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Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Planet/System

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable): 2335 (( Or any date that is really acceptable. ))

Region of Space: Dead center in the middle of the Middle Colonies.

Controlled by (if not a faction): The Sol Alliance; If not a smaller, localized system-wide government that is a protectorate of some kind to the Sol Alliance.

Other Snapshot information:

-Major trade and prodution hub, a psuedo-link between the inner and outer colonies.

-Think Taris or Coruscant-like cityscapes.

-Large criminal activity around the planet on it’s surface.

-Lax on laws regarding Corporate environmental hazards and modification in the area. Multiple automated factories and laboratories.

-Supports a large amount of slums, and other low-income tenements.

-Trade hub for certain piracy/criminal/black market activities.

-Lax on laws regarding scientific experimentation; Labs are beginning to sprout up in the area.

Long Description:

The Kerberos system was settled with the ideal of having a central trade hub between the inner and outer colonies, to attempt to ease relations between the two. Obviously, this failed the latter, but the trade hub aspect soared. Corporations seeing the possible profit set up shop on the habitable planets and began to build massive factories to mass produce weapons, ships, and other supplies to the Sol Alliance and the rebels. Cities began to spring up around the factories, and it began to spiral from there. The government was immediately bought out by multiple Corporations, and laws regarding environmental concerns, and modification and testing were immediately disregarded.

This system only has one ‘habitable’ planet. The fifth planet from the sun, called ‘Arclight’ by the first settlers on the planet. However, most if not all of the planets in the system have been converted into planetoid factories.

First Planet: Corvus - A radiation blasted rock of a planetoid. No life. No factories. Completely barren and devoid of all life.

Second Planet: Quion - A venus-like planet, with numerous orbital gas harvesting stations. Gas in the atmosphere is prone to spontaneous combustion.

Third Planet: Ki - Ship constructing factories, orbital shipyard. A small biodome used to house workers. A few other bio domes were cracked open due to a ship exploding in orbit, and the debris busted the domes wide open.

Fourth Planet: Kepler Alpha - A planet that’s surface is barren, yet underneath is filled with multiple research facilities. Massive underground domes house science, and maintenance personnel.

Fifth Planet: Arclight - The massive arcology that gives the system it’s name and reputation. The one planet that once had a habitable atmosphere, it is now nearly unbreathable due to the massive amounts of pollution that are all over the planet, as well as the normal pollution of an arcology. Multiple factories, labs, docks, and other trade hubs are all over the planet's surface.

Multiple other planets that are yet unclaimed. Some are rumoured to house pirate hubs, blackmarket stations, and other places of ill-repute.

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That's the thing.

Probably higher than Earth, as this was right before the Civil War hit it's fullest swing. This could be full of refugees from the planets that the fighting was heaviest on, and even then, most of the planet is just factories.

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