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  1. Article #3 of the Peacekeeper Mandate arc Tau Ceti Foreign Legion Deployed President Joseph Dorn has announced his latest plans regarding the deployment of the Tau Ceti Foreign Legion. The rising tension within the Corporate Reconstruction Zone has reached dangerous heights, resulting in the implementation of the “Peacekeeper Mandate” - an attempt to stabilize the volatile regions. The Refugee Crisis of 2463, after the events of the Second Solarian Invasion and the influx of Skrell Migrants, the TCFL has seen a massive increase in size. Many of the enlisted personnel are now finishing their initial training, and are beginning to contribute to the success of the Republic of Biesel. He said: Sources from within the Dorn Administration have confirmed that the Tau Ceti Foreign Legion has already begun to set up operations across Mictlan, with many citing the “Samaritans” as the primary cause. The fledgling movement believes that Mictlan must stand on its own, with the group having engaged only in civil disobedience so far, but calls from within are said to be calling for more active resistance against “imperialists”. They have managed to rally supporters to their cause through several social media avenues, primarily utilizing Chirper for the proliferation of their propaganda. The video below was uploaded recently to their Chirper. Most of the video is spoken in the planet’s native tongue, Tradeband, but closed captions are available for those unable to understand. Viewer discretion is advised. We can only hope that the Tau Ceti Foreign Legion is able to contain the threat, and ultimately integrate those within the Corporate Reconstruction Zone. The agreement between the Coalition of Colonies and the Republic of Biesel is said to go into effect later this week, reducing both the trade tariffs and restrictions on immigration between the two nations. Date: 10/25/2463
  2. Article #2 of the Peacekeeper Mandate arc The New Biesellite Frontier Stellar Corporate Conglomerate fleets have begun to arrive on the at-risk borders of the Wildlands, following last week's mobilization order advised by the Department of Defense. The Tau Ceti Foreign Legion has yet to be deployed, despite ramping up tension across the previous Solarian colonies. The reason for this is yet to be cleared. The delegation from the Coalition of Colonies arrived in Mendell City following a Xanu-brokered agreement between the two nations regarding closer ties largely through the expansion of trade through economic cooperation. Under the agreement, signed by President Joseph Dorn and Chief Representative Reilly Sianne, there will be both decreased trade tariffs and migration requirements. President Joseph Dorn commented the following in a press conference: Majority of the fleets stationed across the Weeping Stars region have been redirected to the more volatile regions of the Corporate Reconstruction Zone, specifically the northern and southern frontiers that encompass the Wildlands. The mobilization order, according to sources within the Dorn Administration, is an attempt to solidify Biesellite sovereignty in light of recent events. He continued to outline his objectives: Date: 10/22/2463
  3. Hi there. Thanks for applying. Hypothetically, let's say you have complete and unfettered access to take lore in any direction you want. What would you do? What do you not enjoy about Skrell Lore? How would you remedy this? How do you feel about megacorpotions in the Jargon Federation? Do you have plans for the Starlight Zone?
  4. Hi there. Please utilize the correct forum format. Thank you.
  5. Regarding this; IPCS are not disallowed within the Jargon Federation, they're just often blocked due to mountains of red tape. I imagine that the SCC would do its best to allow ALL its employees to contribute to the mission. The only place I can see this being an issue is Dominia.
  6. Beginning of the Peacekeeper Mandate arc Announcement of the Mobilization Order The Department of Defense of the Republic of Biesel has confirmed the mobilization order of additional fleets along both the shared borders of the Wildlands, as well as within the Corporate Reconstruction Zone. On October 8th, several videos and photos were published and shared across multiple social media extranet sites, mostly confined to Chirper. Majority of these originate within the shared frontier of the Wildlands, but there is also increased seditious behaviour being reported from several planets within the CRZ. These videos and photos commonly display the burning of the Republic of Biesel’s flag, as well as trashing products sold by those within the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate. President Dorn announced: The Acting Chief of Operations for the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate, Miranda Trasen, has reportedly been locked in talks with the administration and will be contributing additional fleets to support those already on the borders. President Dorn has also announced plans to deploy the Tau Ceti Foreign Legion across particularly vulnerable colonies within the newly acquired territories. The Republic of Biesel, as well as the Coalition of Colonies, have announced their willingness to pursue a closer relationship. Increased economic ties would benefit both sides massively in the wake of an approaching recession inflamed by the mounting scarcity of Phoron. President Dorn further stated: Date: 10/18/2463
  7. Deferred Acceptance Proposals that have been accepted by either an appropriate Lore Writer or from the Loremasters, will be moved to this thread until the proposal has been added onto the wiki. There is no time limit instituted regarding the implementation of the application to the wiki, but it is encouraged for Lore Writers, or Loremasters, to oversee its integration as soon as possible. Lore Canonization Application Format
  8. Timeframe of Applications An ideal proposal is posted, gains feedback and a decision is made within 3 months (90 days) of its posting by its appropriate Lore Writer or blanket approval from Loremasters. There is no required amount of feedback; it can help the Lore Writer make a decision but feedback isn't an inherent necessity to a proposal's ultimate fate. A lack of feedback means that the application is determined by the sole merit of the proposer unless a Lore Writer(or Deputy Lore Writer) themselves asks questions. There is no minimum waiting period for a Lore Canonization Application to be accepted. If an application has sat without Lore Writer comment or decision after 3 months you are encouraged to PM either Mofo1995 or Caelphon, the Loremasters, with a link to your application with a comment that it has been longer than 3 months since it was originally posted. If it slips their minds, just keep PM'ing Mofo1995 or Caelphon; one PM per day with a reminder over sitting applications is totally acceptable. You can also remind both on Discord.
  9. General Information Applications will be reviewed and evaluated by a relevant Lore Writer and/or the Loremasters. There are restrictions to what can be proposed: New alien races. Please make a suggestion in the suggestion subforum if you want a playable alien species. Be aware that our Head Developers have a standing rule that an existing alien race has to be removed before another one is added. A powerful/influential organization or concept that gives your playable character considerable power. Something which violates the general narrative of our story, or which conflicts with it egregiously. A copy of an existing faction or concept for the sake of it. The Loremasters have introduced a "Planet Ban". It is encouraged not to lodge a proposal for a planet, and instead look towards the guidelines related to Automatic Canonicity. Planet proposals that are submitted will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, but it is unlikely to be accepted. Questions can be directed to the relevant Lore Writer and/or the Loremasters.
  10. LORE DIARY ENTRY #8 This is a lore diary entry for SEPTEMBER 2021. See below for changes to lore in this month! Major changes in the spoiler below! There's 2 Vaurca entries, 3 Human entries, 2 IPC entries, and 1 Skrell entry. Medium-sized, niche changes in the spoiler below! There's 1 Unathi entry, 3 Tajaran entries, 1 Skrell entry, and 4 Human entries. Small additional fluff in the spoiler below! There's 1 IPC entry, and 2 Skrell entries.
  11. Craterview Fireworks Spectacular Craterview city officials have announced details of this year’s Tribuisti de Colonis fireworks display over Craterview’s primary harbour. The Craterview Fireworks Spectacular marks the end of the celebrations surrounding Tribuisti de Colonis and usually gathers quite a crowd annually. NanoTrasen has contributed a fair amount to support the entire fireworks display for those that wish to spectate the amazing displays, which coincides with their diamond anniversary within the Republic of Biesel. “Thanks to the generous support of NanoTrasen, Craterview is looking forward to hosting a festive Tribuisti de Colonis evening alongside our marinas and piers,” said Mayor Léopold Blanc. “We invite residents and visitors to spend time with us as Tribuisti de Colonis draws to a close, celebrating the colonization of Tau Ceti with a spectacular fireworks display.” The display will be staged from a barge located off of the harbour, beginning at 9:00 pm. Craterview harbour will become host to several entertainment avenues that include live music, food vendors and carnival rides before the start of the fireworks display. Celebrations across the Republic of Biesel are already beginning to die down as Tribuisti de Colonis draws to a close. Despite the dreary circumstances that the Orion Spur finds itself in, this year’s Tribuisti de Colonis is said to have been the busiest one yet.
  12. Belle Cote Fashion Show The 2463 edition of the Belle Cote Fashion Show will begin later today, with several big names announcing their participation in the fashion extravaganza, showing their proposed trends for the upcoming season. Some of the facts gleaned from those that spoke as a representative of the major brands seem to indicate this year will be mindblowing. For Cashien’s fall-winter 2463 show, the set is supposedly inspired by the Grattle Alps, thanks to its history as both a mining outpost and popular destination for those wishing to ski at its snowy slopes. Looking at the previous years that Cashien has participated in, many are excited to see what will be unveiled by the jewel-centric fashion brand. Le Soleil’s fall 2463 collection is meant to have a story behind each outfit. For this collection, Emilie de Couturier toured cities across Visegrad before the collapse of the Alliance of Sovereign Solarian Nations in late 2462 for inspiration. Couturier wishes to showcase the culture, tradition and products of Visegrad. From made-in-Visegrad wool to the local festive traditions, the dreary moors of Nowa Bratislava — all of it found its way into the collection. Jeonshi’s Yunji Kyong has unveiled her plans regarding a new line of artisanal prosthetics meant to collide the worlds of function and style. Hoping to represent a theme of strangeness combined with a celebration of 2380s youth culture. The label’s previous offerings typically consist of a tribute to notable figures that have since passed. It is unknown who the 2463 collection may pay tribute to, but it is suspected to be the previous President of Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals, Tan Meixiang. Meixiang was a striking woman that advocated for there to be beauty in even the strangest of things, always known to sport at least one item of purple. The entrance to the Belle Cote Fashion Show includes a red carpet event, with several celebrities already announcing their plan to attend. Yet another facet of the fashion extravaganza celebrities are meant to arrive with an outfit of their creation — oftentimes considered to be out of this world.
  13. Beginning of Tribuisti de Colonis When Tribuisti de Colonis’ weekend commences, Mendell City erupts. Hoards of people gather to dance through the streets as music roars loudly. The celebration of Biesel’s initial colonization has become somewhat of an opportunity to become embellished with the culture that it parades. As a result, the Mendell City Police Department positions themselves along the streets of the city, monitoring those that partake in the days-long celebration. In fact, Mendell City and its districts’ neighbourhood party scene has only grown in recent years. “The whole area has become — where in years past it was a local scene — it’s becoming an intense party destination,” MCPD Spokesman Charles Sullivan said. “People are starting to figure out that this is a fun place to go, and we’re seeing a lot more people coming in from across the Orion Spur.” Tribuisti de Colonis presents a delicate task for the department: keeping the districts and their citizens safe during the planet wide celebration that nearly triples the average pedestrian population over the course of a few days, a strategic situation few other security forces in the Orion Spur have to prepare for, let alone conceptualize. “Over a period of time, that kind of got off-kilter, if you will, and our officers were going all over the place,” said MCPD Chief James Ryan, who became the agency’s top cop in June 2462. “They were just kind of using us as manpower. Last year, when I came, we really took a deep dive into what we were doing and wanted to try to find the best way for us to deploy our resources.” An examination of MCPD’s Tribuisti de Colonis strategy reveals some annual changes — the specific district deployment and the use of new equipment, for example — as well as some consistency year to year, expressly, MCPD’s stated objective to keep residents safe at all times.
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  15. This sounds like a reasonable request, considering it only includes adding a button. I'm in support of it.
  16. This sounds horrible for antags. I don't see how this would be helpful for anyone besides those actually placing the handcuffs. If anything, include a new set of handcuffs (only one) in the armoury that is made out of like, the strongest material in the auroraverse or something. Even something like that makes me iffy, as someone will just take it out and use it anyway in a normal case. Rather just keep it as is.
  17. I don't believe a revert should be done as this is the system that will be utilized in NBT its one of the more "lesser" distinctions of the new setting, however, the other problems that have been mentioned could probably be easily (?) adjusted. Perhaps there can be a reminder introduced by the Cryogenic Oversight Machine? Just a "Remember to use the auto drone" or something similar?
  18. Update: There will be updates to Private Military Contractors, as well as Cargo. We will release the details when the time is right.
  19. Celebrating Heritage Day Since its establishment after the independence of the Republic of Biesel, Heritage Day has become an integral part of being Biesellite. It is a day where her citizens can recognize and celebrate the cultural wealth within Tau Ceti, which now also extends to the greater Corporate Reconstruction Zone. President Dorn has announced that the Heritage Parade will continue as normal and will be making its way through Mendell City’s fifteen districts. He says: Today, Unathite shamanic and priestly institutions encourage visitors to come in, serving food and information to curious Bieselites, as Izweski Kataphracts and priests accompany the various parades in Biesel. Some Unathi, however, refuse to participate, citing alien influence and a want to be left alone. Nevertheless, Heritage Day is a time for most to celebrate the unique and diverse backgrounds all Biesel residents have. Skrell throughout the Starlight Zone are celebrating Heritage Day through a Duathlon. Involving a race within its regional districts of Lekan Village and Severson City and is sponsored by the internal crime watches. There is a hefty reward for those that secure themselves as victors with many expecting Skrell to line the streets and cheer on the competition. It’s thought that some may even start setting themselves up early to claim their spot. The Republic’s synthetics have not been forgotten on Heritage Day. Past a troop of IPC Legionnaires and ahead of a luxurious hovercraft is the Hazel! Deep Cover Lineup, a series of brand-new IPC models designed by Hazel!, for Hazel!, with Hazels to serve as their premier limited-edition collector's design. Sporting blue and waving the Biesellite flag is the first of this series, where officials straight from the design board can be seen not far behind. The majority of the Zo’rane brood will be lead by Queen Athvur in Belle Cote this year after its relocation from Phoenixport. It is said that the Zo’rane Celebration will include species-themed foods and carnival games sponsored by the Hive. There will also be some Vaurcae celebrating Heritage Day on the outskirts of Flagsdale and the parade route, due to the health hazards within the centre of the district. Shrines are being established by the Eternal Church throughout District 11 in dedication to those lost during the recent Solarian invasion. Several priests of the Eternal have also been seen giving sermons regarding the importance of peace and moving forward as a united people. Some light skirmishes have been reported around the remembrance shrines due to many of the Eternal priests around them encouraging people to not only remember the lost Biesellites but also to remember the Solarians who died during the invasion. Many of the High Overseers have voiced their opinion regarding it as a tragic loss of life on both sides and encouraging peace between people despite their planets of origin or heritage. The people of Imperial Plaza will also take part in the celebrations. Local establishments are opening their doors to the public at reduced prices. A large street fair has been organized by Little Adhomai's inhabitants Tajaran food and souvenirs are being sold at affordable prices. Tajara, in mostly traditional Adhomian clothing, and tourists have already begun to wander the district to participate in the ongoing festivities. This exchange of cultural knowledge is important for tying the people of the Republic of Biesel together. To be a Biesellite is to understand that difference does not mean weakness, but a different kind of strength. As a Biesellite, each person is capable of appreciating the diversity of thought that envelops society thanks to the influx of foreign cultures.
  20. It was initially. It changed after I had lodged a complaint regarding the conduct of a lore colleague, and my application/promotion to Deputy Loremaster.
  21. Thank you for your application! It may sit for a while, as we are currently working through updating the Megacorps. The EPMC might change drastically, and this might not be needed afterall! I'll keep you updated, however.
  22. https://pastebin.com/me72ENQz You'll find a link to the conversations between myself and McCrib / Hugh Janus. Your contribution was presented in the form of a complete overhaul of Akhet, which I did many moons ago. It unfortunately was denied due to the fact that it didn't align with the sight of the Human Lore Development Team. I didn't fight for it, or really wish to die on a hill for it. I can understand how it may have been forgotten. I apologize that I never updated you on its status, so that is on me. In our interactions you'll note that I attempted to provide ample opportunities for you to contribute to the development of Skrell Lore. I would have loved for you to expand on how the Jargon Federation handles tadpoles, help me with Qerr'Malic or to contribute to the Marauder update. Unfortunately, it seems that each attempt fizzled out or simply wasn't responded to. I didn't believe that prodding you would be any good, so I left the ball in your court. I only very recently learned that I did not require authorisation from Mofo to actually open slots, which is my fault. Disregarding that, I do not believe it was the right time to open slots especially considering I had just lodged an application for Deputy Loremaster, where I included that I would resign from the position of Skrell Maintainer should I be promoted. It was also during this period that Monomyth approached me and had told me about their plan to resign - due to how busy they were getting with life. I ultimately decided that opening slots wouldn't be in the best of the species' lore development, and that it was best to leave the Skrell Development Team empty. I know what it is like to be the maintainer of a deputy that is "older" than you. It leads to many arguments regarding creative direction, its why I thought it was best to give the next maintainer a fresh start. It was never my intention to make you feel as if you were cast aside. It simply just wasn't the best timing to bring someone on, during either March or June.
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