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Artyom21 perm'd by Casperf1

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BYOND Key: Artyom21

Total Ban Length: Permanent

Banning staff member's Key: Casperf1

Reason of Ban: Medical grief

Reason for Appeal:

Well i suppose i have changed a lot since that ban, which was late last year, i really want to try heavy rp again because i am getting really sick of people on other servers who are absolutely shitehouse at their jobs and have no idea what they are doing, i have been playing ss13 for the last 3 years nearly and i do love the game and want to try your station again.

Sorry for what i did 6 months ago, can i have another go?

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The ban is actually a year old (note is from 14MAY2014).

I will note, though, that the reason of "getting sick from another station" isn't really the best one. I'll run this by the admins, in the mean time I'd recommend getting somewhat of an understanding on how this station works (namely: going over the rules, as need be).

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