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  1. Not to beat a dead horse, but I wrote an essay on why I don't think we should resprite this stuff. It's not meant to be rude or anything, and I apologize in advance if it sounds a bit heated, but I'm mainly talking about computers here instead of my myriad of comments about wall consoles because the same reasons @Carver pointed. I hope you read it and consider it.
  2. Here's the comparison I posted yesterday on the Discord: As I told Kyres too: there's nothing to tweak with these. Don't touch them. There are other sprites that require an upgrade urgently, but these (and I would argue the computers too) have nothing to 'fix'.
  3. I'm sorry, but those wall machines look like a downgrade from our current sprites. Even the ATM, while interesting, is not as good as the Idris themed one (given it's an Idris ATM).
  4. Yes, I'll reply to both. Basically, my previous suggestion was more radical: have borgs specialize to one module only. This one is much more tame in that it's just limit their acccess. As for the IC justifications: Head of staff access is still great access, especially without any whitelist involved. Also, mechanics in game change all the time. There was s great controversy when sec got maintenance access removed, and it wouldn't surprise me if this same argument was brought up. Basically, I don't think you can reduce this issue to a few bad apples when you are encouraged by your access to act like this. The laws will get lawyered no matter what. There really is zero reason for a science module borg, which is helping in science, to be able to access the supermatter and power it. Again, stick to your lane. Any other person doing this, playing a human character, would get bwoinked even if your records say you have a PhD in robotics and the supermatter. There are so many other ways to help if you see a lacking manifest that even joining as a drone is viable. I don't really understand the borg urge to act as a jack of all trades.
  5. as a friend of goolies irl (in real life for you nerds), ryan barrett is just a self insert. he talks the exact same way. should be removed.
  6. I don't think I'm being unreasonable. As of now, a borg is not only capable of doing your job, it can also do it better than you with given access. We have so many issues with borg players wanting to replace first responders without a regard to their module and I don't even think it's unreasonable for them to do: as of now, you can enter everywhere with every single module, so of course you'll want to help. There is zero justification to keep all access for cyborgs other than 'they help the crew', no other job follows this. If you, as a human character, were to act in the same manner, you would get banned. You want to suddenly help medical instead of science? Switch modules. Basically, just give them the same access a head of staff has. So airlocks, maintenance, a bit of security and full department. Nothing else is needed. As a side note, I think the default module should get the same access as an assistant, to really discourage players from just rolling with that. Again, there is no justification to do otherwise. You can help the crew in many different ways and if it's really needed for you to do it as a cyborg, ask for a module switch. I think the science module can change modules itself, but that should be changed because it is too common to see science borgs choose the module in bad faith. All access as a cyborg is meant to be as a trade-off, or even bonus, in LRP servers where you can just walk to the roboticist and ask to become a robot. I don't think it has place in HRP and as far as I know, Bay has already moved forward in removing all access for cyborgs too.
  7. Even though there's not much competence right now, I think you're a good pick for the role. However, I do have one concern and it is that you just recently came back from a hiatus. Do you fear you may get burned out of the game soon again? How would you deal with this as part of the lore team? Two more questions: Are you eager to work with the rest of the teams, or coordinate in non-Skrell stuff? In the lore team we have projects we all contribute at, and they're not always from our species (like the recent Biesel culture project). What do you think of the C'thur and what plans do you have with the Vaurca team?
  8. I agree with Arrow that even as an opinion, it is far from the understanding of what staff does, in all aspects (coders, writers, spriters).
  9. I don't want to derail this thread more, but I'm way more disappointed with the people that actually hold the position of spriters and ghosted us for long, after making promises of working on that. Not that I expect them to be always available, but it's really not a good look to have someone say they'll work on it, especially being on the staff team, and then giving no reply. Which is why we looked for external help. Was it a bit of a mess? Yes. I would argue that most discussions were actually pretty tame and just about nitpicks, honestly what took us the longest to understand was the anatomy of the Bulwark, since it was not easy at first, but once that happened it became much easier. I understand where Rooster comes from, however. Especially since he had already spent a good dollar in the Bulwark (there were some previous PRs, months ago, building up to it). The project didn't rely all on Ryver, that is true, but do keep in mind what I said earlier about people that are officially considered spriters/developers that just kept saying yes without doing a thing. At that stage, Ryver's help was really needed. I'm not really confident in my sprites, and even though Ryver did just a handful, his work helped me greatly to do a lot more. What really disappointed me is that at the end I only asked for a sprite more or two after seeing just how little work he had done in his compiled dmi. By that time I was working on so many sprites all night long even that any extra help was encouraged. I don't think $2 is egregious, but it did feel out of place when he saw us just bummed at the amount of work required on the sprites. This is what bothers me, and it would be as easy as to recognize it wasn't the time to do that. There are things we've disagreed at, but I do think Ryver is a nice person, a good spriter and has a lot of energy too. At first I was more upset that this was, in a way, taking too much credit for a project he didn't contribute as much, but that seems not to be the case. I don't think it's something cold planned or whatever, and I know that it's easy to cover in excuses when one feels attacked, but I hope you can understand why asking for money, in that moment, wasn't ideal.
  10. Jesus that's amazing. I would change the trash carts to some biohazard trashcan that can be sprited easily, but other than that 10/10.
  11. I feel it's not possible to have us dock every round, maybe we will be in the middle of nowhere sometimes. But it's certainly something that could happen. It does make you question what would happen with characters not allowed in certain places, I guess they'd just stay inside the ship. Honestly, I feel just rping what facilities the living quarters hold is for the best.
  12. Article #9 of the Court of Queens Arc Dorn: ‘The Bulwark is Zo’rane’ After allegations of thievery by the C’thur Hive, the rumors of a lawsuit have concluded as Einstein Engines lawyers have picked up the case in Phoenixport. However, President Joseph Dorn doesn’t believe it will get as far as the megacorporation claims. In this afternoon’s press release, when asked about the subject, Dorn responded: “What the Zo’ra Hive has achieved and continues to achieve for our Republic’s economy is too great to be ignored. The Bulwark is Zo’rane by virtue of their scientific pursuits and the fulfilment of those jobs in the Upsilon and the Odin have been thus far well received.” Although Dorn declined to give a straightforward answer regarding the legality of the subject, the Oracle interviewed Mariah Nowak, an expert in biomedical law. “If Necropolis vs. Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals taught us anything, back when the then Necropolis Industries ran into a similar issue in regards to a new genetical therapy at the heart of the Sol Alliance, is that Dorn might be right,” said Nowak. “Our Constitution is still, for the most part, particularly Solarian in terms of genetic intellectual property, and just as Zeng-Hu back then, Zo’ra will likely run no trouble. Now, what is to say is that these are a new species, and while the law is definitely not above them, the idea of intellectual property might still be alien to them. As far as I know, there was no registry for the so-called ‘Bulwark’ in Jargon Courts, which also proves a shortcoming from their Skrellian caretakers.” Despite this, the legal team of Einstein Engines remains optimistic. As a single chirp by Mateo Mendez, one of the lawyers in the case, said: “We will win.” The Jargon Federation has given no statements regarding this issue, and has declined any requests for one. Date: 10/17/2463
  13. Hello again. Yes, Vaurcae don't age during in VR. More precisely, due to the use of cryostasis pods. Now, most of the cleaning and repairing work would probably be done by Bound, especially something as tedious as the surgical cleanse of old augments, which wouldn't really relate much to the janitorial job still. I would recommend that you make Jar have had little use while the Vaurcae left Sedantis, and to spend more time in VR. Maybe it could had been born in space, if you're really keen on making it older. Could probably just have a general custodian position on some sector of the ship or something. But it would have spent many years, probably, without moving and trying to save up resources in the real world. Now, some questions. What does Jar think about the Sensate emotions and does it have a favorite one? How does Jar relate to other broods of C'thur? How will it relate to the Zo'ra and the K'lax Hives? Additionally, what does it think about xenos, especially Skrell, as Jar would've met them way before humans. Despite the Sensate being a philosophy that can be seen almost as an organized school of thought, it's not a religion. Does Jar follow any religion? Lastly, how much has being moved to Tau Ceti have affected Jar? What does it think, over all, of this new world? Not just Biesel, but the many changes its people have had to adapt to in a really short timespan (~6 years).
  14. Hello, thank you for applying. As a note, we don't really want people to apply with Viax characters, because they're not so much as characters most of the time and it's hard to build a story around them. However, there a few other problems. 1. Vaurcae are born out of a Queen, but that is to be expected. While Vaurcae are much like ants and 'eggs' are larvae that become pupae, I feel like the word 'born' and your usage is implying some sort of nursing from Xetl herself, when there would be other Tas that would have nursed it, and it is most likely no personal contact (unless Unbound and by summon on her VR) would occur. A janitor Bound, however, would not know her personally. 2. Additionally, a Bound feeding other Bound is really far fetched, and while it's true that there might be more idle or 'lazy' Vaurcae, the Hiveship was mostly a silent place when they were trying to save resources in their last ordeal; however, Xetl despite her fame is in charge of the augments for the Hive, and her Bound and Unbound would be busy around that, if not in VR all time. 3. The Sensate is not something Bound follow, but this would be more reasonable regardless when the app is changed. However, the concept of the Sensate having a janitor do field research sounds a bit off to me honestly, I would rather just have your character be an avid follower of it instead. The Hives are all exporting labor to Tau Ceti currently, and Xetl is no stranger despite her relationship with her sisters, so a simple 'it was shipped to work at Tau Ceti' works. I'll ask some questions after the app is fixed.
  15. They feel so inorganic in the rooms, too. The surface and command ones look totally out of place, with surface one being so far from the door you could even miss. Not a huge fan of the machine either but that's another thing.
  16. Hello, thank you for applying. Just a heads up, the Hive's name is C'thur. Similarly, the others are Zo'ra and K'lax, all with one capital letter only. As for questions, I think Butter did a good job asking what I would've. However, I would like to know a bit more in regards to Xot's thoughts on its lost partners. It must be very traumatic since they would be the very few Vaurcae that would not share the Afterlife.
  17. This should go in policy suggestions. Now, I don't think it's a good idea because it is not a general wiki submission, which encompasses much more than just lore pages and that anyone can already edit. The current name is fine, you canonize lore. Headcanon is not canon lore, and what is submitted as lore canonization apps creates or expands things that are considered too big for the headcanon room to be allowed. Think of Visegrad, for example. It is currently not canon, but imagine if you had to apply for a human whitelist or something with a character from that background. It wouldn't make sense, and I'm sure the human team would consider it too problematic to be normally reviewed as an app instead of, say, a Sol planet with canonical lore.
  18. Yes, the bone breaking is too much, and you get pain anyways after you run out of stamina, so this is just a handicap (basically removing stamina and skipping to the pain part).
  19. I've said it before, this implant is currently unusable because the moment you toggle speed you will just be dying in pain. I don't think it really needs to be better than normal Unathi sprint, but it should be more balanced than that.
  20. More seething but this room doesn't even have the first responder lockers, which have really different equipment from the rest of medical. Also, if a room is so crowded that you need to start placing things on the floor, then you maybe need another table. I would recommend just axing the whole cryo cooler room. Does it really need three coolers? Make it one only and seize all that wasted space. In regards to the chemistry lab: it's so tiny and crammed it makes no sense. There is literally no place for you to place bottles or anything you'll use, and for some reason you have three blenders when you need one at most. I would really reconsider making this room bigger, or changing the layout.
  21. Following what I said for medical, it appears the GTR has no wall lockers. So no pills or O-, I'm guessing? Those wall lockers are actually used, especially if there's no chemist. And to be more clear on what I meant in regards to the body scanners: it really irks me that they're not parallel. Now, for the two receptions: does medical really need two of them? It makes surgery feel so exposed, too, like if anybody can see a guy cut open. I know there's an area to spectate surgery right now, but this feels weird, especially if you're just waiting for your appointment with the psychiatrist. I've stated before I don't like that the ORs lead to maintenance, and the removal of the cold storage, but now seeing the area in front of it, it just comes to my mind that so many other things could be made with that space.
  22. Why does the medical bathroom still have windows? This was something pointed out since February, it looks really odd. As for the ICU and GTR, they look weird. The ICU for some reason is really huge which I guess it's nice, but the scanners seem to be placed at random. The tiny room called GTR is so small it doesn't look practical, and there's still two cryo tubes versus one sleeper, when I'd say the sleeper is more used. Our current layout is not perfect by any means, but at least each area has its own equipment. These look a bit incomplete. For the first responders quarters, it also looks like they're really remote. I don't know what's on the side door, though. Is that small room on the top level the exam room? I suppose two exam rooms was too many as in our current map, but it just looks really austere and far, not to mention the weird desk position which doesn't allow tou to sit in front of the doctor.
  23. I agree with Matt. You rarely see one.
  24. Just as a note, I don't think they need to have any recipes (cooking actual food in a microwave is a dumb mechanic) nor they need to be everywhere. Maybe in the break rooms, but ideally I would only have a public one in an area people from everywhere can congregate. So what would microwaves do? Well, heat food for RP purposes. You could probably get a taste boost from microwaved food, if you had something you brought with you. I would like, ideally, for food to eventually get cold unless it's stored, but that's way too much for a small RP addition, so heating food sounds fine. The hotpockets, or small vendor things (maybe even new foods) that can be microwaved for a few seconds could also be “prepared” there. Over all, it's just something small and cosmetic. Public areas with a microwave like an office break room get a lot of people in real life, and I feel it would be the same in game, even if the bonus is just that your sprite character can enjoy the food warm. I wouldn't want this, in any way, to replace or make chefs useless. I want to make that clear.
  25. I don't think the Torch being called Torch and not Bay ship or something has ever caused any problem, same with other servers that have static maps. I'm personally indifferent to whether the name gets changed or not, but if it does it's really a non-issue.
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