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  1. Very cool idea, I suppose the head whitelists would apply for certain positions? Only issue I see would be the presence of too many non tajarans. And lastly, would the round times be extended to accomodate for a bigger map? +1
  2. Accepted due to the completion of 2 IRs, with mofo's blessings.
  3. Kyres plays, actively contributes to the server with lore and with sprites, has been synthetic deputy, and is very capable of the job. So plus one.
  4. Fox is one of the better roleplayers this server has. I believe they can handle an IPC whitelist fairly well. +1
  5. give the leader a "station pass" kind of ID as a separate piece of equipment. Put some basic station access there
  6. The Cauldron on Aurora After years of anticipation, the highly awarded chef Renard Salomon Sauvageon has arrived in Tau Ceti space, ready to illuminate the palates of Bieselites and offer a ride through culinary paradise with his 3 new restaurants in Mendell City and Phoenixport. His highly acclaimed restaurant/bar chain "The Cauldron", which has dominated the fine cuisine throughout Solarian and Elyran space, is now ready to expand into new horizons. But that is not all, since talks between the Three-Michelin-Star-Rated chef and Nanotrasen Corporation representatives have come to fruition, granting "The Cauldron" a place on board its flagships, the NSS Upsilon and the NSS Aurora, ready to present its crews with a more open and flexible, yet worthy menu. Thus, chef Sauvageon is currently looking for Nanotrasen employees, versed in the culinary and service sector, able to provide their services to "The Cauldron on Aurora". In specific, the following individuals are requested: Chefs Cooks Waiters Bartenders Hydroponicists A standard of qualification exists, as members of "The Cauldron's" roster should be able to represent and support the chain's many awards and high acclaim, that have so spectacularly dominated the hearts and taste of many supporters and critics alike. Thus, chef Sauvageon will be handling the applicants himself. Individuals of the Vaurca and Diona species are not having their services required. Those interested are asked to declare their interest below this message, using the provided format: Further details will be provided, and questions will be answered in private.
  7. Reporting Personnel: Luxo Khazarazir (On the behalf of CPT. Basinger) Rank of Reporting Personnel: Internal Affairs Agent Personnel Involved: BASINGER, Calanthia - Captain (Reporting personnel) REICHARD, Alma - Cargo Technician (Offender) DARUSKI, Yuri - Quartermaster (Witness) Time of Incident: 2461-01-13 Location of Incident: Cargo Office, Dock Nature of Incident: []Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property [/]Neglect of Duty []Harassment []Assault [/]Misconduct []Other: Overview of the Incident: Cargo Technician Alma Reichard has been found to have spent the entire Cargo budget on ordering Corgis, despite having open cargo shipment orders from crew including one filed by the Head of Security for a pressing Security matter. Before she could be investigated, Technician Reichard fled to cryostorage, entering stasis before she could be questioned or charged for the incident. CPT. Basinger informed Internal Affairs and requested an Incident Report be filed so that Reichard could be retrieved for questioning by Odin personnel. Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: Yes, IAA Luxo Khazarazir Actions taken:Incident referred to IA by CPT. Basinger for filing. Additional notes: N/A
  8. Ioraks is a wholesome unathi, and geeves is good in general. I don't think there will be an issue with him and the synths.
  9. In the corporate setting this takes place in, the security department, as a private protection force representing the most important and powerful megacorporation in one of its state of the art research facilities, should be held at a higher standard when it comes to uniforms and dress regulation. There are plenty of choices already available for them, both in the loadout and in the lockers. Seing officers and cadets roaming around in cowboy hats and boots, skirts and non security jackets, kills the setting and makes security resemble a band of militia, more than a private security firm. Cracking down on such incidents is not about killing fun or character personalisation, but promoting a more realistic look, while also reinforcing discipline in the department. This does not affect detectives. That was my reasoning and thinking behind this. And as syn said, while I personally dislike cloaks, I never officially called for a cloak ban.
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