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Miracle's Jacket

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BYOND Key: Jboy2000000

Character name: Miracle Kifer

Item name: Cargo Jacket

Why is your character carrying said item to work? She doesn't like how the station's jumpsuit fit her, so she like to roll her jump suits down, but she doesn't like people looking at her prosthetic arm.

Item function(s): Worn in o_clothes, like clothes.

Item description: A yellow and brown jacket mirroring a cargo uniform.

Item appearance: Pretty much as it says in the description, a jacket made up of cargo's brown and yellow.

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Blork blork.


// Miracle Kifer's cargo jacket - Jboy2000000
name = "cargo jacket"
desc = "A yellow and brown jacket similar in design to a cargo uniform."
icon = 'icons/obj/custom_items/miracle_jacket.dmi'
icon_state = "miracle_jacket_open"
contained_sprite = 1

	set name = "Toggle Jacket Zipper"
	set category = "Object"
	set src in usr

	if(!usr.canmove || usr.stat || usr.restrained())
		return 0

			icon_state = "miracle_jacket_closed"
			usr << "You zip up \the [src]."
			icon_state = "miracle_jacket_open"
			usr << "You unzip \the [src]."

			usr << "SierraKomodo broke a thing. Bug report time!"


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