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Occupied for a bit

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Sort of, anyways.

The long and short of it is, I'm going to be unavailable for the majority of May (technically, starting with this weekend, actually). This is due to national exams starting up, and I really can't afford to have my mind clouded during those. And as much as I love you folks, this work is rather disruptive.

As for the shenanigans currently underway? I understand that this comes around at a relatively inconvenient time, but the unfortunate fact is I'm dealing with a schedule that I have no control over. But, I reserve faith in the people I delegated most of the actions outlined in the staff meeting to, and in Scopes's ability to manage a few projects for development (we should actually see a few neat little things pop into existence at some point, maybe). And I have already, over the past 48 hours, conducted some business in line with the meeting's resolution. Oh, and Witt and Jamini should have fun things to show soon enough. *nod*

Beyond that, why am I saying this? Well, because as it stands, I'm the only head of staff remaining for the two main staff teams. Chris made sure everyone knew when he was tabbing out for a bit, so I might as well, specially considering the present situation. If anyone needs me for something, or just wants a chat or something, feel free to BYOND pager or PM me. Just, realize that I might be more off-putting than usual.

Anywho, have funzies!

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