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  1. Again, this is an example of one of the few projects we've been working closely on with the Developers. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/8966 Dionae have been given a lot of hate, so they withered. They just need some patience and love, and they'll grow. We just ask that you give us time. @DanseMacabre
  2. This looks pretty good, and if you manage to incorporate it I bet that it would be an awesome addition! This application has my support.
  3. Zundy, not only do you have a background with Aurora but you're one of the only people I see try and create group roleplay scenarios. I do have some questions however; 1. I assume you departed from the lore team for a personal reason - and I won't probe, but do you believe if you are accepted that you'll remain in the position for a long period of time? 2. What sort of mechanics do you believe should be implemented to help curb the current problems that others believe are occuring? 3. Do you mind sharing what ideas you have for some of the clusters? Thanks for applying!
  4. We have always been open for feedback. We don't bite, I promise.
  5. I see what you're all saying, and a review with Nienna's idea might be the best way forward.
  6. It would be easier to just copy the books, then mass delete the library and incorporate the books afterwards. If they're important, then they'll be saved. Theres still hundreds of books which are empty or downright just about three lines of pure garbage.
  7. As the title states; The Library currently is full of useless books that no longer have any use. For example, theres some books still using inaprovoline and old-med. I think clearing it will actually encourage people to go to the Library - not only to read, but to write as well. I believe wiping the library will do more good than harm.
  8. We've lost another one to the bugs... I stand testament to my previous comments, Cybs is a wonderful roleplayer, and I have no doubt they are capable of portraying the species accurately. This application has my support.
  9. Hi! This seems neat, but I do have some questions; I'm a bit confused on this. Do you mind expanding on this concept a bit more? What do you mean as the origin myth - he is a Cosmic Entity, so I don't really see him origining from a place on Qerrbalak - unless you mean that he 'birthed' Skrell in Arqo-Wohai, which is a pretty cool concept. Lots of ways this can be incorporated on. Thanks for submitting this! It's up to @ParadoxSpace to decide whether to approve or deny, however.
  10. Have to agree that we wouldn't speak such a limited amount of languages in real life, we have over a hundred on Earth, why would we only have like eight across the whole Orion Spur?
  11. We are looking towards adding Argus forms to the server, but we'd likely move forward with them being a ghost role (once we get the erm, sprite) that would likely spawn on the expedition Colossus (or use it for events and such. Unsure if we're going to make it open to players).
  12. You have the expierence, and I'm sure a sound composer on the team would be awesome! +1
  13. Revival! I ... didn't even know Dionaes had organs, so this is neat!
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