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Unban request: ATGiltspire

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BYOND Key: atgiltspire

Total Ban Length: Permanent

Banning staff member's Key: @ReadThisNamePlz

Reason of Ban:


Reason for Appeal: I understand that rushing them was wrong, but I did wish to defend myself on some points. Before even being given the opportunity to flee, one of them was screaming to fire a rocket at me, and I had one aimed at me, and I do not believe I was allowed to move without it firing. I do not have access to the specific logs to check, but I think moving would’ve provoked the shot from the rocket launcher, due to the aim intent.

I had wanted to leave, originally, but when the rocket was fired at me, I came to the conclusion that if I had turned around and walked away, I would simply have been shot in the back. I was unaware that the antags were under orders not to shoot anyone fleeing, and so I believed I would be killed no matter what my actions were, hence my charge.

I will, in the future, make sure I keep out of the way of antags as quickly as possible. Again, I am sorry for my actions, and I hope that I can, in time, make up for my lapse in judgement.

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