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Alpha's Antag Unban Appeal

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BYOND Key: AlphaWalrus

Total Ban Length: Permanent Ban

Banning staff member's Key: Rusty Shackleford (I think)

Reason of Ban: I was a traitor and I was on the server for not even five minutes, there was about 3 people on the server and I got to objective and killed my target immediately, not even trying to role play.

Reason for Appeal: I was new. My friend had just told me about the game and I got really into it. I didn't achieve a true sense of role play and it's meaning till only a few months ago. I've learned not to be so objective oriented and role play my character, even if there is 3 people on the crew. I believed I've changed and it won't happen again.

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Well, Rusty hasn't been a mod in a loooong time, meaning it's been a looooong time since you've received your punishment.

If there are no other notably incidents or infractions with this player, I can +1 this. We all get that "rookie rush" for the greentext the first time. And since we've disabled antagonist objectives a long time ago, I doubt it will happen again.

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The record /does/ indicate a ban existing, but the database search did not turn up anything. It should restrict you from toggling certain settings in character setup if you are actually still banned from them. So, log on and have a look. If it does exist, adminhelp it and have them check it out from your player panel/jobban menu.

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