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Bonfire Stories

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Settle up kids, is time to talk 'bout yer past. Myself, lemme tell ya 'bout this one.

Back 'round couple... dozen years ago I was hangin' 'round a place called,'Archangel' some fella came in callin' 'imself an Eversor Assassin, ran 'round stabbin' my co-workers. So, I go an' saved one fellar, some karistark whatchamacallit, an' 'round I went searchin' fer this fella. 'ventually, this invisible Eversor Assasin, came an' stabbed three Imperial Guard, 'possed to be the most robust fellars too, still got destroyed. So I just mozy on in, an' pull out my RPG an' blast the fucker to bits, after passin' out, I saved all a' 'em, an' 'en 'ad to kill a crazed Commisar. Was tah life I lived in.

So yeah, talk about your war stories and stuff. I just used a fancy accent because I felt like it.

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So, my most memorable RP moment, happened in WoW. A private RP server with custom lore, where humans suddenly became extremely racists, and somewhat anti-mage. AKA, the imperium of man rip-off. So anyways, paladins lost their ways and powers due to this, and one of my characters Ignasius Permato, an old ex-paladin, obviously being not satisfied with how human kingdoms went, and became a hermit. Eventually, he decided to seek out Draenei, to get his paladin way back, and the draenei were allies of the night elves.

So anyways, my character, an old man, with a ragged robe a sword, and some supplies (whom I just made for that server), has traveled all his way through Ashenvale to Darkshore, avoiding patrols and wildlife alike, eventually to be found by an elven scout. He was about to be taken prisoner, when two draenei, a vindicator and a mage met them, as the pair were on their way to clear a demon infested ruin. Ignasius has offered his aid, and while the elf was sceptical, the draenei accepted, after hearing that he wanted to sail to the dranei lands in return.

And so, the four cleared the ruins, even though Ignasius got injured in the progress, and made camp close to Auberdine. He was promised that the draenei would try their best to grant him passage by ship.

But unfortunately, he didn't live to see the draenei again. His camp was discovered by a band of six sentinels, who didn't exactly buy his story, and eventually told him to kneel, and sliced his head off. And while I do regret not demanding trial by combat or whatever, but it is one of my memorable RP moments.

Oh oh oh.. I also have a picture to go along with it...



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