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  1. I've gone and updated the following: https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Notable_Dionae_Factions https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Notable_Dionae_Locations https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Epsilon_Ursae_Minoris Expect more changes to come, more so additional details on Dionae Space Travel as well as detailing life on Epsilon Ursae Minoris.
  2. JOYOUS ROAR; BILL #41-2C PASSES! The Hum cries out in joy to announce the passing of Bill #41-2C. The last few updates have made reality increasingly saddening, however, today we wish to bring only good news forth. Whilst some changes to the Bill occurred by a unanimous vote of the Congress, the Bill has laid a foundation for those both aboard and within Tau Ceti. Dionae grown within sphere of Tau Ceti’s influence will be required to be chipped at birth, however, this will allow for a much quicker, and easier, application of citizenship for those that wish to apply. The Sentience Exam will still be required, but can easily be passed by those that are in fact sentient. The second part of the Bill refers to the ability of granting asylum to Dionae who are in turbulent circumstances. Whilst there are many legal obstacles, it has become exponentially easier to grant asylum as long as the Dionae are willing to serve within the TCFL for approximately a year; the position of which isn’t important. The amplified cries of all our allies that don the green armband has been heard! We thank all those who directly, and indirectly, supported the movement. It is one small step for the Dionae but a giant leap in the right direction of equality of all. The Hum will continue to update you as time passes, including that of the charge increase so the Solarian criminals that gassed our siblings.
  3. Right, this is the whole of September and a bit of October's updates for Trees: - Two new accents, as per https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/10203 - A page dedicated to OOC stuff about Diona https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Dionae_Out-Of-Character *Pacifism & Character Outlines were highlighted.
  4. PRICES SOAR; ECONOMIC COLLAPSE ON THE RISE? Despite strict guidelines set by NanoTrasen, Phoron has continued to inflate in price. The interstellar use of Phoron has decreased by nearly 34% and the Scarcity is fast becoming one of the greatest threats to interstellar trade. A spokesperson the Republic of Biesel has warned that the shortage of Phoron has resulted in decreased amounts of both imports and exports - and will lead to the prices of many goods and services to increase in the coming weeks. According to a report by various sources, the Bluespace Gates throughout the Orion Spur will remain active for as long as fuel can be supplied to the titanic machines. Majority of the trade between the systems occurs through these gates. Xiao Ji, Chairperson of the Biesellite Economist Forum, has stated that not only does the organization expect the various economies within the Orion Spur to enter a recession - but the complete collapse of some markets. "We estimate that not only will the price of basic goods increase exponentially, but the cost of living will become too high and lead to an unprecedented recession within the interstellar economy" says Ji. According to Ji and data collected by the Biesellite Economist Forums, staple goods have already seen a price increase of 33% and expected to rise more in the face of the Scarcity. Luxury goods have drastically risen with an increase of 46% forcing many within the lower income brackets to completely be cut off. "Intervention is required, the earlier the better. Unless strict rationing is implemented immediately, the average citizen within the Orion Spur will see their living wage become impossible to survive off of." The struggle derived from the Scarcity is becoming increasingly apparent, and fear over an economic collapse is rapidly increasing - with many liquidating their monetary assets in an attempt to retain their value.
  5. RETALIATION; OUTCRY FOR INCREASED CHARGES TO ASSAULTERS The Hum amplifies the calling of our injured siblings. We stand in solidarity with our siblings who call for the increase charges of the Solarians that attacked the non-violent protest in support of Bill #41-2C. The deviants were charged only with battery, despite placing dozens of Dionae into critical states, with one withering early this morning due to the inability to recover. We declare now, the Dionae within the Eternal Temple, will not rest until the Solarians behind the heinous actions have been brought to justice amongst their peers in Court. We plead our case to those tuning in, raise awareness and speak about the injustices wreaked upon our species. Join us in our fight against such actions from occurring. Again, we will be hosting a protest not only to show support for Bill #41-2C but also to make others aware of our anger and frustration that the Solarian criminals will continue to walk free. We call out to those that stand with us to proclaim your support through the use of wearing a green armband - which will be sold at the Eternal Temple in District 11. The Hum will update you as the situation unfolds, but urge listeners to purchase and wear green armbands.
  6. DOZENS CRITICAL; PROTEST OVER CITIZENSHIP TURNS TO MASSACRE The Hum wishes to make those tuning in aware of the horrific actions done to our non-violent protest. We watched as violence erupted outside the Biesel Congress Building where hundreds of Dionae had gathered in a show of support of Bill #41-2C. The bill aims to allow us, being Dionae, to be given Biesel citizenship upon birth within the soil of the planet. It also will let our siblings that are fleeing from turbulent circumstances to apply for asylum. However, we believe that few congressmen wish to support such a bill from being introduced. We organized a non-violent protest, not only in an attempt to sway those that believe we do not deserve citizenship, but to show that if given the chance to carve our own path on Biesel as we did when we constructed the Eternal Temple, we will not abuse such privileges. It was for nought, as we were attacked by those that used to inhabit the Solarian Alliance - hailing the Dionae as demons that killed their ancestors within the Rueltab System. Connected to the Blossoms Beyond, Leader of the Eternal Temple within District Eleven, has requested us to convey their sympathies to the gestalts that were harmed in the onslaught. The Solarian use of modified pesticide sprayers capable of dispersing Plant-B-Gone led to the health of over a dozen gestalts to enter a critical state. Whilst we believe that the situation is now under control, several of our allies within the Mendell Police Department have stated that the vicious attackers will be released with merely a charge of battery. The Hum actively takes a stand against the brutality against the Dionae within Biesel, and will update you as the situation unfolds.
  7. You've answer the questions I've posed nicely and I have no doubt you'll do absolutely fine as Diona. This application has my support.
  8. Whilst I don't doubt your ability to roleplay well, your application raises a few questions: 1. In order for a Diona to get citizenship, they are required to either be vouched for by other gestalts or by joining the TCFL. Does your Dionae have citizenship, if not, how has this affected your Diona? 2. Your name is an interesting choice, but I'd like to ask why you chose it. There are no wrong answers, just a paragraph on what the name means, what expierence it was derived from and how does it reflect the personality of your Diona. 3. I'd like to dive into this a bit more; 3.1 Why doesn't born care? Is it because they view all life equal? Or is it for another reason? 3.2 A Diona seeks to form meaningful connections to others, how do you believe you can convey this on station? 3.3 Your Diona appears to want to help many, however, what do they expect in return? Do they wish for nothing? Also, how would your Diona feel if they are betrayed by somebody they trust very closely. Thanks for applying!
  9. Can confirm, Lmevil has assisted the Dionae Team numerous times. I'd like phrase a few situations/questions for you to answer, however. 1. Do you have any concerns with a possible difference in opinions or ideas with the rest of the team? 2. What exactly do you believe will set you apart from the other applicants? 3. What do you plan on accomplishing in your 'reign' as Deputy?
  10. Squid, or Lmwevil, is a good roleplayer - evident by simply watching them as a Dionae or Vaurca. They are engaging, and willing to create scenarios in which other players can achieve greater levels of roleplay. I'd like to see how'd they'd handle a trial.
  11. https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=User:Caelphon/Sandbox What it should look like on the wiki, if it gets added.
  12. Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Planet/System Describe this proposal in a single sentence (12 word maximum): How will this be reflected on-station? Players will have unique clothing options, and likely an accent. Does this faction/etc do anything not achieved by what already exists? It expands on Skrell Planets, and allows for a diversification of Skrell (more than there is). Why should this be given to lore developers rather than remain player created lore? Cause, Snake and Pan are based and redpilled. Do you understand that if this is submitted, you are signing it away to the lore team, and that it's possible that it will change over time in ways that you may not forsee? Of course! Very familiar with the lore team. Long Description: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MfIsQD6e0bhAwzVRahADFbqVqJYZoiBTEUDOae1AEKk/edit?usp=sharing
  13. I'm not all that knowing in Vaurca Lore, but I can attest to Squid's (Lmwevil) ability to roleplay. Their roleplay as a Dionae is astounding, and I believe when they create characters they push a large amount of themselves into them. I have no doubt that Squid will be able to roleplay as a Vaurca, and do so without causing any issues. This application has my support!/ +1
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