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Staff Complaint -- All Staff

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BYOND Key: FireNightPower
Staff BYOND Key: All; locally peppermint96
Game ID: N/A
Reason for complaint: Even if I've gone to war, even if I reach the age of 30 from 14, even if I've assisted notable members of the community -- What am I to know of what's 'too many', who could I ever talk to if I'm not ever given a chance to even ask a question, and none of you want to talk with me. Why do you have to incorporate a profile over me, and why is a record forced to be rent free even if it's been a year, 2, 3, 10ths or 100ths of a fraction of my life. I make mistakes, I'm critical of forms of your administration, yet I want to improve. I am not a disease, and your server is not heaven by any means. Why do I have to traverse my way up to cloud 9 and to forget about the server even existing for me to be granted any flaking graft of value.


Additional Remarks: Give a more proper reason for why I'm a lifelong undesirable. 7 people calling me a retard otherwise to their own sickly exchanges of livelihood that they take as a pedestal of welfare pride is not reason enough for my deletion over a winkling of social friction that occurs 0.6445 times out of each set of 365 days. This is reason enough for me to form up some kind of complaint as to the extreme contrast from the nature of my appeal. This is ridiculous. On average, my actions were not that ridiculous or corrosive to the scale of the entire community and server. I did not harm anyone, and I did not foul the atmosphere to the scale of what you'd call 'chucklefucking'.

There's far too much of a ratio of distrust that keeps on being reinforced in comparison of others, I am/have not ever been on your server to destroy or befuddle it. I read the lore, I help if asked, I do not desire to halt the flow of order, and I've just needed time to understand the game. I don't know what's expected, and I do not know what's seen. Grant me that.


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19 minutes ago, FireNightPower said:

Give a more proper reason for why I'm a lifelong undesirable.

26 notes with 7 warnings and 2 permabans alongside a couple of discord ban evasions; throw calling an admin a slur in the mix too. I am now adding a forum permaban.

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