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Space Carp cubes as traitor items


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Imagine this. A purple box that looks much like the monkey cube box, but it's purple and has a "C" on it. It is filled with cubes that expand into carp when exposed to water. The wrapped and unwrapped cube will be listed as a "monkey cube", which means the traitoring purposes can be diverse - you can replace monkey cubes with these ones to fool a scientist or geneticist, for example.

Obviously, if you're spawning carp for other purposes it'd be a stupid idea to put these cubes directly under a tap with you in the room. So a smart traitor will use it in a smarter way, IE: Placing a grenade full of water with a signaller nearby near the unwrapped cubes near your victims and yada yada.

I don't think it's too OP due to the fact that these cubes should be pretty dear (IE: 5 telecrystals) and carps are killed very easily with lasers.

It's interesting maybe?

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Carp grenades already exist.


Also, yes please. They, could also been used in a different way, be a chef, get the carps, and if you're lucky, you may be able to gib them and take their meat. You could grind that, and just slowly poison the station.

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Yes as I recall they exist as some type of spawning grenade, from my days in searching the item list there used to be like, alpha carp spawners and regular spawner grenades. Would be very cool to be walking down a hallway and suddenly CARP. Rather than watch them tear through glass walls outside the station.

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