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[Denied] Viki Place-Custom Damage Overlay

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BYOND Key: Smileydemon

Character name: Viki Place

Item name: N/A

Why is your character carrying said item to work? Its part of their body

Item function(s):Cosmetic

Item description:Metal under Flesh

Item appearance:Read below

Additional comments:

Heres an interesting one. My recent character, Viki Place is suppose to come off as a heavily cyberdized femme fatale journalist. To this end, I took my terminator NPC sprite, and converted it into something that could be used as a damage overlay, (Replace blood and wounds with it upon taking damage.)

Heres the sprite:http://www.mediafire.com/view/x7pv5x9w3vkxdpw/Terminator%20Damage%20Overlay.dmi




Obviously this has implications, so I'm posting this to work out the lore tidbits of the possibility of this level of cyborgs being possible and whether or not it could be used.

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