologists to accompany the high brass on their business trips, and to sooth big deals. The Idris Family Founded by wealthy businessman William Idris, not much is known about the people behind the world’s largest human bank. Through the generations, the Idris would change their family seat from Sol to Epsilon Eridani, and from there branch off and expand to Mendell City, the current headquarters of the corporation. Erin Idris is the most famous for rapidly expanding the family bank to its new heights. A very secretive family, the Idris never shared private information with the public. This has made them the subject of many theories by those who care enough. Their Eridanian connections appear to have enabled them to embrace heavy augmentations. The bright artificial blue light of the eyes, full coats, dark gloves and what appear to be bright cyan blood vessels on the necks of the most senior, fully retired from public eye family members, never fail to reinforce the feelings of abnormality and fear. Despite their secret life, the Idris are known for their dubious deals and shady business, while perfectly maintaining the aura of outstanding, honest customer service they are so renowned for. It is no secret though, that when they feel their interests threatened, none of them would hesitate to adopt extreme measures. No few were the cases of “mysterious disappearances” of small rival business strongmen, or of “miraculous turnings” of problem customers, into ideal clients.
  2. Reporting Personnel: Dwayne Darson Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Security Officer Game ID: bZ7-bGAQ Personnel Involved: (Name, Job Title: Offender/Witness/Other) - Georg Adelstedt, Warden: Offender Jameson Armstrong, Bartender: Offender OVR-FLW, Chief Engineer: Offender Lin Dyslioth, Head of Security: Witness Katheryn Linerbord, Security Officer: Witness Real Time:16:20 GMT+2, 5/5/19 Location of Incident: Red docks, shuttle Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ X ] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [ ] - Misconduct [ X ] - Other: Firefight, Putting officers at risk. Overview of the Incident: So the shuttle is called for the shift to end. It was a very hectic shift end though, and the Head of Security had someone in custody, and ordered the warden to process them. I found the warden at the lifts, alongside the bartender. the bartender had the bar gun, so I told him to leave it behind at his bar, which he agreed and went off. I then told the warden that he is needed at the brig. The warden refused to go process the inmate, stating that the shuttle had been called (at the time, it hadn't even docked. There was plenty of time). The Head of Security then orders him again to the brig, and hands him a rifle to store at the armoury, while repeating the order to process the inmate. The warden refuses, and runs off with the rifle to go to the docks. His arrest is then ordered for neglect of duty and disobeying an order. I go to the docks to arrest him, and I see him and the bartender. The bartender had his bar gun, and was buddying up with the warden. Both resisted arrest, and made use of their weaponry. I firefight ensued in the shuttle, where we managed to bring both of them down. I was injured heavily in the middle of it, though, and while it was ongoing, out of nowhere, the Chief Engineer comes out of the shuttle cockpit and tries to disarm me. I was confused, and didn't react, so he took my rifle. I was thus rendered unarmed, with the bartender still up and firing at me. I sustained heavy injuries to the face, because of that. The Chief Engineer then started shoving me towards the bartender, ordering me to "go on, arrest him". After the whole ordeal, I PDAed him to ask him why he disarmed me. He refused to reply, saying that he had spoken to the HoS about the matter. I ask again, he calls me an organic and ends the conversation. I then ask the HoS, and she had no idea why the CE disarmed me in the middle of the firefight. The shuttle docked, and we were then on the Odin. Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: Lin Dyslioth, Head of Security Actions taken: Nothing, it was on the shuttle, and the HoS did not know why the CE disarmed me. The bartender and the warden were taken into custody though. Additional Notes: The CE entered a combat situation and took my gun. I could have been dead had the bartender been a more competent shooter. This behaviour from a head of staff is truly a riddle. As for the warden and the bartender, there's no comment; I'd be surprised if they weren't in jail by now.
  3. They all look nice, seems like a fresh approach. Will there be uniforms for cadets, interns etc?
  4. In my rev rounds at least, which are not many since I play on deadhour, the problem is that noone does anything. The round usually starts with one or two revolutionaries, and zero loyalists. The revs seem to have the same constant issue that people do not want to join them, so anything that may end up doing is resorting to minor antagonistic behaviour towards the establishment, behaviour which in some cases even makes security pity them, and no arrests are made.
  5. He hasn't really formed an opinion yet, since he is pretty fresh to this concept himself. Tau Ceti certainly is a cultural shock, when it comes to the plethora of aliens present. As for other Tajara, he hasn't had any experiences with non NKA ones aside of war, so there's certainly a bias against supporters of the PRA and DPRA. He is mostly trying to leave the war behind though, so it's a mixed bag. I have the font size on default, so I do not know what else to do. Kaltir did not participate in the first revolution. Hadii won everywhere else and just, annexed the remaining land, scattering and imprisoning the nobles. The people of Kaltir requested that they be left in peace, and there is room to assume that many under the king's rule were loyal to the nobles of that area (causing reprisals from the PRA), as they did not partake in cruel acts, were kept well and treated with dignity. The nobility always ruled in Kaltir, as it did not come under the PRA, only after Hadii came in charge, so there is no argument to be made about being excited that the nobility ruled again. The information of the above is not present in the main "Tajara" wiki page, and was found under "King Vahzirthaamro Azunja" in the notable Tajara page. As for him being in the army at that age, notable manpower issues are mentioned for the NKA, which was answered with conscription. This, along with previous military duty and his family being loyal providers of levies since the days of old, eventually landed him in the front. It may be stretched a bit there, yes. And for his job, he would revolve around being an assistant, janitor, and maybe a crate pusher. Nothing more.
  6. BYOND Key: the lancer Character Names: Yuri Komarov, Tobby Harlow, Daniel Lord, and a bunch more Species you are applying to play: Tajara What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): Black Zhan Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: It opens up new possibilities for character creation, gives a fresh opportunity for new experiences on the server. Tajara lore is also very developed, and there's a frequent stream of news articles and developments that help keep it fresh. Lastly, I guess I'm also curious to see how it works out. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Aside from biology mechanics and the new languages, Tajara stem from a war torn planet, riddled with different ideologies, political instability and opportunism. By the setting's standards, ancient technology can be found at the rural fields and isolated communities, in stark contrast to the many amenities of partial modernisation, provided in main urban hubs of the People's Republic. This, in tandem with immigration to Tau Ceti and the rapid change of lifestyle, makes Tajara a species with generally more conservative ideals, trying to settle in a new yet sometimes hostile environment amongst humans, as well as other aliens. They are the struggling visitor in a land of unkown. Character Name: Jahat'rir Amhatrran Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs. Born in 2406 into the Amhatrran family, a leftover Zhan Khazan clan branch of lumberers settled in a village on the far outskirts of the City of Kaltir, Jahat'rir was the second of five brothers. His family being natives of the land for whole generations, had formed loyal ties with the land and the nobles bound to it, supplying their levies with abled soldiers in times of turmoil and guard duties against northern banditry. As expected, Jahat'rir took up the trade of woodcutting at the age of 15, taught by his father along with his elder brother. He did not receive education, as the nearest school was a day's travel away, and any sort of investment in advanced education was financially out of the question. Years passed, and so did life, with Jahat'rir's main sources of excitement being village festivities and travelling Hharar theater bands, isolated from the socially heated urban hubs of Adhomai. When word had spread of the first rebellion, and Vahzirthaamro Azunja's reluctancy to enter the upcoming war. However, levies were raised as precautionary measure, and Jahat'rir gracefully accepted to enlist as an escape from the everyday, dull life in the village. Life in the army was comprised of digging defences, waiting, and cheap entertainment. Though a boring situation to be in for some, Jahat'rir tried to experience his new position in the fullest, visiting new places, and even towns where his unit would be garrisoned. Excitetement was cut short however, since he would soon have to return to his village after the natural death of his father, to assist with family affairs and business, as one of the two only unmarried sons. That was until Hadii's forces, easily overruning Kaltir's levies, annexed the land, spreading terror in its settlements and the mostly sympathetic towards its rulers populace. Life under the victorious revolutionaries was rough. The introduction of the credit paralyzed the family business, while beatings and executions were a common sight. Jahat'rir struggled to survive on his own, and even found employment in a nearby factory to cover his most basic of needs. As was natural, the situation transformed the once excitable and calm Jahat'rir into a vessel of anger and revanchism against Hadii and the Republic. All of his brothers' fates were unknown, they themselves scattered away from home. Only he and his frail mother, was all that was left. Upon hearing of the formation of the New Kingdom and the return of the Azunja dynasty, the 44 year old Zhan departed from his household, leaving his mother (much to her dismay) to the care of well known neighbours. After constant pleads and demands that he be let to serve despite his age, and even personal letters to the King and nobles citing his clan's loyalty, he was allowed to enter into the Imperial Army, at first as a reservist. As the war progressed, and manpower issues became apparent, Jahat'rir was moved to the front, seing much action in the trenches. Impressing his commanders and superiors, Jahat'rir gained fame for his initiative and courage, earning him ranks and pay. Life started changing, as he began getting comfortable with his place in the spotlight. After a final daring, yet successful night raid at the enemy trenches, Jahat'rir managed to return with a large number of captives, earning him a cheering place in the New Kingdom's war articles for a week, and culminating to his transfer to the Royal Grenadiers. Feeling a war hero, Jahat'rir could not be happier, nor more careless, as during his first deployment with his new formation, he once again charged the enemy trenches in an attempt to replicate his glorious moments, finding nothing but two laser beams to his arm, and splinters in his left eye. Dragged off the field, his descent was imminent. His reputation for his foolish attempt overshadowed his achievements, and was soon forgotten. Being discharged for medical reasons after having lost his left arm and eye, forgotten by everyone but some close friends, Jahat'rir decided to leave for Tau Ceti, than be forgotten in a poorhouse or the streets. With no knowledge of his mother's situation, he pulled any last strings left, and by utilising his lifetime savings and with the help of his last, few willing friends, secured a contract with Nanotrasen, as well as a cheap prosthetic arm which brought him to debt. Now residing on the Odin, Jahat'rir is employed primarily as a janitor on board Tau Ceti installations, his morale at an all time low, the days of excitement and adventure, far behind him. What do you like about this character? He's seen a lot, and has some good stories to tell if you get him to speak of the past. He's also patient, and does not care very much about politics or grand events. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I suppose I fare well. Notes: -
  7. Very cool idea, I suppose the head whitelists would apply for certain positions? Only issue I see would be the presence of too many non tajarans. And lastly, would the round times be extended to accomodate for a bigger map? +1
  8. Accepted due to the completion of 2 IRs, with mofo's blessings.
  9. Kyres plays, actively contributes to the server with lore and with sprites, has been synthetic deputy, and is very capable of the job. So plus one.
  10. Fox is one of the better roleplayers this server has. I believe they can handle an IPC whitelist fairly well. +1
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