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Unban Request: Rawmoddles

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BYOND Key: Rawmoddles
Total Ban Length: Permanant
Banning staff member's Key: A_big_bear
Reason of Ban: RPing as an antag in a reference to a JoJo character disguised as John America. This is LRP and not within the rules. You have recently been unbanned and continue to fail to follow or understand the rules after being warned several times since your unban.
Reason for Appeal: On this appeal, I'll go over the why's and how's of my warnings that led to my ban, So you can get to know better what was going on in my thought process, But I won't be trying to justify myself, I fully acknowledge that my actions were breaking the rules, No matter if my intentions say otherwise, And I won't try to "lawyer" my way out of it.

If I remember correctly, the first warning was for a no-escalation violation, Of me throwing a grenade into a crowd of security from a floor above. This was a simple case of me doing something once and thinking it would be okay, As I did already do this same violation a long time before so, And seeing as for some reason I didn't get warned about it before-hand, I had assumed it was something okay to do, I hope you can understand this, But I am sorry and can see how it breaks the rule of escalation. Just throwing a grenade ontop of a group of security who aren't even investigating me or what i'm doing is not okay in any way.

Now the second warning was because I was thralled and Cryoed without Ahelping about it, aswell as being angry in death chat, This was also something easy to explain, As seeing I started the round as a crewmember, and not an antag, I thought a "Thrall" didn't exactly count as a real or important antag, Knowing the rule that you have to Ahelp when you want to leave early as antag, I thought I could just leave the round without doing so since I had the thought in my mind that I wasn't an actual antag. And as for the angry talk in death chat, That's completely on me, I was having fun with roleplaying and unfortunately got thralled, losing my patience over it, I'm sorry.

Now the last warning and ban, Was because I played as a Ninja and named myself "Akira Yoshikage", And used a chameleon mask with the fake voice of a "John America", This is pretty silly but also not excusable, I will admit I'm used to playing servers with less strict guidelines when it comes to naming or joke characters, And to explain the name of the ninja character, It's because it was the first time ever I was playing as ninja in any server, So I had gotten way too hyped for my own good, and didn't have enough time and thought when coming up with the name of the character, Thinking if I just had one letter off the actual name I'd be okay, But it wasn't a good idea in any way, and for the Fake voice, It was just a lame joke on my part, I'm sorry for that.

After a long time thinking about it, I've realised that all of my bans and warnings have come mostly or if all from me playing as antagonists and going overboard with what I can do, And while I do have a lot of fun playing as them, I don't want to ruin other people's experience for my own fun, So I will no longer play as any antagonist, Seeing as I'd rather enjoy the roleplay aspect of the server, Which is something I really admire here. I also do know that this is my third ever appeal, And will be my last chance at redeeming myself, I'll try and behave this one time, But if I do end up banned again, I'm sure it will be a good thing.

Thank you, and I hope you understand.

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Hi @rawnoodles. Please format your unban request as seen in the following forum post; it provides everyone with vital information directly here and gives more context. We will unfortunately not handle this until you fix the format.


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I'm sorry but two permanent bans are no longer appealable. When you were unbanned, you agreed to having read the rules in it's entirely. During this time, within seven days of your previous unban. you were warned several times as well as noted on issues you had been spoken to in the past by staff.

You will need to make a staff complaint on the decision if you disagree.

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