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Voltage's Mod App

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Basic Information

Byond Account: VoltageHero

Character Name(s): Jade Rathel, Amber Rathe

AI Name(s): N/A

Preferred means of contact: Skype, forums PMs

Age: 17 (18 in a week)

Timezone: EST

When are you on Aurora?: Primarily on from 4:30 PM EST to 2 AM EST on week-days. On weekends, I am primarily on until 4-5 AM EST.


How long have you played SS13?: Since 2011.

How long have you played on Aurora: I started in September, 2013, and took a break. Roughly a year, possibly more.

How much do you know about SS13 (Baystation build) game mechanics?: I know a good deal of the mechanics for SS13. I know next to nothing in Engineering, and only a little more than that in Science, though.

Do you have any experience moderating for an SS13 server?: No.

Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?: I do not recall any bans placed on me, but I may be forgetting something.


Why do you play SS13?: Space Station 13, is one of the best role-playing mediums, at it's level. Being unbound by the restrictions that a Game Master may set, or the mechanics that a more "advanced" role-playing game might, it allows Space Station 13 to have limitless possibilities, when it comes to role-play. Besides role-play, Space Station 13 also has it's own charm to it, that seemingly draws people back to it, which is a group I am not except from. Both the charm of SS13, and the fact that it's a very good role-playing medium, is why I personally play SS13.

Why do you play on Aurora?: Aurora is one of the most popular servers on Space Station 13 right now, and for good reasons. Aurora is currently led by a rather competent staff group. This, combined with the strong focus on SS13 makes myself and others believe that coming to Aurora will allow us to RP freely, and to the extent of our liking. These two reasons are why I have primarily stayed with Aurora for so long.

What do moderators do?: Moderators keep an eye over the community and server,to ensure that the playbase isn't have issues. More or less, a moderator should be a player's lackey, in a sense. If a player needs help with something, a moderator should be willing to help them to the best of their ability. Under ideal situations, a moderator would not be needed, but most of the times, the ideal situation can't happen. At that point, a moderator must take control of a situation, and try to figure out what happened, and finally deal out any repercussions, if needed.

What does it mean to be a moderator for our server?: Would you want a moderator who didn't interact with anybody, and kept to themselves, seemingly isolated from everybody? No, because this puts up a barrier between the community and the moderators. Being a moderator for Aurora, like any other server, should be more and mean more to a moderator, than just 'patrolling OOC', or watching out for when somebody does bad. A moderator should also be a part of the community, and more importantly interact with the players. While a moderator's primary objective should be to keep the server free from arguments and griefers, they should also be strongly focused on keeping the community an inviting place, if possible. Moderators on Aurora should set an example for other players, by both interacting with the players, and limiting the

Why do you want to be a moderator?: The reasoning for wanting to become a moderator on Aurora, is for a few reasons. Primarily I wish to advance the relationships with the community, to that of one of a greater standing. I also want to keep people from being able to come onto Aurora, and grief during rounds. Even though we have good moderators currently, I'd assume they're pretty busy from time to time, and I wish to help them, and try to take the load off them, in a sense.

What qualities do you possess that would make you a good moderator?: I have a good deal of group-leadership and management skills, which is necessary to handle even online servers such as Aurora. In an important situation, I find myself rather hard-working and able to meet the challenges that may come from a tense or busy time period.

How well do you handle stress, anger, or insults?: I would like to consider myself rather laid-back, both in real life and online. I've never really minded being placed at the rear-end of jokes, and have sometimes even welcomed it. This said, I will not lie and state that I am "never going to be angry, ever", because this would be an impossible promise. Myself, a lot with others, are only human, and mistakes may happen. I highly doubt that there would ever be a time where I really got "angry", as I've always had a belief that there isn't much of a reason to get angry at people that are not family. There has been instances in the past where I may have said strong-worded things, but for the most part, I believe anger would not be an issue for me, as well as stress.

Anything Else You Want to Add:

Some players may remember me older Aurora, and may be less than eager to give me a chance. This is completely understandable, and if this is a reason you want to not support my application, I would be fine with that.

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If you were to become Trial Mod, will you drop the constant "I'm going to ban you" commentary on OOC that you do? While it's joking around, constantly saying it can give people the wrong impression, and you are to be held of higher standards then regular players.

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If you were to become Trial Mod, will you drop the constant "I'm going to ban you" commentary on OOC that you do? While it's joking around, constantly saying it can give people the wrong impression, and you are to be held of higher standards then regular players.


But I see plenty of staff going "Banned" and "X is banned" and "Banned for Y". Why should a trialmod have to cut it out if admins are doing it?

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If you were to become Trial Mod, will you drop the constant "I'm going to ban you" commentary on OOC that you do? While it's joking around, constantly saying it can give people the wrong impression, and you are to be held of higher standards then regular players.


It would also depend on the situation. If something pretty bad went down, then yeah, that'd be a pretty bad time to drop a remark like that.

That said, I'd attempt not to do that as much, if you believe that it could make people nervous, or just uneasy, which is understandable. Nobody would really want a mod to say "I'm going to ban you", after they do something silly.

So, to answer your question more clearly, yes. At the very least, I would do my best to avoid the behavior.

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It's something I personally noticed with Voltage that he says it even moreso than staff. It's true that other administrative members say it from time to time, but not to the point where it's a constant, daily base.

With being a moderator, there's nothing wrong with joking. It's just being careful how you joke, because Volt would have the power to ban and not everyone on the internet can pick up a tongue in cheek remarks.

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I actually have not seen Voltage say "I will ban you" for a long time.

And he makes it pretty obvious that he's being facetious. Not seeing that as an issue.

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Voltage is an excellent candidate for this IMO. He's a brilliant roleplayer(not that it matters much). He's been with the server for a long time and is well versed with the rules because of it. Although I tease Voltage and vice versa I actually consider him one of the better candidates for Moderator, he's serious when he needs to be, can have a joke if it's the time, I've never seen him get overly hostile or aggressive and to be fair he was a trial mod a long time ago, I think the only reason he didn't get accepted when we had him as a trial mod before was because we thought he was a good candidate but we liked the other good candidates more.(What terrible people we were) either way this app has my endorsement.

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Including yourself?

This is the real question here.


Yes, it would include me as well.

That said I don't believe a mod can actually ban themselves (I could be wrong), so I would have to rely upon other moderators for the act itself.

Unless I am wrong, and mods can ban themselves. In that case, my point still stands though, and I would still be guilty of any rules I broke while as a mod.

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Voltage you and your characters always bring a smile to my face with the pleasant comedic side to them. I'd love to see you given a shot at being a moderator. But one thing, you have to follow rule #19b~~2: Don't be Voltage. It's a bannable offense.

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