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[Accepted]Kingmatt9's Unathi Whitelist

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BYOND Key: Kingmatt9

Character Names: Jakob Drengr, Asmund Balder, Jackson Frost

How long have you been playing on Aurora: Almost a year now

Species you are applying to play: Unathi

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race: I would like to play this species because they seem interesting to roleplay with. They are one of the least-used species, and, as such I'd like to see how players react to my attempts to RP as one. The Unathi just seem like a good first attempt into Alien roleplaying, they seem like an easier species to RP, unlike Skrell and Tajaran.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: First off, their social interactions are much more different. They use body language to express how they feel, and are physically imposing. Also, they remind me of the Lizard-man from Star-Trek, shit was tight. The social-fauxes in Unathi Culture also seem interesting to implement into my roleplay.

Why does this species in particular hold your interest? It doesn't hold too much interest, it just feels like the right species to start with. It matches my usual character makeup; tall, strong, and intelligient. Plus, hopefully, I can seduce a young female with my scaliness.

Character Name: Veezara Tanaka

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Veezara sighs, dropping the pneumatic cannon he was currently working on. He looked outside the window of his simple sandstone house, watching as one his hatchlings played with the pet Threshbeast. His small village, located in the polar region of Moghes, was quaint, and happy. Veezara stood, walking outside, observing some Unathi working on their small gardens. Suddenly, saw a red-suited man jump out of a blue portal, tossing a small Unathi child out of the way.A female quickly ran over to the Hatchling, snatching the child into a house. Veezara spoke, his voice laced with anger, "Who are you, and what are you doing in our village?"

The red suited man replied, "I am Beruschugo, and I am here to collect payment."

Veezara sighed, swaying side to side. He stealthily moved a hand to a hidden holster located on his side, a knife flashed, gliding towards Beruschugo. Suddenly, more suited men poured out of the portal, inspecting their quickly bleeding cohort. Veezara tensed, jumping backwards, crashing through a wooden door. Shots rang out, the firearms in the possession of the Redsuits flinging bullets into homes. Veezara could only watch as one of his Hatch-mates fell to a spray of gun-fire. He scrambled to his office, hiding his child in a cubby. A laser pistol was soon in his grip, the dust falling off the weapon as he sneaked towards his ruined front door.

Veezara was soon firing bolts of energy towards the attackers, managing to snag a few of them, but his unfamilarity with the weapon caused his aim to be off. A round slammed into his shoulder, he reeled back, another round into his leg. His body fell back, smashing through a crude wooden table. He didn't know how long he waited, it felt like years, but men finally came, their arms lifting him onto a stretcher, carrying him away.. He woke up in a white room, a nurse looking him over. He asked hoarsely, "Where am I?"

The woman looked startled, but replied, "You are inside one of the Second Red Cross's medical buildings, how are you feeling?"

Veezara sighed, "Horrible, but I'll live....where are my children?"

The nurse looked shifty, "Your children, they were found....deceased, I am sorry."

He weeped.

What do you like about this character? I'm not even sure, considering, I've never played as him. I don't usually play as characters with tragic backstories, but I'd like to try it out with this species.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? Honestly, I'd rate myself a good 7/10 on a good day, but it can shift up and down when I'm tired.

Notes: Thanks for reading my thingie, and I'll probably beg you for a +1 later. Bai. ((Gojira for laif.))

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I'm not going to +1 or -1 because I've not seen you enough to judge and it just wouldn't be fair, but from your application I'd be leaning towards a -1.

"Tragic backstories", as it were, are incredibly overdone in the teenage-male saturated world of the internet. The mention of seducing people and always having characters be "Tall, strong and intelligent" implies creating "hero" or "snowflake" characters, which are boring, done far too often and make you look like you just want attention or to go on an escapist fantasy of being some special amazing person; "seducing" also being something that people do too often for the sake of satisfying their raging teenaged hormones or whatever other reason usually outside of "I wanted to play a womanizing character" or something that actually makes sense within a roleplaying context.

They can be done well, don't get me wrong, and people can have miserable / tragic lives. The issue is more not understanding the inherent issues that come along with that kind of life and doing it "just because" rather than having an actual drive and wanting it to be a developed part of their character that is a solid part of who they are.

Now this isn't all bad, I guess, but when it all comes together the application is pretty unconvincing when viewed without any other evidence of how suitable you'd be for acceptance.

PS: Tajaran and Skrell being harder to RP is absolutely false and kind of a silly thing to say, different races are suited to different people and no one race is "harder" to play, per se.

Just what I have to say, take what you want from it.

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I'm not going to +1 or -1 because I've not seen you enough to judge and it just wouldn't be fair, but from your application I'd be leaning towards a -1.



Pretty sure you aren't allowed to say that, according to the rules in this subforum.

Anyway. King's a capable RPer, 3rd best mouse after myself and Enkar, really fun to RP with overall. Would like to see his characters play out as a different race. +1

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I'm not going to +1 or -1 because I've not seen you enough to judge and it just wouldn't be fair, but from your application I'd be leaning towards a -1.

Pretty sure you aren't allowed to say that, according to the rules in this subforum.

Community members are absolutely allowed to abstain from voting if they haven't seen much of a player, they're just not allowed to -1 for it. They're also encouraged heavily to actually go out and interact with the applicant in question so they can provide a more informed opinion. And there is nothing wrong with providing constructive input on characters-- that's one of the main reasons the voting system, as inefficient as it is, is set up this way currently. (:

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I'm not so sure right now.

Your backstory really feels a bit, well, forced. It doesn't really tell all that much about the character, other than a single moment. It might be a life defining moment, but a character generally needs to be more than just a single moment. I mean, what was his life before the event? You mention a pneumatic cannon, so was he an engineer? A soldier? Just a lizard with a hobby of throwing large objects at high speeds? And then, whats his life after? Why is he working at the Aurora now? Why did the syndicates leave him alive? How does his past effect his present and personality? Does he prefer Tea or Coffee? These questions need to be answered! You don't need to answer them here, or even tell us, but a character needs character.

Until then, Neutral vote.

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