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More efficient choking.

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Choking is a very slow and time-consuming process, despite the fact that it's outlined as a super lethal and quiet deathgrip. As it stands, it's not worth it.

Just yesterday I attempted a test in whether or not keeping a double-chokehold of one human-type mob

(as in, keeping the choke hold in each hand set to KILL) would create oxyloss faster.

It did not. It was relatively the same speed as a normal chokehold in terms of applying oxyloss. Which, sort of doesn't make sense that choking someone with one hand (thus, less force on the victim's throat) would effectively incapacitate the victim at the same rate if you were choking someone with both hands.

My suggestion: Keeping a choke-hold on a mob with both hands will apply oxyloss faster (note, this doesn't mean more, it merely generates oxyloss at a faster rate/pace), resulting in 1.) choking someone out and rendering them incapacitated a bit faster and much more viable as a result or even 2.) an effective, quiet and bloodless assassination tactic.

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I can't imagine choking as anything other than a finishing move, instead of an assassination tactic, since it's been nerfed from the good ol' days of grab, page down, page down, KO in three seconds, dead.

But, having the double-choke be more effective makes sense, especially since it's rather impractical to 'quick-choke' on a two-part grab. So balance-wise everything seems A-okay with this idea!

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