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[Approved] GregorySmash - VAURCA application Attempt 2

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BYOND Key: GregorySmash


Character Names: Brayan Vargas Vicente Weeter Sybil Wright Weston Ochola Ester Yasmith Dean Duncan Johnathan Shick Eddie Mckendrick Dalton Montenegro Kevin Ozols Omar Dahl Miriam Cormack Chris Lowstetter Leonard Landry Dalton Sanders Lakeisha Kemerer William Aegis John Sadho Feroz Williamson Daniel Mokry Dean Pickard Rodrigo Yadama Dean Wilkerson Kethran SkarVak

Though i mainly play kethran


Species you are applying to play: Vaurca 


what color do you plan on making your first alien character:around the color of C'thur, Queen of Masques which is blue 


Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: yes i have


Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.


Why do you wish to play this specific race:

I enjoy the vaurca because of a few things includeing their biology and mechanics i also find the VR aspect of the species interesting i found their history interesting and the planet itself interesting as the atmosphere was made out of plasma and oxygen but mostly plasma their were fires that happened quite often apparently its also fun that they eat a fungus called k'ois which is quite deadly for other species even just being around it is dangerous. Also i reeally enjoy the species accent for example I want k'oiz and vhoron


Identify what makes role-playing this species different from role-playing a Human: vaurca breathe plasma and eat k'ois, both of which are very toxic to other species. but besides that humans are a more independent species compared to vaurca. humans get to choose who they want to be in life whereas vaurca dont. And my specific vaurca is going to follow Classical Pantheon whichs means in roleplay I would try to imitate my queen which is Xetl The Voracious Queen this means I would be proud of my work and the fellow crews work.but also The way they speak will be noticeably different than humans as they normally couldnt speak but with voice modulators but because of this they have an accent that makes S’s into Z’s and F’s and Ph’s into vh


Character Name:ka'Akaix'siix C'thur


Please provide a short backstory for this character:

Ka'Akaix'Siix C'thur spent some time in VR training trials before his hive cell was dispatched to fix and maintain equipment for a small section of the hive. His cell was also called upon to repair equipment for some skrell from time to time, but due to its smaller size, they usually stayed near the hive. However, soon their TA decided it would be best if they worked outside the hive, as their work inside was not fully needed and would be easily replaced. They were sent to work for Zavod and were accepted as engineers, mostly all being assigned to work on the same ships and vessels. On rare occasions, they would be temporarily split up after a long period of time. For a worker, they were chosen to go work at the Horizon. Siix was glad to have been moved to a ship with lots of vaurca. Ka'Akaix'Siix C'thur values the unique strengths of each Vaurca Hive, believing that all Hives have something to contribute to a better future for all Vaurcae. Ka'Akaix'Siix C'thur is a follower of the Classical Hive Pantheon. He believes that the Queens are the harbingers of blossoming life.


What do you like about this charater?

I dont have many engineer characters so its nice to have one and i like the religion he follows aswell. Besides their religion i also like their name and caste it took me a bit to decide on a worker but i think i will love it. I also enjoy their opinion on other hives because that seems like a fun easy thing to roleplay. And I enjoy their history using VR.



How would you rate your role-playing ability: i'm pretty good and i think i have been getting better at it ever since my unathi app got accepted 


Notes: cant think of anything good to put here

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This application is still a little brief, but I'm going to approve it. I know it's hard coming up with a background for a Vaurca character, but please let the lore team know if you still have any questions when playing on server.

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