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  1. BRAINOS' sprites are better but both of them look like laser guns out of DBZ or something. If we're going to keep the Star Trek reference, at least represent it correctly as something like either of these two:
  2. Renegade has always been one of my favourite roles; it's that 'push over the edge' that allows you to act more freely without the demanding nature of being expected to perform some grand opera like traitors and other roles are. Isn't this frowned upon? I would expect to have complaints and ahelps if I were to make my direct goal the hunting of antagonists as an antagonist, particularly a traitor.
  3. I don't understand the assumption that everyone uses hotkey toggle. The shift change is worthless to those who don't, and clunky to those who do by presenting an obstacle to macros; in exchange for a mechanic suited to FPS kiddies who never understood that toggles have always been objectively superior to hold-downs; something which can already be done via macro, per the above post. As for the PR directly, we have no athletics skill. That entire portion of it would be useless. Food already indirectly increases stamina recovery by preventing you from getting hungry due to stamina regeneration consuming nutrition. Laying down to regenerate it faster wouldn't be that useful and would be rather gamey - considering the nutrition system already keeps it at a steady pace of regeneration - as you'd have everyone resting on the floor after a chase. A sprint toggle would be interesting but it should be noted that the current run system is intended to represent sprinting, concerning how quickly it consumes stamina for both humans and particularly non-humans like Unathi.
  4. Make a new thread instead of bumping something two years old.
  5. Why? Excess clothing is for the case of departmental reassignment, and for people who choose to spawn without the uniform and then change into said uniform in the locker room. The commissar outfit was also the best-looking of the Warden outfits, bar none; and there's no reason to remove extra Detective apparel.
  6. Much as I tend to like alt titles, they should usually imply some form of mechanical difference. Sanitation Technician is just a fancier sounding Janitor and thus doesn't really offer anything. I wouldn't mind seeing it replace Janitor as a job name, but that's about it.
  7. You missed the hidden pre-'16 Bay merge meta of 'aim for the hands with the Detective's revolver for guaranteed hand-breaks in about a shot each', a personal favourite of mine (tho generally too cheesy for my taste, unless it was against a wizard or something else terrible).
  8. I only ask that the bottom right carpet loses the bottom and right rows of tiles for the sake of aesthetic.
  9. I'm not sure if I remember correctly, but is that the ability to where the AI/pAI can access suit functions and walk around your unconscious body with the suit or am I mistaken? Either way, the suggestion sounds fairly niche and harmless so no real reason to disagree other than the inevitable argument of "It encourages interacting with the roboticist", an argument that for this case is fairly minimal and weak.
  10. This happens if you try to disarm someone with a gun under certain conditions, if I remember right. Grabs being strong only serves to discourage melee weapons being particularly viable without stuns. Stuns, of course, aren't the most fun mechanic. Inevitably you get a circle of things getting buffed until something is nerfed.
  11. Wasn't there a reverse form of this for Nuke Ops/Mercenaries? To where they get more men based on station-pop, but if there wasn't enough with the role enabled then they'd still start the mode - albeit with less men.
  12. Grab meta has always been a fairly cancerous and completely uninteractive meta, I'm sad to see it's returned. My only opinion: It should be very, very hard to grab someone fighting back; As in, near-impossibly hard. They should need to be unconscious or disabled.
  13. The intent of the ruling was to deny character-specific roleplay. Starting off as something (or being set back, or whatever have you) is one thing, being forced to break character for it is another thing entirely. As has been argued earlier in this thread multiple times over.
  14. Per what I said, being a higher quality should not exclude these sprites. If it's stand out, good, that was clearly the intent of the design. Do not assume that your work shall dictate the sprites from here on out and forever, as this isn't and shall never be AmoryStation.
  15. The term you're looking for is overlays. Be wary, overlays can be absolutely hideous if not done well - and they would be in the case of scars if said scars didn't match character skin.
  16. So long as it's a preference toggle. I always kept it disabled (On here, on CM, absolutely everywhere) because help intent can be valid for fighting when you want to walk through people.
  17. Alternatively, don't let non-humans/shells wear them.
  18. How does this handle non-employees visiting? Just sounds like it kills RP creativity if there's nothing in place for such.
  19. I didn't mean the default ammo type, so much as the 'loaded by hand' ammo in the magazine. Ex: Loading a rubbers magazine with live rounds wouldn't have the blue tipped bullets on sprite. But, if that has been covered, fantastic.
  20. Letting them retain the ability to talk locally would certainly be an improvement, as well as some form of time limit on the no power alert emote to prevent spamming.
  21. Do remember they (magazines) need to show the ammo type loaded, should said ammo type have a different coloured 'tip'.
  22. Grey and white looking a bit saturated.
  23. If you survive being hit by a stun, chances are your opponent is fairly awful at combat. Borg-prying is currently and will likely remain the only way to capture a borg without killing them directly. Ion is not a viable sole method seeing as a single ion rifle exists on the map (To which would be equivalent to arguing a need for the hypospray or syringe gun in every fight against an organic in order to secure a capture), and any AI worth it's salt during malf will see that rifle destroyed in very short order if they intend on going loud. The flash-ID-bar move is a melee range combo that only Roboticists and others with appropriate access (Or cryptographic sequencers) can pull off, specifically requiring a flash or the rare EMP weapon.
  24. If I don't have a good 'gimmick' backed by strong, IC reasoning for my character (typically built over time, interaction and planning during canon interactions/extended) then why would I have said character be an antagonist? To do otherwise would wholly break character in my opinion, and so, I do not play station antagonist roles (Traitor, Revolutionary). I occasionally dabble in nuke ops, though. For the rest to which my above reasoning does not apply; Changeling is an un-enjoyable mess where if you go by the lore for them, you have 0 reason to do anything to reveal yourself. You're actually a fucking terrible changeling if you reveal yourself or kill someone on station because you threaten the entire secrecy of the species. Vampire is a very strange case because whilst you have a strong reasoning to feed, you have zero reasoning to escalate further past this. It's a supernatural antagonist that doesn't feel particularly supernatural in any way, either, and for whatever reason has zero to no mechanical tie-in with it's brother-role, cultist. Ninja is just a dull experience of being untouchable and going around doing whatever you feel like. It's easy to bullshit some objective since you don't require IC forethought like I previously mentioned, and it's popular because it's a fairly easy power trip role. It carries the legacy of having been an admin-only role in this regard. Wizard is similar to the above but it's much easier to die as if you don't know how to play (Unlike the above, it was not an admin-only role), so most people go with the Lich power. It's also renowned for being a fairly hit-or-miss role due to people playing it quite peacefully (And without an objective) due to their personal fear of either failure to do it well or failure to survive. Cultist allows for a stronger exertion of IC reasoning, but presents enough of a self-contained gimmick that you don't need to put in effort to RP as it. This is also it's flaw, because it tends to result in the same end-round outcomes more consistently than any other antagonist role (And trust me, they all repeat themselves, you're almost never going to be original with your gimmick). I don't hate this role, but it's utterly repetitive and boring so I never roundstart it. I won't touch borer with a ten foot pole seeing as it's just a worse Cultist in almost every regard, solely and only marginally better on repetition due to no Nar-Sie summoning. I don't play AI so I won't bother arguing for malf, but it tends to present the same initial argument of mine in regard to IC reasoning. Otherwise you get incredibly repetitive and dull gameplay and gimmicks. On the one I do dabble in, Mercenary (and Raider) are some of the more 'popular' roles for a reason, because whilst you have to make up an objective on the spot, you don't really need to apply much effort to IC reasoning (Which unfortunately often results in inconsistency in roleplay, such as mercenaries betraying their employer when such would result in an awful reputation for them as hirelings). You're also given a multitude of powerful and free tools, with Mercenaries/Nukies being some of the strongest and most popular antagonists because of such. Mercenary/Nukie is one of the only roles I play due to the easy immersive factor, whereas I don't touch Raider because it often attracts some fairly bad roleplayers (I'm not talking about new players either). Final note, the round-types I not only don't play the role of but avoid like the plague: Changeling/Any mode with Changelings: Zero immersion to it if one knows the lore, and a completely failed attempt at being a horror-related roundtype. I'm never scared or paranoid and it's incredibly obvious who's the changeling. Arguably the worst mode on the server. Vampire: It's just 'blood drive changeling' unless they attempt to create more vampires, but that often doesn't go anywhere interesting as you rarely see anyone attempting to act like a secretive coven or cabal. They never tend to act like the superior, unholy beings they are at the core, to which I blame Twilight. Still better than Changeling. Ninja/Wizard: Yakkety sax modes. They only shine when they're combined with other antag types in a mode, to which they make fascinating hunters of said other types who can allow for an interesting perspective and approach to otherwise dull things. Wizard(s) vs. Cult in particular is absolutely fascinating to me and yet I almost never see it. Borer/Bughunt: Take Cult but remove everything interesting about it, and leave a mode that's solely reliant on the fascinating psionic mechanics to carry itself. It's dull, repetitive and often forces immersion breaking behaviours due to a recent ruling. If not for the unique mechanic of psionics carrying it, this would be the absolute worst mode on the server bar none. Crossfire: It's a worse calamity event. Balance does not exist but I understand that it exists as a non-serious MRP mode to have a little violent fun. Really shouldn't be in the secret rotation.
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