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Board of Directors!

Guest Marlon Phoenix

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

This is a revival of former Loremaster Tablespoon's thread of the same name.

A select few of us will be able to propose ONE member of the Board of Directors. It is possible that these Board Directors could be mentioned/involved in events, and preferably if they are, you will play the Director you created (at the discretion of Jackboot).

The CEO is already reserved, her name is Miranda Trasen, she is the majority shareholder and therefore is also the Chairman.

Please research actual titles for the Board member you are suggesting, a good resource is this and this



Basic Rules

Humans and Skrells only (possibly a Dionae, since the Skrell themselves are governed by one) . There are no Tajaran/Unathi/Vaurca/IPC Directors.

Realistic position titles please. (See above links)

No one related to or affiliated with your characters in any way.


Please use this template when applying for a Board Member.


[b]Brief Bio:[/b]


This revival is brought to you by XanderDox with permission of Jackboot

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Name: Qrrlin Wesh.

Age: 239.

Gender: Male.

Race: Skrell.

Title: President of Acquisitions/General Counsel/Chief Legal Officer. You can use whichever suits your purpose at the time. For clarification, the last two are synonyms and the first is his specialisation.

Brief Bio: To the untrained eye, Qrrlin Wesh is not imposing. He barely reaches five feet tall, with skin that's the ghostly blue-white of holograms. He also happens to be a contributing mastermind behind the 'super' in NanoTrasen's identity as a supercorporation. Since the advent of plasma, he has been responsible for ensuring the continual rapid growth of the company through acquisitions and mergers. His motto - “A merger of equals? Fie!” - sounds particularly intimidating when spoken through his high-tech voice synthesiser.

As the General Counsel, he identifies and oversees dealings with any legal issues in all departments of NanoTrasen, and their interrelation. He has lived a long life, a legendary lawyer and dabbler in internal affairs, and his mortality is the subject of many a corrupt executive's private phone call. As such, he is known among the Directors' Board for his caution, thoroughness, and trusting friendship with the Chief Security Officer.

EDIT: Age!

A healthy Skrell can live up to two hundred years, but with current medicine and technology, it is possible for one to live for an extra fifty years.
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This is not an application to play Board Members, rather have them canonized in the lore. (Certain events that take place, run by the Lore Team in the future however, may present opportunities to play them)

+1's will be removed, if you wish to promote another's app, PM myself and I will relay said information to Jack.

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Name:Martin Xavier

Age: 49

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Title: Financial Comptroller

Brief Bio:

Growing up in the high rising Financial District on Sol IV (Mars) he was always good with money. His father was the primary financial advisor/comptroller on board the NSS Ara, a high tech defence research station, and in turn, this led to not only a lot of travelling, but a great deal of off hand experience in dealing with financial figures. Always eager to learn, and a very smooth talking individual, he quickly began to follow in his father's footsteps. He always watched his father work, and was fascinated by numbers, and began to develop a real intuitive approach, at times, even at the age of 15, advising his father, and finding different ways to get around financial difficulty. His father, seeing this early initiative and ability, sent him back to Olympia, on Mars, to undertake a degree in accounting. At the age of 24 he graduated with a doctorate in Grand Scale Accounting, and the use of "micro-financing in management of corporate level facilities".

Following his postgraduate employment with NanoTrasen, he was granted the title of Internal Affairs Agent aboard the same facility as his father, the NSS Ara, with his speciality being the investigation of improper use of funds aboard a high risk facility. This led to a great skill being developed for finding tiny irregularities in the grand web of finance. After several successful audits, he found that one of the areas money was being siphoned off to, was a leak account that was leaking money, and a information to outside sources. This led to the investigation of the Financial Controller of the station, his own father.

An arrest was made, and although his father was found innocent, he was excommunicated from his family. This led to his reputation as a kind of "Man of Steel", not relenting to pursue his father over a serious leak. This however is untrue, as he did deeply care for what happened, but higher powers made the call to pursue the case.

His relentless reputation spread throughout the corporation, with the story of the man who saved the secrets of the research station by auditing his father running rampant, and he was contacted by a consultant of the Board of Directors, and taken on board as the Secretary to the Treasurer, at the young age of 30. Following 6 years at the Secretary's side, he was sought after by the then Financial Controller, and was transferred as his advisor. After implementing his own method of micro-financing in management of corporate level facilities, using his Doctorate title, the Comptroller was impressed, and after financial reforms brought new profits, and in turn, more contracts, and the opening of more research stations, he was reaping the credit from the young man. In time, it became obvious that the younger advisor was behind the real money being made behind the company, and after a brief transition period, Xavier was made the FC in 2440, and became a close and trusted associate of Miranda Trasen.

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Name: Amaya D'Zrit

Age: 42

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Title:Chief Xeno Relations Officer (CXRO)

Brief Bio:




Born to Sam and Katie Maple, a couple originating from an outer colony, in the outer colonies. Officer D'Zrit's father was a crewman aboard the first ship that discovered the Tajara when she was the two years of age. Upon his return home the medical doctor regaled the young girl with stories of the, at the time, strange and unusual new species that he treated. Sparking what would become a lifelong ambition of young Amaya to study alien species.

Young Miss Maple spent years perusing a pHD in Xenobiology, her love and intense curiosity towards the study for nonhuman species swiftly making her a leading expert in a wide variety of Xenoflora and Xenofauna. For her scholastic internships between the ages of 20 and 23 she chose to sign on with Nanotrasen, acting as a lowly lab assistant. The reason she later gave in an interview being that it had several high-ranking skrellian officers in addition to its human staff and had started plans to drastically increase its Tajaran employment rates that the instability on Ahdomai had been stabilizing for the previous five years.

In her personal life, outside of work, Miss Maple was a vicious activist for Xeno rights. Often both in the corporation and in Sol Alliance territories she spent much of her time organizing rallies or writing treatise promoting Pro-Xeno treatment and improving the pay and living conditions of nonhumans in nonhuman territories. Three times she was detained by local government for participating in peaceful protests. Many times young Miss Maple had threats against her life by more radical elements of the Pro-Human movements out of Sol.

Despite her young age, she soon became an expert on the anatomy of both Skrell and Tajara, and was part of the team which had produced the first major scientific and medical journals on surgical procedures applicable to both species. For her thesis she submitted a paper detailing a procedure now widely used for preparing blood plasma for multiple species, a document which earned her a Noble Prize. At age 32 she was officially promoted to middle management on research station near XBL-215, which was assigned to research an unusual amorphous xenobiological life form. During the course of her experimentation she suffered severe genetic damage in an accident, rendering her un-clonable and barren. Upon discovering this fact, Dr. Maple dove into her work and activism. By age 37 she had bought significant shares of Nanotrasen, and she using her position in command she pushed for several new programs. Specifically NT-VoTec, a training program designed to help poorer humans and non-humans attain degree-level educations in return for five years of mandatory employment with the company. Many highly trained aliens within Nanotrasen have gained a degree or better thanks to this program, several of which have went on to become heads of staff within the corporation.

Dr. Maple's crowning achievement however was her "marriage" to Mr. Zoren D'Zrit, a minor Skrellian stockholder in the company. It was determined upon their legal union by internal affairs that the pair together had acquired enough stocks to be considered major shareholders. While the legality of their union is hotly contested by many conservative holdouts within the corporation, Dr. D'Zrit, along with her husband, moved quickly to attain a more permanent seat on the board. Her long and very successful tenure with the corporation also aided in her efforts, and she was the first and thus far only person to be assigned to the office of Chief Xeno Relations Officer.

Dr. D'Zrit has continued to push a heavily Pro-Xeno agenda through the corporation, resulting in many initiatives to hire poorer non-humans to fill the ranks of the corporation directly out of depressed areas. To many Pro-Xeno groups she as seen as a inspiration and a saint, while to many Pro-Human groups her ideals and followers are seen as an existential threat. Dr. D'Zrit she continues her scientific work out of a private lab on Beisel, under the protection of two high-ranking ERT officials. She has adopted three children with Zoren D'Zrit: Mvri D'Zrit (Skrellian. Age 2),Alison D'zrit (Human, Age 5), and Tavu D'Zrit (Tajaran, Age 7). Alison and Tavu are currently attending a private academy at an undisclosed location.

Dr. D'Zrit is especially notable for sending signed letters of congratulations to any nonhuman who is officially promoted to head of staff. Her portrait is currently hung in the Mendell City NT-VoTec Campus as its founder.

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There are always players who claim connections to board of directors. Albeit snowflaky, it's not that far-fatched. Putting a defined character on every seat will complicate matters to some extent. I'm fine with giving them defined characters if it would extend RP in any way, but I ask that a large number of seats be left undefined.

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There are always players who claim connections to board of directors. Albeit snowflaky, it's not that far-fatched. Putting a defined character on every seat will complicate matters to some extent. I'm fine with giving them defined characters if it would extend RP in any way, but I ask that a large number of seats be left undefined.


Ive seen none of these players before. If you provide me with character names/ckeys I can speak with them on behalf of the Lore Team and explain that they do not know any of the Board.

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I'm not going to do that, but in what realistic world without corruption and fraud do you think our spessman are living in. In the corporate world, connections are everything. They don't even have to know or see to get something out of them. Putting a name on every member of the board, however, will remove ambiguety when claming connections and you can be pretty sure people will still use them despite what lore team says.

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Then you can laugh at those people and ignore them. We don't hide or stop creating a certain piece of lore because players might abuse it.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Martin Xavier and Amaya D'Zrit are Board Members now. Qrrlin Wesh too, I s'pose. 8-)

I'll see if we can possibly have an event involving them in the future.

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