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Incident report: Daja Hakima'bar

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Reporting Personnel: Zubari Akenzua

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Security officer

Personnel Involved: (Anyone involved in the incident and their rank at the time of the incident) Daja Hakima'bar

Time of Incident:

Location of Incident: The station in general

Nature of Incident: [X]Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property [X]Neglect of Duty [X]Harassment [X]Assault [X]Misconduct []Other _____

Overview of the Incident: Daja in my experience, is an overall threat to the crew and a failure of most the jobs she manages to take up with an employment record and attitude of hers. She suffers by numerous fits of uncontrollable rage, either it be attacking the crew, THREATENING or displaying good examples of being nonprofessional. It's backed by the fact she has her 'Gang' of tajara that always rushes to her aid upon being arrested and detained after she 'Yowls' into the communication channel.

Having witnessing her not do her slack of engineering work, she decided to take up security. My only question is , How and why? To avoid being arrested? How do you let her get away with these things? One day while patrolling. Her and another security officer were caught playing 'Laser tag', the noises sounding just like actual laser fire and causing a panic in medical bay. After that, she proceeded to harass medical staff over a 'Mouse', threatening that she WILL get a warrant and go back in there. After that, she was last seen in the holodeck preparing for a mouse fight.


Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: None. No one seemed to care.

Additional notes:

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Begin Audio Message:


Um... uh..um... Hi!

This is Omnirrr Al-Naserr, Parramedic. Rresponding to Incident Rreporrt uh.. um... 15MAY2457-110-57 against Daja Hkima'barrr.

He would like to say that uh... he knows Daja... but therrre rreally isn't a gang like you speak of? We don't defend herrr, and she causes a lot of grrrief forr us too. He has seen herrr starrting fights in medical, and shouting prrofanities in Siik'Mas overr communications at people she doesn't like. While he can't go into medical rrecorrds dirrectly herrre, herrs do show that she might need some counseling too maybe? Isn't surrre but...

Yeah, she is a trroublemakerr. Something should prrobably be done!

Sorrry forr botherring you! How does he turrrrn this off Ali...?


To Odin Employee Resources Division,

He has had a very short time to interact with Ms. Hakima'bar, and his interactions with her have been brief. However, he feels compelled to speak about this incident. In his short time knowing Ms. Hakima she has worked as both an apprentice, though never under his command, in the engineering department, and as a detective in security. In both capacities he has seen her consistently abusing communications. Due to her heavy accent and clear issues with communication, he believes that it may be wise to have Ms. Hakima'bar enroll in additional classes on Tau Ceti Common. He recalls when he started with Nanotrasen thirteen years ago he had similar issues with your language, and miscommunication can cause many situations to escalate when they should not.

Next time, should he see her on his team, he will speak to her regarding her attitude towards other staff and seek a resolution that might help avoid administrative action. He will also look into her records and reasoning for assignment to both engineering and security, central command permitting.

While he is not vindicating the actions Ms. Hakima'bar has taken, he does believe it wise to look into the causes behind them before going forward with punishment on someone who is, ultimately, very new to the company.

Be safe,

-Nasir Khayyam, CE, NSS-Aurora

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Incoming fax. Printing...

To: Internal Affairs

From: Ziva Mo'Taki

Subject: RE: Incident report: Daja Hakima'bar

She wants firstly to say there is not a gang of Tajara jumping to Daja's aid. She is Tajara, and did not rush to Daja's aid, instead trying to get her to break things or get engineering in trouble. A few shifts ago, there were a few things Daja did or tried to do that She did not like, and was worried for Her own safety and paycheck as an engineer because of it.

The first issue was during preparation of the engine. Daja wanted to install more radiation collectors. This alone She didn't think was a problem, She has seen engineers do it before. Except, the way Daja wanted to do it was different. She started tearing down the protective glass and walls between the PA and the engine room itself, and wouldn't listen at first when She was telling her to stop because of radiation shields. She was eventually able to get her to not break down the wall, but she still installed extra collectors in place of the windows she had destroyed. She made sure the radiation shield was still intact before starting the PA.

She then wanted to increase power output to a point where it could kill someone if they touched a wire, instead of leaving it where it was which was enough for the stations load. Again she wouldn't listen at first, and said anyone that died from it, it was their fault for messing with the wires. This concerns Her because even engineers (And Herself) have made mistakes in the past and gotten themselves electrocuted, and there have been times a door or vending machine malfunctioned and became electrified.

Later that shift, there were vines growing in one of the hallways and had spread into the surgical storage room. Instead of letting the AI, or even Herself open the door (She is good at that but only does it when She has to), she immediately started tearing down the wall, even after She yelled at her to stop.

She doesn't think Daja was ever taught protocols or safety, unless she has and just doesn't care. She does not want to work with someone so careless about safety.

~Ziva Mo'Taki, NSS Aurora Maintenance Technician

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