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Accessible Crates without Heads of Staff


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There are only two crates that require head access, the "Experimental Weapons Crate" and the "Head Encryption Keys" crate.

There are a number of crates (Riot Gear, Loyalty Implants, Shotguns and their Ammo, Energy Marksman, Experimental Energy Gear, Experimental Armor) that require armory access. Those probably should be outside the reach of regular security access because they're expensive dangerous weapons.

They can be opened by the Warden, most Cyborgs, or the Captain, as well as the Head of Security. You're not really hurting for options there.

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there are a number of crates that are only CE access

off the top of my head i KNOW supermatter crystal is ce access (which is good) and i believe collectors and emitters are also CE access (which is bad)

i might be wrong though.


"Technically" this is true. Though I'm sure you guys can find some way to open those.



I believe all engine parts are CE-only access to prevent folks from up and building their own engines all the time.

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