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  1. TO: Zahiid Al-Mrrhalgr, First Responder, NSS Aurora FROM: CCIAAMS, NTCC Odin SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report -------------------- BODY: This is an automated message to inform you that an investigation has now been opened regarding your incident report, and assigned to Rahilah Abbas (Caelphon). You may be contacted by the CCIAA for an interview, or you may contact them directly if you have any questions. -------------------- DTG: 02-15:46-TAU CETI STANDARD-04-2463 SIGN: CCIAAMS
  2. WEASHBI JRUGL ELECTION SPEECH 01/03/2463 Editors Note: Translated to Basic. Grand Councillor Weashbi Jrugl has decided to continue their term, unhindered by the upcoming election. Although Jrugl has chosen not to tour the Jargon Federation like other candidates, they are supposedly drafting plans with their campaign team for a large scale marketing event. They have been the Grand Councillor of the Jargon Federation for the last decade with high approval, but in the last few years such has been waning. “My promise to the individuals within the Jargon Federation was
  3. Zero is a competent roleplayer, whom I actually enjoy role-playing with. They've also had the Command Whitelist (highest player whitelist) for quite some time. I'd like to see how they fair in a trial.
  4. Sorry - very, very much disagree with Danse here. Turning the relay on its head because an individual feels it isn't transparent enough isn't covered by the Aurora Rules/Regulations. It was created in 2017 -- where the Head Staff granted it affiliation (or thereabouts). To suddenly change it because it doesn't operate like the Aurora four years after makes zero sense: It ISNT the Aurora, nor is it an official server of the Aurora. If people are really going to be angry about the relay, let's starts with the departmental relays (ahem Security). I'm not even going to expand on
  5. Sorry, no liberals allowed! Besides being a literal bogan, Lmwevil is clearly capable of roleplaying the Tajara species (along with its subspecies). They are both a good writer, and a good roleplayer. They will not dissapoint, and will very likely be able to further branch with this whitelist and create additional characters in which players would like to roleplay with. This application has my support.
  6. KALQ'QI WEIBII REMAINS ON THE FRINGE 27/02/2463 Editors Note: Translated to Basic Kalq’Qi Weibii, a candidate shrouded in controversy. Rumours perpetuate a rather radical view of individualism, especially since it goes against the traditions and history of the Jargon Federation. Mere hours ago, they announced their plans for a tour with a bizarre twist -- Their schedule doesn’t appear to visit any of the inner-systems, but merely tour the various colonies within the Traverse. “As the Grand Councillor, I am to represent the entirety of the Jargon Federation. I cannot do suc
  7. JROLK PRESS CONFERENCE; COMMENCES TOUR 26/02/2463 Editors Note: Translated to Basic Ormish Jrolk has commenced touring the Jargon Federation -- merely a few days after announcing their candidacy, they have begun the traditional touring of the Jargon Federation. Jrolk’s Campaign Team have drawn an overview of the locations expected to be covered in the next few weeks; Qerrbalak, Qerr’Malic, Aliose, Aweiji, Glorashi and finally Pluat. “I gave it much thought-- I even went so far as to request advice from other executive members within Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals. I found my ego
  8. It's Charles, and I'll riot if Stryker doesn't get this whitelist. They're a Synthetic Deputy, and they've been a long standing member of the Aurora Community. This application has my support!
  9. Very good writing! I especially love the way you construct it, and how it carries on smoothly.
  10. Looks good. Do you mind me pestering you again for another article of lore? Particularly, Skrell on Silversun? Goodluck!
  11. ADDITIONAL CANDIDATE ANNOUNCED; HEAVILY CONTESTED ELECTION 22/02/2463 Editors Note: Translated to Basic Hailing from the very boundaries of the Traverse, Kalq’Qi Weibii has announced their running for the Grand Councillor’s seat in the upcoming election; alongside both Ormish Jrolk and Weishbi Jrugl. Weibii is renowned across the southern perimeter of the Jargon Federation for their involvement in reintroducing the various colonies left in isolation after the fall of Glorsh-Omega. They are considered a legend amongst other Representatives for their efforts in the Tresja A
  12. For the love of all things holy, can we stop AXING shit? Removed Wizard, Remove Malf -- You are making it less and less fun for those in the European/Oceanic Regions. We went from 7 - 8 games modes to 2 - 3. It isn't nice. Instead of removing, just wait a few weeks for Dynamic to come into play.
  13. I have been told my many that you've devoted much of your time to Skrell Lore -- reading it, questioning it etc. The fact that numerous individuals have told me this is a good thing in a deputy! Despite this, I do have to agree with Alb and Carpe. Your whitelist application was constructed well, and your writing skills are clearly refined if that is any example. I'd love to see you write an addition for lore!
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