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Hiya Readers, it's Sabrina Song, reporting here from the NSS Odin. Some of you might remember me from way back when I was doing my internship on the Aurora, other might not, but that's understandable. Well, I've been hired for real this time, to report on the everyday affairs of Aurora, and as a result, I'm resuming updates on my newsblog The Aurora News Network. Now, I'm a bit stretched on time, trying to work part time here in Tau Ceti and trying to finish my studies back in Sol, so I though it'd try updating my old interviewing system! So, here's your chance to be famous everybody, just reply to this message and I can see about setting up a meeting between us. Cya soon, Aurora Station!


So, some of you guys might remember my old character of Sabrina Song, whom I haven't played in months for various reasons that have now cleared up. She was a reporter, and interviewed a ton of people, ranging from long runners like Phoebe Essel, to literal Bald Assistants, to people like Jason Sanders and Hunter Robinson. It was a little way to help people establish their characters, and get to know the regulars better, while also at the same time, getting Sabrina alot of chair RP interviewing people. With the new breaking news system for newscasters, I kinda want to do that again. So, basically, I want to conduct interviews ICly over PMs, Skype, Teamspeak, or whatever other medium of text communication works with people, and then submit them as a series to the new newcaster network. I'm aiming to do at least one at week, and I kinda want a mix of both old and established characters and new ones as well, so I'm requesting to interview pretty much anyone that's active. If someone you know doesn't visit the forums, they're welcome to contact me as well anyways, because, again, the purpose to help everyone establish and get to know each other's characters. Please do note that A) Sabrina Song is paid to make what is basically propaganda for NanoTrasen, and as a result, her article on people will very likely be skewed in some rather blatant and obvious ways, and B) You don't have to do characters that you actually play on the station, if you want like, an interview with a character's family member, or even like, your nuke op, if you've got a plausible reason for it, go ahead.

Note: Articles may not be published immediately after the interview is conducted. If you feel there has been too long a period of time between interview and article publishing, either due to impatience or the fact the interview no longer contains up to date information, feel free to contact me. I'll try to publish them as soon as possible, but I also do not want to spam the network, and more importantly, I want to keep a balance of different types of characters.

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