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Taja Clothes


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So, there is a closet that holds clothes made for xeno's, the xeno wardrobe closet, but it only holds three things, sandals, a robe, and some hide mantle. Now, Id consider the two actual clothing options in there to be more for Unathi than Taja or Skrell or Diona. Now, diona and skrell, those guys are easy, diona probably don't care about what they wear, and skrell are probably more comfortable in their nice jumpsuits they spawn in, but the lore section says they wear floofy dresses, or layered clothes to keep themselves warm. Now, there isn't a lot of any of that on the station. Theres some fancy stuff the bartender spawns with, and theres a dress in the chaplain's office, and if you want to scrape the barrel, you could argue that the school girl skirt and the regular skirts may count as Taja clothing, but there isn't a lot there for any Taja who want to be traditional or dress the way one would on Adhomai. The one thing I did find that actually looks good on Taja, and may count as foofy/dressy was an "Imperium Monk" thing, and that only spawns in the holodeck as far as I know, and ironically enough, the description for the item is "Have you killed a xeno today?" What I was think of, is maybe just add two things, and those things were, sprited versions of the clothes used as an example of Taja clothing on the lore wiki,

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Tajaran clothes are not 'traditional' in the same sense that Unathi robes or mantles are. Unathi are primal lizardmen, and are more about tradition and honor. Tajara have a Decopunk society with a meld of vintage and space technology, which includes clothing.

It doesn't really make sense to put Tajara clothes in the locker because they're just casual stuff you'd wear every day, compared to the more traditional Unathi virtues. Why would your workplace keep this,




in a locker for you to wear...? It's not as culturally significant to Tajara as the stuff for Unathi is to them.

Besides, male Tajara wear 3 piece suits. Just get a suit.

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