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Incident Report, Vira De Santos and Syrus Seto.

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Reporting Personnel: Emily O'Harron.

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Head of Personel

Personnel Involved: Syrus Seto, Head of Security. Vira De Santos, Captain. Robert Dalton, Detective.

Time of Incident: 12:30~

Location of Incident: Head of Personel access, bridge.

Nature of Incident: []Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property [X]Neglect of Duty []Harassment []Assault [X]Misconduct []Other _____

Overview of the Incident: Robert Dalton came to my office, telling me to give him access to the bar. When I told him that I could not, he told me to ask the captain. Instead, over the command channel, I told the head of security to tell his detective just why I couldn't give him access to the bar. Instead of doing so, both said that they didn't see it was a problem, and the captain said they had personally said I would give him bar access, without so much as consulting me. We continued to argue for a number of minutes over the situation, over which the captain and the head of security said the reason was "If anyone in security wanted a drink, they would hop over the bar and get a drink anyway." That, from the mouth of two people who should be implemented with loyalty implants. Even the head of security, whose very job is to arrest people for breaking SoP and space law. Now, no where in SoP does it mention that officers should not drink on the job directly, but it says all officers should be ready at any time. If the detective, who carries a lethal weapon on their person at all times, is out giving away drinks to all his security friends, will severaly hamper security's readiness. The amount of apathy from both parties, appauled me. Not only was it careless and rude to tell personel I would change someone's access, without consulting me and filing any sort of paperwork, but they were both indirectly, but still deliberately breaking SoP.

Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: A complaint form was made and handed off to Internal Affairs Agent Frank.

Additional notes:

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((Report Summary made by IAA that round by Agent Terrrance Franks, whom investigated the claim and spoke with the witnesses at the scene))



((Additionally, many of these facts are jumbled. Robert Dalton had gone SSD in the round very early, however, due to changeling shenanigans, people hallucinated Robert Dalton being attacked.))

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((Should be noted for the record a lot of information was jumbled up and falsified to support the argument of the HoP, which I'll outline in IC-speak.))

To Whom it May Concern,

It should be noted for the record that the general overview of this incident is riddled with assumptions and misinformation. We'll start with Robert Dalton. Over PDA, he asked if he could be given access to the bar. I informed him that there was a head of personnel onboard, and that I personally did not have an issue with it and that I had warned him of any repercussions that would be made if he were to be given said access, and would be personally accountable for it, and that he were to stand down from that position and be given normal access at which point a bartender would arrive. At which point, when you should have obliged him in asking me on my input on the matter, you did make the decision to deny the request. I stated that I was personally against it, but not officially. At no point did I order that the detective be given that access. You also fabricated the point in including me in the statement of stating that security could just as well hop over the bar if they wished, that was a statement made by Commander Seto. I refused to comment on that, as it would undermine the general state of command.

You effectively undermined the general morale of command during the entirety of the shift, even going so far as stating that you had a great displeasure working with myself and Mister Seto and that you hoped the both of our contracts would be snatched up by Internal Affairs. This can be proved by reviewing the telecommunications logs at the end of that shift, it was stated on the command channel.

No Neglect of Duty was witnessed, nor any incident of Misconduct, with an exception on your part. The fabrication of details to serve your own ends as well as satisfying your personal grievances, as well as a failure to communicate issues properly with command staff.


Vira De Santos

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