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Tau Ceti fauna

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Quote from wiki:

As a naturally habitable planet, Biesel boasts a large agricultural industry. Genetically modified strains of crops and livestock as well as vertical agriculture allow the planet to produce far more food than in consumes. Biesel is one of the largest exporters of raw food in the known galaxy. Additionally, tourism is a major source of income. Visitors are drawn to Biesel's sprawling shopping centers, lively nightlife and serene national parks.


Now, the wiki says that the planet is in goldilocks zone and has plenty of water both fresh and otherwise. This would most likely mean that it had developed its own flora and fauna. But, I've heard someone said it was terraformed to an extent, this would mean that most of the flora and was imported, most likely from earth. Hope it helps. Otherwise, I have no idea.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Everything is tentacles. Even the humans.

But on a serious note I'd probably say that there are some native plant+animal life present on the planet. But with the necessity of colonization, there's also a lot of invasive species from Earth that might have killed or out-competed most of those present. Players are always free to just come up with plant/bug/small animals if they're not outlandish or something.

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