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Ckey/BYOND Username: Abigail886
Position Being Applied For: (Wiki Maintainer, Lore Developer, Deputy Lore developer): Wiki Maintainer
Have you read the Lore Team Rules and Regulations wiki page?: Yes
Past Experiences/Knowledge: I have worked minorly in a few different SS13 server's wikis.
Examples of Past Work:

Minor spot corrections on Paradise. (nothing to write home about)

Did some page creation and total rewrites of many pages on Skyrat, mostly pertaining to the Chemistry and Drinks pages, due to them being direct rips of the pages from /TG/.

And finally some minor contributions to Sunset Wasteland before I determined I was not a great fit for said server and ended up leaving.

Additional Comments:

While I dont understand CSS very well, and therfore dont have a huge grasp on stylization, I do know a large amount of the rest and have been working on small things in wikipages for ages. While I havent made an official changes to the Aurora server yet I already grabbed the github data a while back in order to run as many corrections to new code as I could. But have been holding off due to being afraid of getting in trouble due to not fully understanding what would be more lore than hard facts.

I prefer to dig through the code of the game myself to find all the facts of what I am putting down and run tests on a server I host myself before even posting what I write. To make sure its accurate for players and not complete bullshit. Which I have ran into many times before. Like when someone wrote that soymilk healed skeletons on skyrat, when its actually a very deadly poison to them in their code.

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I know I'm probably not the most well known person on the server, haven't played a ton. But I am someone who likes working on wiki based things. I hope to be useful and make sure that everyone has the most up to date data available to them.

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Hi there, I'll be handling the application alongside my Deputy Loremaster ( @Lucaken ) 

Some questions:


1. How long have you been on the Aurora Server? 

2. Do you believe you'll be sufficiently active to contribute to the wiki for longer than 3-6 months?


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Honestly, I haven't been on Aurora long, Maybe 4-5 rounds in total playtime. But have hung around and watched people going about their business for a while now.

As for if ill be active, if I am given a role like wiki maintainer I will feel an obligation to help out and do things, so would always pop in at least once a day and do some things. Wont want to do like... 6-8 hour long sessions a day because ill get burned out at that rate, so would limit myself to maybe 3 at most.

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