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Konyanger Astronomy

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Lore Impact: I'd say "small"... planets are big, but this is "small"...
Species: Human, synth, although indirectly.
Short Description: Additional information on Haneunim system, primarily Huozhu, Qixi, and Shiranui.
How will this be reflected on-station? The ship is currently in orbit of Konyang; for characters that are scientifically minded, a point of discussion, maybe. Potentially, places to go, but I don’t know how planet code works or how feasible/sensical it would be. Plausibly, could be used as backstory fodder for a Konyanger character.
Does this addition do anything not achieved by what already exists? It adds additional information to a handful of topical (i.e, presently in people’s minds) locations.
Do you understand that the project may change over time in ways you may not foresee once it is handed over to the Lore Team? Yes.
Long Description
The current description of the Haneunim system --- the one we're in, right now --- is pretty darn good. I think "more is better", though. Nothing given here would be more than an additional sentence or two on the wiki. Sentences that were originally on the wiki are underlined.

Huozhu - Huozhu is the innermost planet in the star system and is uninhabitable due to its close proximity to Haneunim. Unmanned drones have indicated that the planet, which is visible to the naked eye on Konyang, is greatly lacking in any mineral wealth and has no atmosphere to speak of.

Hwanung - The second planet from Haneunim, Hwanung, is an insignificant dwarf planet believed to have maintained a thin arid atmosphere before most of its mass was artificially stripped away. While relatively close to Konyang and far cooler than Huozhu, observation and a handful of expeditions revealed that most of the planet's crust had been artificially stripped away, exposing its solid, icy mantle. Konyanger exogeologists continue to survey the planet from time to time.

Qixi - The third planet in the System is Konyang, accompanied by its lifeless moon of Qixi. Qixi is noteworthy for housing a large KASF base, the Konyanger government's sole off-planet possession; while more prestigious than working aboard one of the KASF's orbital stations, being posted here is considered boring by some.

Shiranui - Shiranui, a ringed gas giant colored blue thanks to its methane composition, is the outermost planet from Haneunim. Prior to the discovery of phoron, private companies operated over three dozen methane-harvesting facilities in orbit around Shiranui. That number has dwindled down to just thirteen in the past few decades; the remaining workers, their families having often worked in the industry for many years, are usually bitter towards NanoTrasen.

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