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Risk of Rain

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Welcome to the UES Contact Light. It looks like your ship is crashing, because some dude is wrecking it from the cargo bay. Better deploy that escape-pod. Looks like you crashed on a strange planet, and everything is trying to kill you. Great. At least they drop coins, and you can buy these coins for some nice items. Maybe get back to your ship, even?

Our friend the Commando, the starting character.



The Enforcer


and the Bandit


drop in next.

These are only three of the twelve characters of course, and happen to be also some of the easiest to get to.


Discuss Risk of Rain, a rogue-like indie-platformer. You got yourself a small array of twelve characters, and quite a bit of random item drops, which can be good and bad.

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Artifacts command and glass, oh my god. I can beat the game easily, in 45 mins.

Glass: do 500%damage, however, 10% health.

Command: Choose your items.

Its easy to manage my build. Some of my favorites are commander speed build, enforcer crit, and merc crit.

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I tried this game.

First two tries, I died on the first stage.

Third try, I got a bunch of items that increased my DPS and passive damage dealing abilities, a bunch of health upgrades, and three drones that upped my DPS further. I beat 8 bosses and started spamming the Wandering Vagrant's ability and detonating everything. I got through 2 teleporters by laming it out and dodging the Ancient Wisps and Lava Worms.

And then I got rekt by a horde of mudcrabs in the third stage because 45 minutes had passed and the difficulty was now at Insane.

I like it this game. I like it a lot.

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