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[Denied] Hunter W. Robinsons Uniform (Very long.)

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BYOND Key: Plahunter101

Character name: Hunter Wayne Robinson

Item(s) name:


Well Tailored suit (jumpsuit)

Double breasted Navy Jacket

Black and Red Hat

Leather boots

White Cloth gloves

Navy Ribbons display (accessory to the Jacket.)


Why is your character carrying said item to work? Hunter’s uniform is a true, connected part of him. He wears it to remind him of his service and the adventures he had before becoming A security official for the NSS Aurora. He doesn’t trust his Child, Sterling, Alone with it so he brings it as well. He keeps the Ribbons to show and brag about his Achievements. But mostly, he dreads the boring ‘Blood red’ Wardens uniform, feeling it Clashes with his blue eyes… What, A Navy man can’t have a good sense of fashion?

“I didn’t get shot in this outfit and pay a ton of damn money to let my beautiful uniform sit in a closet.”


Item function(s): Hunters off duty uniform, something he can wear while wardening to re-live his command on the New London capital ship, only the Jacket really provides any protection, miniscule at that. However the Ribbons attach to the Jacket as an accessory. It also is a great conversation starter and a bragging device. (I didn't say Hunter wasn't arrogant anymore.)

Item description:


Jacket: A dark navy blue, double breasted jacket with some medals pinned to it and a golden name plate with ‘Cdre. Hunter Wayne Robinson’ On closer inspection, it seems to have a light kevlar inner layer (very minor melee protection.)

The Hat: A red and black cap that seems similar to the wardens, but has a rapier and pistol pin on it’s front.

The Suit (goes in jumpsuit slot.) A casual dress shirt with well pressed black slacks and A white striped dark blue tie, and some half sphere, Dark blue Cufflinks.

Boots: Some black, Polished, leather boots that come up to an inch below the knee and Hard wood and rubber soles.

Gloves: Some white, fine cloth gloves that come up to half an inch past the wrist.

Ribbon display: Some colorful ribbons that show A “Hunter Wayne Robinsons” Achievements in service. The most notable ones being: A revolver marksman badge and a Naval Victoria cross.

Item appearance:



The Jacket! RCNVR-OfficerUniformJacket.jpg


The hat (Recolored Warden hat is probably easier.)




The boots




The Suit (Don’t have an image.)

Some black slacks, a White, horizontal striped navy blue tie, and a tailored white dress shirt with dark blue, half Sphere cufflinks (That’ll just be in the desc.)

The gloves: It’s white cloth gloves.


Something like this, feel free to take some liberties with it.





Additional comments: I know this does seem like a big outfit, but it’s a flavor item that my character would carry when he wants to relax, walk around, or run a boarding drill by himself in the armory. It is also a big part of the character backstory as it is his off-duty navy outfit and shows his veterancy, telling a story of his service and actions.

And to the spriters and Coders that try it: I’m soooo sorry. It’s a massive Job and I don’t expect it to get accepted, but if it does: Oh my lord I am so sorry the shit I am putting you through on this.

EDIT: Punctuation, some specifics, misc stuff.

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