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  1. Knives will not be legalised. You can already add utility knife stuff for cargo or jobs that make sense to have them, it would be perfectly legal to carry, like the botanist's hatchet. But carrying non utility knives around in sheathes and boots is not a good idea. It would not make sense for a secure research station, and would give everyone the ability to carry a weapon, a poor choice due to the usual powergaming and validhunting arguments. If you have a particular reason to worry about your personal safety, you can ask for a weapons permit.
  2. My question is what knives exist to make the change for. Switchblades, tatical knives and such have been ruled out, and if you make a knife out of materials it's essentially a kitchen knife, which falls under the same category the hatchet does with the botanist.
  3. Trial started 30/3, will end upon completion of 2 IRs.
  4. Interview with the applicant: https://pastebin.com/5GnfxiKs
  5. Hepatica is a good roleplayer and community member in general, with good characters and overall interaction with others. They could manage an IPC whitelist with no issue. Brick seems like an ok chap as well, with more backstory put into him than the average factory new IPC.
  6. The CCIA record, Gonzales being on his last chance, the arrest history and the current incident of being drunk and assaulting a subordinate/visitor at the time. This is all behaviour very much not fit for a head of staff. I thus judged that the demotion should be unappealable.
  7. Binning due to the character no longer existing.
  8. Trial started 28/2 and will last until completion of 2 IRs
  9. Trial started 28/2 and will last until completion of 2 IRs
  10. TO: Carlos Clarke, Visitor, NSS Aurora FROM: CCIAAMS, NTCC Odin SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report -------------------- BODY: The investigation of this incident has concluded, and appropriate action has been taken for affected individuals. This matter will now be considered resolved. -------------------- DTG: 17-21:39-TAU CETI STANDARD-02-2462 SIGN: CCIAAMS
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