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Emergency Door Unbolting Procedure


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So on the wiki, we got this:


Emergency Unbolting Procedure

Airlocks aboard the station are equipped with SecureDoor inductive-coupling bolt triggers. By allowing the bolts to drop using (ambient or artificial) gravity, bolts can be dropped and security maintained even in low-power situations! The actuator used to raise the bolts, however, requires power to function.

In an emergency, door bolts can be raised without power using the following procedure.

Weld the door shut using a Welderon.gif welding tool.

Next, break the protective cover behind the airlock electronics with a sturdy object (use harm intent).

Finally, use a Crowbar.png crowbar to manually raise the bolts from the inside.


Can we add this to our server?

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as it stands right now, when doors are without power bolts can be dropped and not raised. actually doing so, however, requires pulsing of the proper wire (or attaching a signaler)

this is theoretically possible right now as a manual addition, engineering could attack signalers to all wires in a department and give the head the code for them allowing for immediate bolt drop at the press of a button.

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Powered or not, you can pulse the primary power light and still be able to shut the test light off and in essence, crowbar the door open.

this is allowing the dropping of bolts en mass while doors are unpowered.

powered or not, you can't open a door that has its bolts down

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I think this would take away from the AI's already limited power as an antagonist.

One of their only abilities is to be able to trap people, they already have a hard enough time doing so with engineers, but if the AI can get rid of power then they actually have a chance to trap the hard hat. Sadly what you're suggesting would get rid it :(

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I think this would take away from the AI's already limited power as an antagonist.


The AI has way, way more options than anyone except for the captain as an antagonist. Most of our AI players just don't use their tools to full effectiveness out of ignorance or a misguided sense of "fairness".

Manual unbolting is a great idea, tbh, as long as doing so makes it so we have to rebuild the door.

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