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[Denied] Walt's stuff

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Character name:

Walter Duhham

Item name:

Specialized PDA

White cane.

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

One would be a PDA, that a blind man could use, the other would be an item to make his disability obvious for the people around him, as well as for mobility and orientating.


Item function(s):

Both of the items would have exactly the same mechanical functions as the default ones.

Item description:

Specialized PDA - A screen-less PDA with a keyboard of Braille alphabet.

White cane - A long white cane with a rubber black grip, and a red tip.

Item appearance:

PDA - http://tech.aph.org/rbd_image/braille_connect12.jpg

Cane - http://www.maxiaids.com/prodimages/lg/178353.jpg


Additional comments:

I could try spriting those... Maybe.. Hopefuly

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I served under this man as his loyal pAI for a solid 15 minutes! I know better than all of you.

For serious. Enkas executes his VIP (Visually Impaired Person) with flawless flawlessness. And also I don't want to have to read his crap and send messages for him >:[

Give the man his special PDA. He's earned it.

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Thanks for words, folks C:


Neat! It'd be even cooler if the cane was telescopic (if blind people use those?) like the baton or something.


And yes, there are telescopic, or well, simply dissassembling canes. But I've decided this one to be full-sized because reasons.

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