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I think I should take my leave now.

I think that generally some will be happy to see me go, but that's okay. I took the risks and I accept the consequences of what I have done here because I knew what I've been doing the entire time. I have few regrets if any. When I first came to Aurora (around last year) I was very excited and I liked the server so much on first impression that I wanted to sprite for it, I guess I wanted to form an attachment to the server somehow and help out with dev, etc. I wanted to just have an SS13 home really. I think, one of the things I wanted to do is become a diona nymph and roleplay one in good detail because it had been months since I last played SS13. On a comical note; I never got to be one after all. Heh.

I like the high concentrations of roleplayers that Aurora has, as well as the fact that most people here are able to play the game really well. I have my gripes about the server (note: hardly missable previous posts) but the above still stands as truth.

That said, recently, I don't feel like I enjoy playing on Aurora any more. I think I started to feel the wane. All the things I've learned, the community issues have basically just made it really hard to roleplay. I thought I could fix the issue by directly confronting what was wrong but I realize nothing can change, even if I did I still wouldn't be happy. I think that nothing is really worth it anymore. Maybe I wanted to make a statement of some sort, maybe start to let it all out because I realized nothing could fix the situation. The least I could do was express myself right?

Even now, I don't feel a lot of passion for Aurora any more, I think that maybe this is preferred and I should finalize it because it's hard to put into words. Right now I'm kinda incoherently babbling about things but I'm just flowing things as I type. I just want you guys to know that regardless of the debates we have had, I may not agree with you, I may not even like all of you, but I don't hate you guys.

Anyway, I think that this is for the best. Wish you the best too, and peace.

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I can't say I understand completely why you're leaving. I get that sometimes we simply lose interest about a thing we used to feel passionate about, but I feel like this community has generally been receptive to change, and that if pushing properly and with the right intent, it is possible to bring about major shifts in the way the server handles things.

I've never gotten to know you personally, or even meet you in game, but I always appreciated your ideas and the energy with which you pushed them. I will be sad to see you go.

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I can understand why you felt/feel that way. I left for a short period for pretty much the same reasons but the break was somewhat good, not to say you should go. Hell sometimes I still want to take off because of how heated things can get, but there are some things I'm determined to work on so I just focus on that. Don't know if doing the same will work for you, but food for thought

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