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[CLOSED] APPEAL 30-1-2465

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Appealing Personnel: Samantha Welstrom
Specific Incident: cl9-aVJx
Previous Appeal: Link
Action taken as a result: Termination
Action contested: Termination
Reasoning for contest: As per the last appeal I am once again appealing termination.  Below I have quoted my arguments for reinstatement from my previous appeal. 


The previous incidents mentioned in the termination letter were all aboard the NSS Aurora, almost a full year ago.  Since my tenure aboard the Horizon I've only been involved in a single incident, the one being appealed now.  I've been on corporate probation before and successfully completed the term without incident.  I'm just asking for a chance.  I don't have anywhere suitable to go should the termination be final.  I am confident that my technical and industrial skills can be of use to the SCC.  Additionally this incident as well as previous incidents have only occurred during off-shifts taken on the working deck or when assigned to lighter duty, shipbound stations.  The nature of my previous position as part of the mining crew keeps me more isolated from the rest of the crew, lowering the possibility of any repeat incidents, while also providing valuable labor and materials to the other departments aboard the Horizon as well as profits for SCC.  I implore the CCIA agents handling this case to give me another chance.

In addition to the above statement I wanted to add a personal note.  I realize that while seemingly minor my behavior was not very professional or appropriate for crew aboard such a prominent SCC vessel. I promise, should I be reinstated, to keep my behavior in check from now on.
Additional notes:(Attached are several mining yield declarations signed by Samantha and stamped by either the Operations Manager or a higher authority.  They range from just below average to outstanding including one manifest declaring a very rare haul of phoron attached to an injury report)

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