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PrefabQuasar- Dionaea Application

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BYOND Ckey: (Your BYOND ckey)
Discord username: (Your Discord username)
Character names: (Names of the characters you play most commonly)
Nova Fontana
Species you are applying to play: (The species name)

General Whitelist Requirements

What colour do you plan on making your first alien character?: (IPCs exempt)
Pale light brown
Have you read the lore pages for the species you wish to be whitelisted for?:
Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.

Why do you wish to play this species?:

    The primary reason I want to play diona is their unique biology and experience of the world. I think the concept of a gestalt organism composed of individual sophonts has a lot of opportunity for interesting characters,especially in how they choose to interact with people who dont/choose not to understand them. In a more general sense, I also tend to love instances of any plant-based alien or monster in fiction, which provided the initial interest in diona in ss13.Having played plenty of other servers, and seen their implementations of diona, none have really had as thorough or fleshed out writing as here, baystation, for example, has just about a single page of lore on them.

What makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a human?:

In short, A Fucking Lot.
On just a physical level, while Diona appear to be human, they are multiple entities working together to mimic a humanoid body, they arent necessarily confined to this form, and take it as a form of mimicry. What this means in practical terms, is that while they may broadly move around and act similar to a human, they may also appear to move in distinctly inhuman ways, or emote or manipulate small items with small tendrils rather than their 'real' arms, there is a fair amount of wiggle room with how you choose to do this.

More important to roleplaying a Diona, however, is their mindset. A diona is not a single individual, the seperate nymphs in them are their own entities, although they are tightly bonded with the other nymphs in a gestalt, effectively sharing a mind. Individual nymphs may disagree with eachother, and there may be periods of internal discussion, which may make it appear as though the Diona is thinking or speaking very slowly. The exact nature of the relationship between nymphs varies by a substantial degree (see Mindtypes wiki page), but in general, it is central to their nature and their interaction with the outer world. The exact differences there may be would take too long to fully list here, as different diona will display this in radically different ways.

Character Application

Character Name:
Birdsong Playing Over Tinny Speakers in an Empty Arboretum

Write a backstory for your character. This may include their origin, education, personality and how they arrived to the SCCV Horizon.

    Birdsong was formed on Heiroaetheria, in Nral'daaq, the capital city of the CoH, where its nymphs were grown. The majority of nymphs composing Birdsong matured around the same time, and were notably quite a social and curious group during their studies at Hah-Cuh. They are a very young gestalt by dionaea standards, having only joined into a gestalt in 2436, immediately after their component nymphs graduation. They posess an Emphatic Echoes mindtype, and almost all of their nymphs are primarily social, each with their own sub-specializations, and posessing more minor skills/knowledge. They will frequently cycle out which nymph is speaking, and the different nymphs tend to be quite distinguishable. They are to some degree a follower of the Ichor Eternal, although they disagree with many of the commonly held beliefs about temporals by other dionaea. In specific, they harbor the fairly fringe belief that the Dionaea's ascension to the Eternals Embrace is intrinsically linked to the nature of temporals, and that dionaea will never reach it alone.

    As a young gestalt, they are quite curious and exploratory, especially about temporals, which they harbor a strong fascination with. This fascination drove them to leave their home planet quite early, hoping to meet and learn about them in their full diversity. They quickly came to work with the Orion Express corporation through the Commonwealth's Heiroaetherian Resettlement Programme, hoping to make use of its wide network to travel more freely, and enrolled in their program for unskilled workers. They have since taken various career training courses, their friendly and sociable nature making them a prime pick for transfer to the service division of the company, by which they came to the SCCV Horizon as a bartender.

How has the recent events of the Orion Spur impacted your character? Events such as the Phoron Scarcity, the Solarian Collapse or even the Invasions of Biesel for interstellar-wide affairs, while region-specific events such as the Peacekeeper Mandate, The Titan Rises or even Cold Dawn may impact your character.  

    Birdsong pays little attention to the affairs of most of their own people, instead focusing more strongly on events impacting temporals. They often find themselves worrying for the fragile state of affairs the humans, and temporals on the whole, find themselves in.Regrettably to them however, their skillset and position offers them little opportunity to help in ways that they believe would tangibly contribute, instead resolving themselves to attempt to better the lives of those they know in whatever ways they can. To some extent, this informs their decision to work aboard the SCCV Horizon, believing that contributing to the search for further resources of phoron is a meaningful endeavor, and that their position as bartender can help to alleviate the stress and discomfort of those performing work towards that goal.

How does your character view the megacorporation they work for?

    Birdsong is genuinely grateful to the Orion Express corporation for the opportunities they have been able to reach through it, and are a strong supporter of its policies around small, independently-led projects and individual autonomy. Despite this, they do often chafe with the internal work culture of the corporation, finding little value in the internally competitive systems that are often focused on. They pay little attention to the goings-on of upper management, and are often surprised by new policies passed down from above. They are aware that the corporation offers generally worse benefits and pay comparatively, but place little value on these, as their needs as a dionaea are generally much simpler than those of a temporal. Outside of their early work in the shipping division where they joined, they know very little about company operations outside of the service division, and even in other areas of the service division, primarily seeing their employment with orion as a means to their ends.

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unremove mention of heiroaetheria
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Hi there, I don't necessarily wish to approve of something relating to small tidbits of yet-unreleased lore. Either, you can change your application to one of our existing locations, or wait until Hieraetheria is released and then we take it from there after you get the whole picture? 

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Nothing major, just remember the following:

1. Mindtype.

2. Role that their Origin has played.

3. Religion, if any.

4. What religion? How does it impact them?

Preferably a non-EUM Dionae, as it is currently enroute to being shipped out. Unless you’d like to wait, and read Hieroatheria, and then edit your application.

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I believe I've answered the majority of those questions in the application, although I didn't go into too much detail about the role of their origin. It isn't necessarily vital to the character that they be from the EUM in specific, although it and/or Heiroaetheria are the only existing locations I know of that have nations fitting the role of their origin. The fact that the location they're from is both primarily populated by dionaea, but also open to and accepting of non-diona largely informs their desire to learn more about them, the moderate rarity of those found in their home nation helping to drive them to leave and travel the wider galaxy. To go more in detail about the impact of their religion, their faith in the ichor eternal also contributed to this desire, and has co-mingled with it to form their somewhat non-traditional current beliefs, which center further around temporals than the traditional ichor eternal.

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As I'd originally had in this application, I believe that there are locations in both EUM and Heiroaetheria that can fulfill the needs of their origin, so it shouldnt be too much of a problem to just change from EUM to Heiroaetheria when it's officially released. If that isnt acceptable, I suppose it can be either a vague custom location until the lore release, or another location that fits the niche described in my above message, if there are any you believe would fit?

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Of course, but you're basing your application on lore not yet released. Preferably, you're able to take a look at what exists and then sculpt around that, there are some significant changes between them, that a snippet doesn't particularly give. 

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