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[Denied] Acel's Lighter (Item for Lockie)

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BYOND Key: ErikTiber

Character name: Lachina Green

Item name: Acel's Lighter

Why is your character carrying said item to work? Let me regale you with the tale of Acel's lighter.

One fine day at work, a detective by the name of Rick Rose was hitting on Lockie Green. She did not appreciate this. When he later entered the medbay, injured, he was stripped of his clothing for surgery. At this time, Lockie took the liberty of taking the lighter out of his pocket and throwing it down disposals out of spite. Unbeknownst to Lockie, an engineer by the name of Acel Delrico found the lighter, and took it for his own use.

Later that shift, Lockie decided to go and visit engineering on a lark. She was new to the station, so she wanted to get to know the crew. While in the lobby, she met a crew member by the name of Acel Delrico, a french-speaking engineer. He mentioned that he had found a zippo lighter down in disposals. Laughing, Lockie mentioned that she had thrown that very same lighter down disposals before, and explained why.

Fast forward to the end of the shift. Due to some accident or other, the entire station was evacuated to the mining outpost. It was chaos. Wounded were everywhere. And in the chaos, Acel had lost his lighter. Once the wounded were dealt with, Lockie absently reached into her pocket, before realizing that she had Acel's lighter with her. She decided to return it to him.

Acel kept that lighter. Over the next eight months, Acel and Lockie grew to be close friends. Though after a few months they seemed to simply lose contact. However, towards the end, they started meeting up again. Whenever she asked, Acel still had that same old lighter. No matter what happened, he always seemed to have it on him.

Word came in that Acel was transferring to another station. Acel gave her back the old, beaten up lighter as a memento to remember him by.

Lockie indirectly gave that lighter to Acel right before they first met. So it's only fitting that Acel would give it back to her when he left. It had great sentimental value to both of them. Lockie doesn't smoke herself, but she's likely to keep a hold of that lighter, as a memento.

Item function(s): Just a normal zippo lighter.

Item description: A zippo lighter. The name Rose is scratched out on the side, with Delrico carved into the metal over it.

Item appearance: A worn zippo lighter with a small amount of text carved into it. Below it is another small amount of scratched-out text.

Additional comments: First custom item app.

This item is a pure coincidence, it came about purely through in-game events and luck. The story was completely out of my control. The sentimental significance only came about due to player actions and was completely natural. That's why I think this would make a great custom item. The fact that Lockie doesn't smoke, but that she still carries around a lighter, would also probably carry some significance.

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Acel was also Lockie's first crush on station, and the first crush that she actually remembers since her accident. But when she actually told him her feelings, as it turns out he was already engaged to Samara Davidson or something.

Then they sorta weren't as close, but were still friends. Acel was with Samara. Lockie was with Vincent Capriello, and then Izemut. Right before the call came in, Acel and Lockie met to have coffee one last time, the first time in about four or five months that they had actually sat down to talk. Acel told Lockie how he had divorced Samara recently, but he was still as chipper as ever, as he had always been, even in the worst of it. Lockie had just left Izemut the day before. That's when Acel told Lockie that he might be transferring.

A few days later, Acel pages Lockie. He'd like to meet her again, for something important. As it turns out, it'd be their last meeting for a long while.

Acel Delrico asks, "Remember the other day, when I talked about possibly being selected for a transfer?"

Lachina Green asks, "..Yes?"

Lachina Green bites her lip.

Yrsa Hall bows her head and clasps her hands together in her lap quietly.

Acel Delrico says, "Well, I erm. I was selected. This is the last shift that I will be on the aurora."

Lachina Green hugs Acel tightly.

Acel Delrico hugs Lachina Green to make her feel better!

Lachina Green burries her face into his jumpsuit.!

Acel Delrico hugs Lockie back, smiling weakly. "Don't be upset, ami. We can still keep in touch.."

Lachina Green nods slightly, still burring her head into his jumpsuit.

Lachina Green doesn't make eye contact.

Lachina Green says softly, "...You still have that lighter?"

Yrsa Hall sighs, looking at Lockie sadly.

Lachina Green grins slightly, looking up at him.

Acel Delrico says softly, "Oui, I do."

Lachina Green says quietly, "...Can I see?"

Acel Delrico takes the old, dented up lighter from his pocket and flicks it open, grinning. "As always."

Without even breaking stride, Acel Delrico flips open and lights the Zippo lighter in one smooth movement.

Lachina Green smiles.

Lachina Green says softly, "...Can I hold it, uhm, just for a bit?"

Lachina Green says quietly, "Just to see it."

Yrsa Hall whispers something.

Yrsa Hall smiles apologetically.

Acel Delrico says quietly, "Actually...how about you keep it, ami? Let it continue it's adventures around here...and it's something you remember your chain-smoking friend by."

You hear a quiet click, as Acel Delrico shuts off the Zippo lighter without even looking at what they're doing.

Acel Delrico handed the Zippo lighter to Lachina Green.

Lachina Green blinks.

Lachina Green says softly, "....Are you sure?"

Acel Delrico says quietly, "Oui, I am."

Lachina Green says softly, "I. ...Right. I. I really appreciate this."

Lachina Green seems to hug the lighter, before setting it in her pocket.

Lachina Green says quietly, "...Thank you."

Lachina Green says softly, "For everything."

Lachina Green grimaces, staring at the ground for a moment.

Lachina Green 's face is flush.

Lachina Green says quietly, "I'm glad I met you. When I did. It was. Important. For you to be there, and to do what you did."

Yrsa Hall quietly stands and begins backing up toward the front of the library.

Lachina Green covers her mouth with her hand for a moment, placing her other hand on her hip.

Lachina Green nods slightly to herself.

Acel Delrico says quietly, "Of course, ami...there's, erm. One more thing I wanted to do, before I am gone."

Lachina Green says softly, "....Yeah?"

Lachina Green blinks away tears.

Lachina Green wipes off her face with her prosthetic hand.

Acel Delrico places his fingers underneath Lockie's chin, tilting her head up and looking down into her eyes. "Yeah." He smiles, before leaning in and pressing a kiss to her lips.

Lachina Green blinks in surprise, before leaning in slightly.

Lachina Green 's eyes widen in surprise.

Acel Delrico breaks away after a short while, his fingers moving away from her chin. "I will miss you, ami."

Lachina Green blinks, pressing a hand against her lips, seeming to stare into space for a moment.

Lachina Green hugs him tightly and kisses him on the lips.

Lachina Green seems slightly inexperienced. She breaks away after a short while, blushing slightly. "...M-me too."

Lachina Green says, "Ami."

Lachina Green blinks. "I used that word correctly, right?"

Lachina Green seems to return to her normal demeanor.

Acel Delrico wraps his arms back around Lockie, squeezing her tightly. He grins, "You did. Try to relax more in the future for me, alright?"

Lachina Green nods slightly, hugging him.

Lachina Green says, "...I will."

Lachina Green asks, "And. Try to be more careful in the future, alright?"

Lachina Green grins slightly.

Acel Delrico says, "Of course...I've learned not to get hit by emitters. Just took a lot of shots."

Lachina Green snickers.

Lachina Green says, "And those eyes of yours."

Lachina Green says, "..Every shift."

Lachina Green says, "...Yeah."

Acel Delrico grins, nodding. "Oui, you managed to keep them working though."

Lachina Green stares into space for a moment, before looking back to Acel.

Lachina Green grins slightly and nods absently, seeming to only half pay attention.

Yrsa Hall leans against the bookshelf, intentionally at a distance.

Lachina Green says, "We'll stay in touch."

Lachina Green says, "I'll... page you my contact info, but you should probably have it already."

Acel Delrico says softly, "Oui, I do."

Acel Delrico says quietly, "Let's head to escape, amour."

Yrsa Hall smiles weakly.

Yrsa Hall asks, "Y'ready?"

Lachina Green nods slightly.

Acel Delrico says, "Oui."

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