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[Binned] Review Request - Mando Forslund

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Reporting Personnel: Fa'iq Paruzhulkanich

Job Title of Reporting Personnel: NanoTrasen Corporate Liaison

Personnel in Question: Mando Forslund

Job Title of Personnel in Question: NanoTrasen Janitor

Reason for Review:

[ x ] - Extended Arrest History

[ ] - Grievous Infraction on Record

[ ] - Other: ____(Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.)

Notes: Mr. Forslund has a large number of arrests on his record, and in one shift alone, added quite a few more to it. Resisting arrest, contraband, minor assault, and exceeding official powers , He was then caught attempting to escape the brig and in possession of the human drug 'meth'.


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