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  1. Hi there and thanks for applying! Due to some technical issues, here are some questions! Posted on behalf of Lmwevil: You mention Chirping Choir made of six nymphs, what can you tell me of this particular mind type and what made them develop their mind type? What does your gestalt think of the Eternal? What does Weaving Steel Like Vines think of the various aliens it has encountered since leaving the Narrows? Has Weaving Steel Like Vines drank sentient blood for any reason? If yes, what kind of blood and why? If no, why have they avoided it? PS: We both love the name of Weaving Steel Like Vines
  2. This is super impressive and helps paint a fantastic image of what it would look like at that level. Amazing.
  3. Yoooo this looks amazing! Will there be safety glass around the gibber in the downstairs freezer I see there like there is in live?
  4. Hi again! After reviewing everything here with @Peppermint and @Roostercat, we've come to the conclusion that nothing here is really actionable. These logs are all fairly old and are to do with a member who was not currently active. Whilst we sympathize, searching up your name as staff is generally playing with fire and unfortunately comes with the turf. That said, nothing here is particularly outrageous. The one exception that blurred the line a little will have been spoken to at the time of posting but otherwise no further action will be taken. Locking and archiving.
  5. Hello there! Myself and @Peppermint will be taking this complaint. Please give us a few days to go over everything here.
  6. Repost if you're plotting a dionae romance arc!

    1. Lmwevil


      our couple is gonna be super cute!! ?

    2. Melariara
  7. BYOND Key: Melariara Game ID: cby-a7ao Player Byond Key/Character name: Huivn as Proz-Lore The Invocator, Wizard Staff involved: I am a staff member, due to me being involved in the round and due to timezones, there was no one else available, hence this complaint. Reason for complaint: Poor antag play, no RP murder. Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? I did, but see above. Approximate Date/Time: 14/04/21, Round ended at 4:44pm AWST, 10:44am GMT+2 Round started fairly standard. Two investigators, two officers, a warden, Two visitors, a bartender. Chief Engineer joined about thirty minutes in, DC'd and came back to set power. While the power was out, wizard came on station and said he wanted to show off magic tricks, and led the security on a wild goose chase, using a scrying orb while hiding to listen to what we were saying, and returning to his body to comment on it, essentially taunting us. This "taunting" would continue for a majority of the round. Once the power came back on, we were in the holodeck, and he was showing us his scrying orb, which Aleksander Chernivoskiy looked into and blasted his eyes out. At this point, I went with the Chief Engineer, Adalgrimur Jormungandr, to get a roller bed for the collapsing Cherni. I stuck him into the body scanner, and figuring an investigator could at least figure out what was wrong but not how to fix it, saw that his eyes were out and he was on eighty percent brain power. At this point, security comms lit up with "We have a situation," so I ran back to the holodeck where I saw Arrats Lecubarri, the other investigator, fighting bats. I helped take down the first lot, then dealt with the second lot in front of the library before stepping through. Then, I saw the wizard Oni'Sama and a large explosion, so I unholstered my disruptor. Immediately, he turned around and went corruption form, attacking me before I even said anything, downing me, breaking three of my bones, and these injuries eventually killed me. At this point, there had been NO SECURITY CHATTER ABOUT LETHALS AT ALL and there was also no medical. Ghosting, I found out that officers Razorak Szsk and Yukio Takano had also died in the exchange, leaving only the warden and the other investigator to fight out. After spectating a bit, I saw the warden also attempt to confront him, after he had found Takano's body and raised a skeleton from it. There was another fight and both the warden and the other investigator died. I admit, I wasn't paying much attention at this point. Apologies. Afterwards, the CE managed to try and get a visitor in a wheelchair and the bartender to call for an ERT but could not, eventually ending in the CE dying to Oni'Sama spam and skeleton, while the bartender died to bats. Eventually though, the wizard died to a burglar pretending to be a Legionairre.
  8. +1 will murder for thanx. Seriously though, this kind of fits Qoi, who is a hyper, nerdy Skrell. Nerd. >:T
  9. Razla's clan was initially under the Hegemony until the First Contact War obliterated it and caused her to grow disillusioned with the Hegemony and the Traditionalists. This was further exaggerated by her upbringing in the Queendom, which will likely lead to tension with other Unathi on station who maintain those values. Her views otherwise are the same as general unathi; She will refuse to look at a Guwan when it speaks to her, and answer minimally, and will have a slight distaste for Aut'akh, though understands prosthetics do have some value.
  10. She is rather brash by herself. As far as traditionalists trying to impose their views on her, I imagine she's going to be rather defensive on it, considering her upbringing in the Queendom. If they keep pressing her, she will just outright ignore them (because its what she views as normal) or just, fight for her honour. Career aspirations aren't that many at the moment. I imagine when she gets older, she'll start to work for higher positions within NanoTrasen, such as Head of Security when she's old enough and has more respect within the company, but she's not even considering that right now. She probably won't return to Moghes, knowing her Queen is trying to get as many people off the planet as possible, and seeing the destruction wrought upon the planet and population, will continue to share that sentiment. She definitely has reconstructed another shrine in her little one room apartment on the Odin and prays to it daily. I also imagine that if she starts dying in a round, she'll "see" her mother there with a clawed hand out, welcoming her or something. Expect prayers of "Mother?"
  11. BYOND Key: Melariara Character Names: I have a lot of characters. Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Either albino or a green (forest or swamp), if albino get denied for whatever reason. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Hyez, multiple times. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: When I was applying for my dionae whitelist, I fell in love with the idea of the symbiotic relationship that Clan Dorviza has with them, and began branching out. Seeing a lot of other decent unathi characters in game, and having a lot of my characters being great friends with a decent whack of them as well has made me realize that they're pretty cool. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Playing a race that lives on a planet that could have been ours if certain events played out different in our own timeline is a fascinating take. Also, being cold blooded and slower than a human will be interesting, though I know how being slow can be frustrating (Haha hehes in dionae). Portraying the gender roles when you're a person who primarily plays her gender is going to be interesting and tough, but will be well worth it. Also, the tribal sense and strict hierarchy, and, at least initially, flipping it on its head. Character Name: Ehelka Razla Please provide a short backstory for this character: Razla was born in 2437, a clutch of two, a year before the Contact War. Her village was small, and unfortunately, at the edge of a blast. In the chaos and death that follows the bombs dropping, Razla's father and sibling died. Torn with grief, her mother and a few other women and hatchlings fled what remained of their village and trudged across the wastelands, scavenging where they could, but their numbers dwindled. Eventually, they found themselves at the steps of the Yu'kal, spears at their throats from the women warriors, but were eventually welcomed into the settlement after pledging themselves to Queen Lazak Szek'Hakh. Over the years, with the clan changing around her, Razla grew into a rambunctious teenager, always sticking her snout where it didn't really belong; investigating the world around her and others in their daily lives, while training in her clan to become a protector of Yu'kal, a role she took on proudly. One day though, tragedy struck when Razla was nineteen and her mother died from the effects of acute radiation poisoning, causing Razla to grieve for several days before she also began to feel ill, her immune system weakened by the bombs. While weakened, being Th'akh, Razla still used her strength to build a small shrine of to her mother, which she prayed at daily, hoping that her mother was watching over her from the spirit realm. Unfortunately, she continued to weaken. The Queen was troubled and started reaching out to her outside resources, hoping to find Razla a ship off planet and to a better life. After arriving in Tau Ceti in 2460, Razla marveled at the technology that was being used to heal her, how advanced it was compared to back in Yu'kal, and she endeavored to send as many credits as she could afford in the hopes that more of her people could be sent off world. Nowadays, Razla has completed training to be an investigator, having done her cadetship at various installations on Nanotrasen vessels. Her views on those she sees as the most responsible for the contact war, the Izweski and the Traditionalists, is distrusting; The Izweski for dominating the first contact, as well as forcing her Queen to follow their demands, and the Traditionalists for dropping the nukes which changed her life. Her view on humans and skrell was about the same, until their medicine started to heal her. What do you like about this character? I like the thought of playing this character because I believe she'll be hard to represent once actually made. All the male unathi may pick on her for being a woman warrior, which is understandable, while the women unathi not of the queendom will look down on her with scorn, so I find it unlikely she'll have many unathi friends to start with. Playing her boggled by the inverted roles as well, but with an attitude of "Well, my Queen let this happen, so I will do what I can for my Queen." How would you rate your role-playing ability? God, seven or an eight. I hope. Notes: One day I will likely make a quiet female. But that is not this day.
  12. I'm just going to deny this ban again. If you think this is the wrong choice, you can contest this in a staff complaint if you feel it is appropriate. https://forums.aurorastation.org/forum/19-staff-complaints/ Good luck.
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