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  1. Very good suggestion. Would be great to see in lowpop rounds where theres no/minimal medical but people suffocating.
  2. I'm going to go ahead and deny this, due to your first response not exactly filling me with confidence. You are more than welcome to reappeal this within a month though, and hopefully you will have read the rules in that time. Good luck for next time.
  3. Hi there, I played as Redde, the ERT Merc of the Iron-Scales during the round in question. I can confirm that we did not go in there with intention to side with the mercs already on station. In fact, I'm pretty sure my character said at one point "Can we go fuck them up?" or words to that affect. The leader of our group, the Unathi named Tango-Scales-Something seemed to recognize them from an "earlier" heist and I'm pretty sure the rest of us went along with it. Otherwise, yeah, everything else @WickedCybs said was correct. Once the two ERT mercs in the bar got beaned, the other
  4. This isn't filling me which much confidence, I'm not going to lie. Tell me why I should unban you, please?
  5. Hi there, my name is Mel and I'm the one who banned you. Yeah, it was. It wasn't just the disconnecting, though I can understand that reasoning. If you need to DC or happen to get DC'd for any reason, there are admins and mods on the main discord that you can talk to about it to avoid getting notes in the future on it. There were other things, other rule breakings that factored into it: Job Hopping was a big one. It felt as though you weren't reading the rules despite being prompted to at nearly every single turn to. If I agree to unban you, what guarantee can you give
  6. There is pink there, you gotta zoom in real close though it seems. I think we'll be fine if one is accepted and the other isn't, honestly. Maybe a little sad, but otherwise, we'll be fine. As mentioned, I can't code my way out of a bag, so I have no clue how to seperate these on a DMI. Sorry!
  7. Byond key: Melariara Discord key: Mel#6284 Character Name: Naledi Yutani Item name: modded atmospherics coat Item function(s): Essentially the same function as a normal atmospheric winter coat, just coloured pink instead of blue. Item description: A customized engineering winter coat sporting a number of professional modifications to accommodate a certain atmospheric technician's work needs. On the right breast pocket a nametape reads NALEDI YUTANI, NSS AURORA ENGINEERING TEAM in bold font. Why is your character bringing this item to work?: To show off how heckin
  8. Ok I probably missed this shit. Basic Information Byond Account: Melariara Character Name(s): Main ones: Adelina Valdemar - CMO/Surgeon Naledi Yutani (Formerly Ahmehlo) - Atmospheric Technician Zapper - Cyborg To Search The Black Abyss for Buried Treasure - Drill Tech/Cargo Tech Cleaning Up The Mess Of Others - Janitor. AI Name(s): N/A Discord username + tag: Mel#6284 Age: 31 Timezone: GMT +8 When are you on Aurora?: Sometimes early mornings, sometimes evenings, sometimes all day. Depends on the day really.
  9. If you want to get unbanned, you're best to go over to this part of the forums and fill in the form. https://forums.aurorastation.org/forum/21-unban-requests/
  10. Born does not have citizenship yet, and will definitely be looking into joining the TCFL in order to obtain it. The first 30 credits it earned went towards tagging, so at least it can say "Hey I work for NanoTrasen yay!" but otherwise I imagine custom lines are very long for it and it just wants to help out the place it was born. It was born during a chaotic time for space. It understands this. The galaxy is changing fast around everyone on station. It knows this and understands this and, being very young, its only experiences thus far are helping and listening to the song where
  11. Nymph uwu I was considering a few months old at month. Naive about the world around it, wanting to learn and wanting to make friends and help out. As an extremely young diona, the only knowledge it has is just talking to people. Its pay is probably barely anything, if anything at all, Someone from the Choir put in a good word for Born, and also gave it some pointers. It knows that, if asked, it will drag anything around that it can, and assist with what knowledge it has gained verbally. Born knows of the Choir, and frequently hitches rides back to it in order to learn m
  12. BYOND Key: Melariara Character Names: Oh boy... These are the main ones I play. Adelina Valdemar - Surgeon/CMO Naledi Ahmehlo - Atmospheric Technician Arielle Matson - Drill Technician Nyoom - pAI Zapper - Cyborg Ashlyn Thermisto - Hydroponicist Thorkatla Yngvardottir-Bilrost - Lab Assistant Species you are applying to play: Diona What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Exempt Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes. I probably will a few more times over and over again, honestly.
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