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Type Faction

Founding/Settlement Date 2440.

Region of Space: Operate mainly in the outer rim, and frontier. Dealings in the middle rim are not unheard of.

Controlled by:: The council, a collection of 12 unathi.

Other Snapshot information:

-Work as mercenaries.

-Have three collections of fighters, blackclaws, red claws, clean claws.

-Blackclaws act as fighting engineers, fixing suits and machines.

-Red claws are melee specialists.

-Clean claws are ranged weapons specialists.

-Sell a drug named "50-Lux", outlawed in many systems for the side effects of addiction.

Long Description:

Origins: The exact infomation on how the 50K were formed changes from time to time, what is known is that they began as a collection of radical unathi who would attack xenos and xeno-supporters, and that they are still being lead by their founders.

Dealings: The unathi of the 50K gang are well-known arms traders on Moghes, and often sell melee weapons (Energy cutlasses, swords, and axes.) along with ballistics. Their blackclaws often take jobs for high paying customers to customize their weaponry. They are also well-known for the production of a drug named 50-Lux, Ambrosia laced with LSD and space drugs ground up with cocaine and mixed into harvested opium and a form of acid. The effects of the drug causes the user to go into a paranoid state, while seeing visions of monsters coming after them. Overuse of the drug can cause necrosis in the throat, and addicts often die from fleeing from the visions in a psychedelic state. The second largest in-come of the 50K is the selling of slaves to buyers mostly selling captured unathi and humans. The main in-come of the gang is mercenary work, often hired for their extreme devotion to the contract and often not resting until it is fulfilled.

Blackclaws: Blackclaws are an extremely devout collection of mechanics mixed with spiritual shamans. Believing that all machines, breacher suits to energy axes, have a spirit that is sated by being changed and built into something stronger, they often hold rituals where the blackclaws collect, chant praises to the machines, and huff fumes from the vehicles before going to work to customize, change, and combine machinery and tools. In combat, Blackclaws prefer to use their customized melee weapons and ranged weapons, most prefer to use a hammer with an energized head, and crossbows and flamethrowers from a range.

Redclaws: Redclaws are extremely efficient melee fighters, geared in breacher suits with energy weaponry. Before entering battle Redclaws use hallucinogenic fungi to enter a state of pure rage before charging to the battle field. Redclaws never clean their weaponry and breacher suits (To the behest of Blackclaws) to keep them stained in the red of their enemy's blood. Redclaws enjoy using energy weapons but, also use whatever they could get their hands such as fire axes, bone knives, and chainsaws.

CleanClaws: Often disrespected by their redclaw comrades, Cleanclaws are the smallest grouping in the 50K gang. Mostly made of recruits and those too frail to fight in melee, Cleanclaws are to stay behind the Redclaws and to take down enemies from a distance. Often using crossbows and ballistics, cleanclaws are tasked with providing openings for the Redclaws, and to act as counter snipers during a battle.

Recruitment: The entire 50K gang is made up of unathi, often recruiting from poorer areas and villages with the promise of a life of honourable battle and money. One well used tactic is to recruit those unhappy about their social standing, or about the contact war and to play on their anger using lies and false theories that the other races are to blame, more particularly the skrellians. Once an unathi joins the 50K, he is made a cleanclaw recruit until a Redclaw or BlackClaw takes him under his wing, recruits can only go higher in the Hierarchy that way. To prevent infiltration, recruits are given a special tattoo on their forehead of the name 50K, the ink used is designed to stain the scales permanently and to react with UV light to become visible.




The Council: A collection of 12 unathi, 6 from the Redclaws and 6 from the Blackclaws, they often vote on matters to attend to, and ensure that no member of the council rises to total power in the belief that will cause the downfall of the gang.

Masters: Veterans directly promoted by the Council for their usefulness, masters have complete control over the Veterans and are often aged and battered unathi who cannot fight directly anymore.

Veterans: Squad leaders and master warriors, Veterans are in charge of a squad of unathi which are normally 50 Redclaws, 20 Blackclaws, and 15 Cleanclaws.

Enforcers: BlackClaws and Redclaws who are in squads, often fresh warriors.

Apprentices Recruits and CleanClaws who are under a BlackClaw or RedClaw's watch to become a perfect replacement for their master.

Recruits: Newly christened 50K members who are given manual labour jobs and become CleanClaws until a BlackClaw or RedClaw takes them under their wing.


1. Disrespect of a higher warrior will result in losing of a limb.

2. Murdering an unathi of the same tier, unless it was a honourable duel, will result in exile or death.

3. Murder of a higher warrior will result in death by torture.

4. Murder of a lower warrior will result in the loss of a hand.


Humanity: While most colonies, such as Sol and Biesel, mark the 50K as a terrorist street gang, the 50K often distribute 50-Lux to human criminals for sale, and operate as mercenaries in the outer rim and frontier. 36% of the slaves the 50K sell are humans, mostly going for slave labour or in rare cases to unathi harems.

Skrells: Dealings with the skrellian people are barred by the council. Many unathi in the 50K gang are aggressive towards Skrells and refuse to stay in the same room with them. Slaves are more often than not, killed by angry unathi before they can reach the nearest selling point.

Unathi: The 50K gang often operates in Moghes, and normally buy off peacekeepers who try to stop them. Many higher ups in Unathi cities buy from the 50K, either weaponry, soldiers, or slaves.

Tajara: The feline race is more often than not ignored by the 50K. However they are perfectly willing to fight for them, for a price. Due to the lack for buyers for tajara, the 50K never bother with capturing them for slave trading.

Dionea: Due to their pacifistic and strange nature, most 50K members prefer to ignore Dionea but often keep dionae nymphs as pets and spies.

IPC: Due to their extreme resilience, IPCs are regarded as worthy foes in combat. Many Blackclaws often remove their positronic brain from their chassis to restart them and to keep the brain as a companion.

Vox: Due to an altercation in 2450 where a 50K Squad was assaulted by a collection of Vox hoping to make a quick hit and run, the council had declared Vox to be an extremely cowardly race. 50K will often hunt for vox due to a competition the council holds each year, whoever brings the most vox heads is given a 10'000Cr prize.

Syndicate: 50K members often work for the Syndicate in the hopes they will be able to secure valuable slaves and important infomation for the gang's operations.

ICN: Due to them in-crouching on 50K territory, the ICN is regarded as a rival. No altercations have taken place yet.

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A few questions from Xander :)

1. Would you describe this as the Unathi form of the Syndicate in a way?

2. How do you see this affecting characters that are antags during Nuke Ops and Traitor's roleplay?

3. Can you see any way that this might provoke actual Lore-Team or Player-Held events? If so, how and what would you expect to see?

4. How large do you see this organization as? Like, a rough estimate of how many members there are.

5. What would their relationship with NanoTrasen, and other interstellar corporations be like?

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1-Kind of, they aren't really focused on taking down NT, they're mainly focused on making a large profit and getting into enjoyable battles.

2-Nuke ops who are unathi have a lore to base their characters off of, and a set goal in mind (Kidnappings). Regarding traitors, they're free to be acting as 50K after someone on a contract. It's really just up to them on how they want to do it.

3-I can see ways the gang can be used for lore and player events. Ex. the 50K gang have spread to Biesel, now rioting over unathi immigrants are tearing a hole in Mendell, or players regarding unathi as unwanted brutes and demanding their demotion.

4-How large? I see them as a influential force on the black market, around 5'000-75'000 members.

5-They would work for corporations but secretly, as most declare them as street thugs. This doesn't stop exacs from hiring them off the grid to attack rival company property.

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One more, hope you don't mind :)

6. Would you be willing as a player, to either write a news article or two on the forums about things this group have done? Or possibly the actual Breaking News Newscaster system that the LoreTeam recently put in place? This would spark an IC introduction to the group and could lead to IC discussion would then lead to participation.

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