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I've been thinking.


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I started playing on this server last around, around August. Some of you might remember the greasers, I joined with those guys. We messed around, got banned a few times. Then they stopped playing. I didn't. I stuck around and kept playing. I had some fun, role playing with some of the best people I've ever roleplayed with.

Then I decided to actually try and become a mainstay. I started getting involved in server politics and discussing everything. I made a pretty popular character by the name of Robert Dalton, as much as a self-insert as I've ever made. I actually had fun and had a blast.

And then I started to see an increase in complaints, arguments, and fights over small issues.

I saw that people would jump at each others throats over the smallest issue. And that massive, forum-spanning arguments would rip this little slice of paradise asunder every time someone mentioned something even remotely enabling an argument.

I've got no issue with people discussing things, it's when people start /blindly/ throwing thinly-veiled insults at one another that pisses me off.

I've stopped even getting on the server because of the fact that I don't want to do something that someone dislikes, and get some sort of ahelp or complaint against me, and have to worry about it. I've stopped even trying to do anything on the server, because of some fear of having my actions reported for me just playing the character as he is meant to be played.

I just, I don't want to even get on the server anymore because of the utter hostility of everyone towards one another. I've been one of our most vocal defenders on Reddit, and other mediums, but I've started to agree with most of the issues brought up. Our community is hostile, but not in the way that most people think. We don't yell and harass people, we explain to them passive-aggressively that what they're doing is stupid and that they should stop.

This has mostly just been a stream-of-consciousness, but I've lost all passion for even being apart of this place anymore. Only a handful of people even make it worthwhile for me anymore.

And please, don't make this into an argument.

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I spent. Like. Half an hour or something defining things and even providing definitions for some of the words that might be ambiguous in those definitions and summing it all up in a small sentence or two. There was no way there could be any confusion.

The whole message was so short. And it took so long because I worked to format it well and make it clear. And now it's all just gone. Gone.

I just.



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I do believe there are issues to be discussed, and I do think the long and not-always-relevant threads can be of some use, even though they seem to frustrate others a lot.

I've actually been able to draw some concrete observations from all of those, that I'd like to bring up to the community. I'll be making my own post in a bit, if nobody opens up the issue again.

I really think in the end, you make what you want of the community. These threads don't bother me, and I don't see them as awful, or as a sign that everything has gone to shit. I'd very much think that if you do, then you're also going to be dissatisfied with the community as a whole. It very much goes with the carefree attitude I've been trying to advocate in the thread that just got locked.

(PS: Just... don't expect this not to turn into another argument. There were a bunch of people debating a hot issue (well, mostly Tainavaa), their thread got cut short, and now you gave them another thread to move onto. So... yeah.)

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Let the players play.


  • Let - to allow
  • Players - In this context, someone who joins the game to play in a way that coincides with the server philosophy.
    • Server Philosophy - In our particular instance, HEAVY ROLEPLAY.
      • Heavy Roleplay - I can't find a clearcut definition of it so I will define as I understand it on this server. To play a role on the NSS Aurora in an immersive/realistic manner.
        • Immersive - providing information or stimulation for a number of senses, not only sight and sound. Pretty interchangeable with "realistic" as in you FEEL LIKE YOU'RE THERE. For a lack of a better definition. Sorry.
        • Realistic - Resembling or simulating real life.

[*]Play - exercise or activity for amusement or recreation.


Hence, Let. Players. Play.

Simply put, let those who join to play for a heavy roleplaying experience as a character in this universe's lore, play the game. People will be upset that they got murdered. As someone said before, they are part of the story. Not THE story.


Facilitate a quality roleplaying environment.


  • Facilitate - to make easier or less difficult; help forward (an action, process, etc.). Basically, to allow or "make room for".
  • Quality - a character trait, the trait being worthy of being classified as HEAVY roleplay.
  • Roleplay - to assume the attitudes, actions, and discourse of (another). In this instance, your characters.
  • Environment - the aggregate of surrounding things, conditions, or influences; surroundings. This one supports 'quality' and 'roleplay', being the universe IC and the server OOC.

I'll string the definitions of each together.

To allow for heavy roleplay (as defined above) by players (as defined above) to take place as it happens in the world (the environment).

What does that mean for administrators? To let players play the game (as elaborated above), and to pick out what does not belong. To put it simply.


If I'm wrong on the definition of heavy roleplay, then it should be clearly defined by somebody. Other than that, I really hope it was clear enough because that was exhausting to do twice. I believe when elaborating, anything that might be ambiguous needs to be clearly defined in the current context, so that's what I did.

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