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[Denied] Ava's Ushanka (Upadated)

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BYOND Key: Demonofthefall

Character name: Ava Kalashnikova

Item name: Ava's Ushanka

Why is your character carrying said item to work? It belonged to her Father and was given to her by her Mother after he died. She has held onto it ever since to remind her of her family and where she has came from. Used to show her Russian heritage which she is proud of and also to keep her warm in the coldness of space. Adds more personality to the character.

Item function(s): No special functions just a regular hat

Item description: An old Ushanka which looks to have been worn in many battles.

Item appearance: The same as the default ushanka but in white with a red star on the front.

Additional comments: This item is already in the game but looks like a regular Ushanka, I was wondering if you could make it so it is white (to match her labcoat) with a red star on the front.

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