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[Denied] Niklaus' Beret

Guest XanderDox

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BYOND Key: XanderDox

Character name: Niklaus Lux

Item name: Fancy beret

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

My character is carrying this because as someone who is very wealthy and he finds it to be very stylish, he obtained this beret by stealing it from someone who was in an unmarked PMC while they were passed out in 'Rylan's Pub' in Mendell. He's kept it ever since. He quite likes hats, and berets provide a certain level of comfort for him.

Item function(s): Just a beret.

Item description: A black beret with a gold shield patched on the front, it has no other identifiers.

Item appearance: See below

Additional comments: Item define code was probably crap anyways. So only the icon is provided below~~

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It was a happenstace. He had been meeting someone there and upon leaving, noticed that the mans beret was quite stylish. As my character is generally greedy, and overly fashionable. And he has a large courage pool, so the fact that it was a PMC wouldn't deter him

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