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  1. Along with the standard format: please provide an answer to the following. 1)How much time can you devote to lorewriting? 2)Do you have any plans for the lore? 3)Why do you want to join?
  2. TO: Vuugix Quiin, Scientist, NSS Aurora FROM: AMS, CCIAAMS, NTCC Odin SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report -------------------- BODY: This is an automated message to inform you that an investigation has now been opened regarding your incident report, and assigned to CCIABS Nguyen Dung (the lancer). You may be contacted by the CCIAA for an interview, or you may contact them directly if you have any questions. -------------------- DTG: 20-10:37-TAU CETI STANDARD-07-2463 SIGN: CCIAAMS
  3. I try to keep things stable, but not stationary. I will probably not be doing extreme and radical things, trying to keep a balance while maintaining the lore we already have and building upon it. I am not here to compare or pick out flaws or shortcomings, neither to hype up my advantages to overshadow others, but rather to offer my services to a community I've grown attached to over the years by trying out joining the lore team. I do believe I can come up with ideas and solutions to overcome issues that may arise, and I am confident that the team will do well with me. Other than that, I am of the opinion that it is ultimately the loremaster's choice. As a final note, I know I may not say as much as the other applicants, since I try to be measured in public without making huge promises I can't deliver. You can be assured though that I do pay good attention to the things I say, and that I do not necessarily consider this a weakness. I think that my previous work as a player on the wiki does prove that I can engage in lorewriting. I also do believe that in a more casual discord or DMs context, I am both approachable and helpful to a great extent (if this is a concern).
  4. I like to write lore, worldbuild and have the changes mean something to players involved. That is the reason for my application here, considering that synthetics are also the ones I play most often myself. I do not have a specific thing which I'm super passionate about, as I like to view the whole of synthetic lore as one that I will have to work on and develop. I'm ultimately not a fan of them. I feel that they would bring up a lot more issues than overall benefits, such as complications in legal rights, distinguishing them from IPCs, etc. Positronics are already advanced enough, and many people do play their IPCs in a human like fashion.
  5. I am fond of the idea of bioshells, and would be interested into looking into the whole thing and examining its potential future. There are going to be many issues to solve however, as this would be a pretty sizable undertaking both in the lore and code departments. As for their actual implementation, there would have to be a careful and stable approach for their introduction into lore as we moved to build upon their relations with society at large.
  6. Purpose has never really been at the forefront, electing to generally maintain a behind the scenes presence. While I have not really thought about it, we could bring them out in a supporting role to main events. I think the current portrayal of shells is currently fine. If you are talking about the general view of other characters and factions towards shells, I think that it would be nice to revisit the theme of deception and suspicion of shellframes, supported by arcs and articles. The community is largely against paperwork in its current state. I do not see the need to expand on it with synthetic specific forms, unless they play a persistent and tangible role, like vaurca avowals. I believe this is for the loremaster to decide, they all have their strengths.
  7. Not as of now. I'm open to ideas by all means, but apart from an expansion on the technical capabilities of positronic brains as mentioned before, there aren't any grand plans or reworks. Yes, I already have experience at moderating characters on account of my current job. All ideas from everyone are always welcome. Community feedback and input is important, be it for existing or for new content.
  8. I would like to bring more players to make characters from factions that are either unknown or have little participation, such as Scrappers and the Golden Deep. While the latter has seen some characters and even consulars on station, there have not been any substantial events to solidify their presence. The same can be said about the former, where to my knowledge, there have been no scrapper characters. I would like to bring attention to them, as well as provide means of such synthetics to come and work on the Aurora and Tau Ceti. The event format that I feel works best is one that spans multiple rounds throughout a week, with regular visits. I would like to bring back some kind of antagonist synthetic faction directly opposed to megacorporate interests, in order to provide more friction and conflict within rounds. This would also work well with the already established presence of the Ceres' Lance agents that are able to visit from time to time. Said faction planting operatives that pose as ordinary characters, clashing with Lancers, as both of them attempt to bring uninvolved crew into their own side, would be a fun concept to play with. I would finally like to establish some groundwork for differentiating between positronic brains on their capabilities to process and mimick organics, as well as the intelligence they exhibit. I wish to expand on the hardware aspect of the brains, the complexity, cost and what each can achieve. This would provide an explanation of why some IPCs feel more robotic than others, while debunking theories and stereotypes (G2s being dumb giants, for example.) Megacorp IPCs are very different on account of which corporation they work for. NT is by far the most liberal in regards to its IPCs and their treatment. I do not really see any reason to change anything, except expanding on the relations Nanotrasen has with its IPCs, should there be a need for it. NT should still remain the "neutral" corporation for IPCs that allows a lot of character mobility, with the contractor factions being the special and restricted ones. I'm happy with the state we're in. This is generally up to the writers of the species in question. I will not go out of my way to demand IPCs establish a presence in other species' planets and capitals. That being said, I would very much like to collaborate with other lorewriters to further relations between IPCs and different species, because I think synthetics can find a potential home anywhere and everywhere. Artificial intelligence does exist outside of Tau Ceti, but is mostly undeveloped and of little significance to the general lore, generally used to show a species' technological level, and nothing more (AIs used to manage farms and infrastructure). Should the other developers wish, I'd be very willing to expand on those as well. I've done well in managing all these years. I do believe I can handle both positions, since I'm still involved with the server and community.
  9. Ckey/BYOND Username: the lancer Position Being Applied For: (Wiki Maintainer, Lore Developer, Deputy Lore developer): Synthetic Lore Developer Have you read the Lore Team Rules and Regulations wiki page?: Yes Past Experiences/Knowledge: CCIA since 2018, written some wiki material over the years Examples of Past Work: A few things, all of which have been added to the wiki in some way or another. And some city lore for the PRA found here. Additional Comments: In my opinion, the current state of IPC lore is relatively stable and overall good. I don't really believe that huge changes need to be made, the current lore already focusing on giving very diverse options for character creation without bringing IPCs in the forefront by granting them a main planet/country like other species. This brings them in a unique position characterised by agility and adaptability to new ideas. A new IPC is a clean slate, able to be infused with the theme of the place they originate from and develop it in a uniquely synthetic way. I really like how IPCs allow for very different approaches in regards to a synthetic's social and intellectual capacity, with the ability to cultivate both as time goes by, adding significantly to the feel of character development. In terms of where I'd like to take it, I'd like to expand on the lore about how IPCs fare in various planets, as well as in Tau Ceti. Expansion and raising other IPC factions to more relevancy, such as Scrappers or the Golden Deep, bringing in attention and providing more options for character creation. More small calibre events and visits spanning multiple rounds is also a good way of achieving this, for I believe are both fun and allow changes to be implemented more organically. I would also like to expand on the nature of the positronic brain, providing explanation as to why synthetics can behave so differently, from directly mimicking humans to acting robot-like, both for stationbounds and IPCs.
  10. Hi, while I appreciate the interest, you would need to show some more activity. Try reapplying after you've played consistently for a few months. Application denied.
  11. To: Cart Kanara From: CCIA Division of Appeals Subject: Appeal 1/03/2463 _______________________________ BODY: After thorough review of your appeal, it has been decided that you be reinstated to the body of staff eligible for liaison duties on board Nanotrasen vessels as of today. _______________________________ DTG: 03-09:52-TAU CETI STANDARD-03-2463
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