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Antagonist banned

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BYOND Key: Tainavaa

Total Ban Length: Permanent

Banning staff member's Key: halorocks22

Reason of Ban: Murderboning

Reason for Appeal:

Me and a fellow cultist murdered the medbay. This was after quite a while of recruiting and messing around with runes and whatnot. The research director was also a cultist and was sending me messages about "spreading the fire" and uprising and such. I even asked if we would need arms and she said it might be necessary. Then people are yelling over the radio about a demon terrorizing security and a cultist walking down the hall with a decapitated head and glowing sword, and I thought THIS IS IT. THIS IS OUR HOUR OF GLORY. WE RISE. So me and my fellow cultist got our weapons, and we murdered the medbay like I thought Nar'sie and the research director would want.

The mod used me killing a fellow cultist as evidence of me just "murderboning". It was Jason Sanders, though, and the only reason he joined the cult was for Tina. He was telling Tina about how he didn't like it, he was scared of what this cult was going to do, etc. etc. throughout the round. When he saw me murdering someone, he held me at gunpoint. The other cultist rushed him and he changed his aim to her. And I rushed him and murdered him, and was like FOR NAR'SIE, BITCH. Without the bitch part. We basked in the bloodshed and promptly left. When we abandoned our armaments, we didn't murder anyone else.

tl;dr Everything that was happening in the round was building up to the point of a violent uprising, or that's what it seemed like to me. I didn't intend to just murder without reason, shit was going down in the station and I wanted to be a part of it is all. I was not the only one murdering, and my accomplice cultist did not get banned when we were in cahoots for it.

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I'll admit that I didn't inspect what happened during that round as well as I'd like to have. I should've investigated further and asked Silver about what exactly happened but during the heat of the moment, I never did. Considering my failure to correctly analyze the situation and the fact that Silver supports you, I wouldn't oppose the lift of your antag ban.

That being said, I want to ask this question - why did you murder the Medbay? Were they helping Security or otherwise trying to stop the cultists, or did you kill them just because you really felt it would be what Nar'sie and the Research Director would want? It's generally the cultist's job to convert over kill and it seems a bit fishy to me that you guys ended up killing the Medbay when you could (should?) have done the former.

P.S. I believe I dished out more than one ban during that round, so please don't think that I have something against you in any way.

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With what was going on in the round, and how resistant people were being to conversion, I thought that was what Nar'sie would want since I think what was going to be all of the cultists on the station was out getting shit done. Looking back at it, I would have spared Jason at the least, give him a warning or something. In the heat of the moment though, I just saw him as a non-believer along with the rest of the medbay; those who were resistant to conversion. Since then, I've got a few ideas I think would be much better than killing and I think I'll try some other things to see what happens before I go around killing people next time.

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