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Review Request - Jacob Callahan

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Reporting Personnel: Adelina Valdemar

Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Chief Medical Officer


Personnel in Question: Jacob Callahan

Employee Job Title of Personnel in Question: Xenobiologist


Reason for Review:

[ x ] - Extended Arrest History

[ ] - Grievous Infraction on Record

[ x ] - Other: I also have reason to believe that the food made through his slimes are causing crew to throw up, though its a little hard to prove.

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TO: Adelina Valdemar, Chief Medical Officer, SCCV Horizon
SUBJECT: RE: Review Request - Jacob Callahan

Upon request, the internal review board has conducted a full review of the individual in question. In review, the board has identified one or more problems in regards to the records and/or infractions on file for the individual. 

The findings and concerns of the board have been forwarded to internal affairs, which will be effecting the necessary corrective and/or executive actions. 

Thank you for your diligence.
DTG: 07-20:44-TAU CETI STANDARD-02-2465

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