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  1. Very much agree. I really hope we see nurses returned to the medical department.
  2. Jargon Federation Confirms Rogue Tupkala BREAKING - Talks between the Jargon Federation and the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate (as well as the Republic of Biesel) have unearthed that the Tupkala Commandos on a NanoTrasen corporate asset within the Romanovich Cloud had no ties with the skrellian superpower. The current hypothesis outlined during the discussions seems to allude to these intruders as being rogue agents acting independently. Earlier this week NanoTrasen’s Phoron Research Station, the NSS Aurora, was boarded by both fleeing refugees and unmarked intruders allegedly sporting the familiar look of the Tupkala Commandos. They terrorized the NSS Aurora for roughly two hours before drones dispatched by the NDV Icarus made quick work of the hostiles and their spacecraft. "She was speaking to one of the refugees when she had this odd feeling right before she felt her head was overwhelmed and she could barely move from the pain." says Kathira El-Hashem, "Then suddenly they were just there, one of them took the refugee and was gone again in the blink of an eye, almost faster than she could manage to notice." The Stellar Corporate Conglomerate and the Jargon Federation (with authorisation from the Republic of Biesel) are supposedly beginning a full-blown investigation into these hostile agents. They have supposedly leased roughly a dozen “Ruupkala” (intelligence officers) to assist in the investigation with the support of the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate. The Jargon Federation has also issued a statement of condemnation regarding the acts committed by these individuals, further citing this as evidence into the disbarment and re-evaluation of the Tupkala, and possibly the Kala.
  3. Hi there. Thanks for applying. Goodluck. There are no wrong answers.
  4. Hi there. Thanks for applying. Goodluck. There are no wrong answers.
  5. Hi there, thanks for applying. Goodluck. There are no wrong answers.
  6. Locking and archiving. Applicant was accepted as Vaurcae Lore Deputy.
  7. Bureaucratic Affairs at a Standstill! The agency responsible for granting citizenship, providing immigration benefits and processing visa applications has come to a complete standstill after the influx of refugees hailing from the Jargon Federation arrived last week. Furthermore, the Biesellite Immigration and Customs Enforcement have confirmed that a further twenty-six hundred refugees arrived this past weekend. Biesel Citizenship and Immigration Services, an agency within the Interior Ministry, has revealed that their systems are incapable of coping with such numbers, especially considering that almost three months ago they had to furlough a third of its workforce after budget cuts. “We just can’t handle all these people especially as our systems are old and half the time doesn’t even work,” said Gerry McGuire who is an employee of the Biesel Citizenship and Immigration Services. “We’ve been working with pen and paper right now, just getting as much as we can do with the basics.” The Dorn Administration has announced plans to begin overhauling the current system in collaboration with the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate. The new system will also include the ability to facilitate much easier employment with the megacorporations beneath the SCC banner. Congress is still convening on the issue, however, several law reporters are currently sitting in on the hearing of the notion, which is currently aimed at whether the Republic of Biesel should grant asylum to those seeking it, and will give us updates on any developments made during the hearing of the notion. We will continue to update you on this situation in the upcoming days.
  8. This application shows a good comprehension of Skrell as a species, so therefore I will be accepting it. I have also spoken with the applicant, they are aware they will need to wait until the conclusion of the "Traverse Strikes Back!" arc in order to play refugee characters.
  9. Thanks for applying! Most of the questions I would've asked are already answered in your application, which is a very good thing. I'll let this sit for another day to get more feedback and let other players ask you questions about your Skrell.
  10. Unprecedented Mass Migration of Skrell A dozen or so skrellian crafts, packed with hundreds of people, have arrived within Tau Ceti seeking asylum just hours ago, and after several talks and discussions with those aboard the spacecraft, has led officials to believe that the numbers will continue to rise in the coming days or even weeks. Grand Councillor Candidate Weibii is said to be spearheading the process, after being discovered in one of the fleets. The Tau Ceti Foreign Legion is believed to have escorted over seventeen hundred individuals off of the vessels so far, and have begun transporting them to Biesel in hopes of further discussing the reasoning behind their arrival, said Biesellite Immigration and Customs Enforcement. “The arrival of so many seeking asylum is worrying,” remarks Janet Morello, who is an Agent of the BICE. “We need to begin facilitating discussions about their arrival, and subsequently begin deciding how to deal with them.” Several talks with those who arrived aboard the refugee crafts have concluded that thousands more are meant to arrive in part due to an agreement brokered amongst several Traverse colonies in which there would be a mass exodus, with hopes of being accepted within Tau Ceti due to “turbulent circumstances surrounding their place of origin”. The Dorn Administration has yet to comment on the developing situation, however, our sources have stated that the Biesellite Congress has convened to discuss the matter at hand, which prompts us to believe that a decision will be reached soon in regards to the situation.
  11. Thank you for answering my questions. I really like the small extract you posted!
  12. Hi there, just some questions. Goodluck. There isn't any wrong answers.
  13. Locking and archiving on request of the Synthetic Lore Team.
  14. Going to have to agree with the above. Remove the sprite adjusting, and just implement a "examine feature" which tells you whether they are smaller/taller than you, or if they are average for that species.
  15. Results of the Primary Elections Translated to Tau Ceti Basic Those who took to the polling booths (both within designated areas of the Jargon Federation, and abroad) determined to have a say on who they believe should guide the Jargon Federation, which has resulted in confirmation pouring into our offices, with verified statements concluding that Weashbi Jrugl has been sworn in for yet another term after being declared victorious in their vying for the Grand Councillor’s seat. Despite being counted earlier this morning, the final ballots have only just now been released by the Grand Council; Weashbi Jrugl secured roughly 52.3% of the overall votes, with Ormish Jrolk being declared runner up at 26.7%, and lastly Kalq’Qi Weibii finishing off with most of her votes originating from the Traverse at 21%. Grand Councillor Weashbi Jrugl’s first order of business within their second term has been to reshuffle the Grand Council, with Ormish Jrolk being declared the new Advisor of Economic Development. Grand Councillor Weashbi Jrugl has yet to comment on their reasoning behind the reshuffle, and inclusion of Advisor-Appoint Jrolk, it can be speculated that the Grand Councillor is likely to loosen the restrictions in the coming months in relation to megacorporations within the Jargon Federation and begin revitalizing the economy through the usage of external contractors. It is unknown how this will affect the State-Owned-Enterprises operating already. Candidate Weibii has seemingly disappeared off the face of Qerrbalak and has resulted in troublesome bunches grouping into demonstrations within the fringes of the Traverse, that have begun to state that election was the final hope for a re-imagined Jargon Federation despite the Grand Councillor’s recent announcement, and many still believe such is now lost without Candidate Weibii at the helm of the Jargon Federation.
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