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Geopolitics in Afro-Eurasia: European Issues here.

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So Since my last thread got trolled the fuck out of, This one is going to actually have a topic the current affairs in Europe and Asia, Sure War and Death are bad, but yo got to hand it to them, they make the world interesting. What do you Think of the Current Crisis's plaguing the Super continent today? Discuss.

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I live in Croatia, the relativelly corrupt backwater, where people with backwards thinking are the rule, the most historically popular and the 2nd most recent warzone of Europe. My country also the most recent addition to the EU, which we are yet to benifit from. In fact, our membership is destructive both for us and EU.

It's a fact I feel responsible to adress since I was the one who voted "yes" in the Croatian European Union membership referendum 2012. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Croatian_European_Union_membership_referendum,_2012

The reason I voted "yes" was because I was getting sick of the idea of bickering nation states, but instead, that Europe and, eventually, whole world need a uniting body. But to the point. How much do you think EU has done to protect european interests as a whole. Or is it simply a suicidal, progress choking administrative machine of foreign making, a statement I heard before on the interwebz.

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As an American, the only thing I really know about European politics are as follows:


-Right to be Forgotten


-More Bickering

Also, I feel as if the world should have a united governing body as a /mandatory/ thing. All countries who refuse to join are to be ignored, and generally denied officially.

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