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  1. The 5 minutes/500 credits isn't the punishment of the permanent mark, the permanent mark itself adds up and can very well lead to meaningful punishment. IRs are for repeat/egregious issues, Security are for singular issues.
  2. My other, more general concern is that we have a system like this in effect: Security. Almost every on-station issue that might require this can be covered by regulations, offering an on-station and lasting IC method of punishment. Indeed, if staff are not listening, discipline them with a permanent mark on their security record (Assuming no antag intervention).
  3. What is this, twitter? I'd well enough hope that many years in the future, people aren't fired for what they post on their personal social media. That is what they are intended to do if there is a genuine, and especially a repeating problem. File an IR, and CCIA will handle it. I do not trust Command to play the role of CCIA-lite. Unless every applicant had to re-apply under a stricter form, I never will.
  4. And I still hold that antag options are primarily limited by the map's lack of escape avenues. And that this was your only good idea (of the 3 presented on beacons) in regard to any buff that would enable more stealth/getaways.
  5. I'm pretty sure it only screams through the radio because the code for it is straight up ripped from hulks, who screamed over radio whenever they'd smash anything at all. That's a bigger part of my issue with it, is being a holdover designed for an insanely unbalanced and rare mutation from the removed role of genetics/geneticists.
  6. You can also spawn with a handkerchief from the loadout, that I believe should function as a rag for cleaning prints. Worst case, get the bartender's rag - or figure out access into the records systems to swap around prints. There are a multitude of inventive ways to remove forensic evidence, you just need to apply your preferred method and it won't be too difficult.
  7. Changelings have had so many ways over the years to escape capture and confinement that I'm long past expecting them to be held if they don't want to be. In a way, it's a strange part of their exceedingly resilient core design of coming back from everything. On the other hand; this Unathi ability requires no special antag status, no investment of any resource, no preparation or forethought, and a precise five second window that ensures that Security has to have someone perpetually watching ANY (male) Unathi they arrest. As I said before, it only encourages Security to watch them like a hawk, thus taking away from their ability to perform any more clever or inventive methods of escape. Plus, given it's something every single male Unathi can do, there's no form of meta-protection whatsoever compared to antags w/ freedom implants or lings.
  8. You don't seem to notice that this idea is not mutually exclusive with cuff escaping being buffed, especially given I expressed support of that separate thread. It is solely a suggested removal of physically shattering the cuffs in a matter of seconds with bare hands, done by specific species. A particularly overpowered mechanic that I will produce a demonstration of: Want a buff for Unathi antags? Give Security a reason to not watch Unathi antags like a fucking hawk. The removal of a five second cuff shattering for a specific handful of unbalanced races would not, in absolutely any form, be mutually exclusive with any suggested buffs for the 2 minute cuff escape. Make your own thread if you want that buffed, because that is wholly unrelated to my suggestion here.
  9. If I wasn't apparent enough with my example, when I say cuffbreak, I'm talking about Unathi and similar. I do not care about the normal cuff escape, that is fine, I do not want that changed - but I do want common station species to not entirely disregard the mechanics that others are subjected to. These species having a snowflake mechanic previously limited to hulks (and by extension mutated wizards). Cuffbreaking =/= Cuff Escape, and this suggestion is not mutually exclusive with any buff to the latter mechanic, but suggests a parity among crew races when properly arrested (i.e. via handcuffs, not zipties or cable cuffs). Having limited 'special handcuffs' is also a frankly ridiculous idea, given again, handcuffs are not remotely expensive to produce and NT/SCC hire on a plethora of these particular races.
    Very enjoyable. Offered a significant amount of new lore regarding the new sub-species, and tried to involve as many crew as were willing to attend/witness it. I'm eager to see how this leads into the rest of the arc.
  10. I'll paint a picture: Imagine you're NanoTrasen or the SCC. You've hired on a massive pack of a highly aggressive, strong and oversized species. Do you, A) Improve your handcuff design, taking into account the strength of these creatures, which shouldn't be terribly difficult given your cuffs are made of strong metal alloys? B) Continue using cheap, crappy handcuffs with the relative strength of a tied piece of rope; despite that your crews will likely include many of this dangerous species? Cuffbreaking simply does not make sense in this context. I can understand the fragility of zipties and cablecuffs - those are cheap, disposable and either makeshift or designed for quantity over quality. But these are solid metal handcuffs, designed with the idea that some idiot is going to try and break them like a midget against a squad car. In summary: I suggest making standard handcuffs unbreakable for all but the most extraordinary cases (Berserk Vampires? Hunter-Killers? Anything that isn't common crew, effectively), while letting zipties and cablecuffs retain their ease-of-breakability. Demonstration of the currently existing mechanic by the average criminal, compared with the 'resist' of most other species:
  11. Right, cheers. I hope a scheme of flying the ship into a meteor shower then remotely blowing the propulsion doesn't end up being something disallowed.
  12. I'm more questioning whether any sabotage affects the ability of those to function. Historically, shuttle engines and similar always had stuff piping to them for aesthetic - but I don't believe it ever really did anything.
  13. Can this be meaningfully sabotaged in any way?
  14. I like secret extended. The guarantee that there isn't always something is very, very nice.
  15. I don't dislike the thought of them, but autodrobes have always been comically buggy with breaking double headsets and deleting accessories.
  16. There used to be a pretty convenient preference toggle for traitor. Often used it in the era when traitors were the only real mid-round antags.
  17. I have a firm disdain for anything auto-generated. I'm not against having optional variants of how your exploitables may be used, though, but I do like to use mine to give antagonists an offensive angle against my character rather than a supportive angle.
  18. But the windows have firelocks for that.
  19. The value of fleeing into space, and by extension shuttle theft, is not a permanent escape but rather creating an exceptional amount of space from which to plan and/or act on your next move. Having a teleport beacon would be incredibly lame, though it is likely that it wouldn't be impossible to remove such a thing if it were there.
  20. On previous maps, I would have given you a very simple answer: Space. This will probably be the case again in NBT, and I would fathom a guess that if the shuttles aren't remotely controlled then they'll also be viable options for flight. For now though, the current map is rather miserable for flight given that the caves are mostly randomly generated and very often just a series of dead ends if you have no jetpack, explosives or mining equipment.
  21. Fair enough, good to know if I ever map anything it doesn't need wings too.
  22. I'm unfamiliar with the concept. I'm guessing 'winds of magic bluespace'?
  23. Wings in space? Is the ship designed for in-atmosphere flight?
  24. Ah. Again, I like the second suggested idea with the radio jammer - solely because blocking out a cam won't prevent people from knowing the crime, but it will give you a very strong opening to escape with minimal direction to pursuers.
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