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Zubari Akenzua 05/24/2015

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Reporting Personnel:Fumiki Kamachi

Rank of Reporting Personnel:Internal Affairs

Personnel Involved: Officer Zubari Akenzua (Offender), HoS Peter Stone (Plaintiff)

Time of Incident:

Location of Incident: Escape Wing of the NNS Aurora.

Nature of Incident: []Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property [x]Neglect of Duty []Harassment [x]Assault x]Misconduct []Other _____

Overview of the Incident: Reporting on the behalf of a Peter Stone, running Security at the time. A Zubari Akenzua continued to pepperspray a subdued individual who was currently laying on the floor. The offender continued to pepperspray the individual despite them being move away from the Unathi. The Unathi then proceeded to resist arrest for excessive use of force, altering his own Security records and setting the Head of Security to arrest in retaliation. The Unathi presented a danger to the crew, the prisoner and hindered in the efforts of transporting said prisoner. Such actions are a severe misconduct to the SoP and Corporate Regulations, which should not be expected from a fully trained Officer.

It would be most beneficial for the Unathi to be removed from the Security roster until further notice, to ensure the safety and integrity of station operations. With a minimal disciplinary of being placed back into the Cadet program to go back over the training he so obviously ignored.

Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: I am speaking on behalf of a Head of Staff.

Additional notes: Let us not forget, violent Unathi that do not adhere to the Corporation's interest are a dangerous specimen and would be costly if allowed to cause a risk to the crew.

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Counter report from the desk of Akenzua

I'm unable to remember much during all of this, account due to being beaten by the head of security in the torso during the shuttle transport back home.

I came onboard the station and overhearing the presence of a non-crew intruder, reading more of it after looking through the reports after I was released from custody. They were some sort of mystical being that presented magical powers. All I could see of those powers? Creating smoke and being a nuisance to everyone in the departures lounge. After witnessing the handcuffed suspect breaking out of the officers grasp, I took it upon myself to pepperspray them until they were retrieved by the others. Yes, I do admit I went overboard. Though, the suspect was considered non-crew according to things and thus has not much protection. Considering the suspect was still shouting words in an attempt to summon their magical arts and creating smoke that blinded everyone and made a few have a rather annoying coughing it, if you consider this worse than harmbatoning a prisoner in their own cell as I witnessed on other shifts or even officers having inner-conflict battles. (I'd prefer not to say any names.). Then you are a failure of a command officer. The officer incharge of the prisoner seemed unfit in their duty to restrain and isolate. So it was in my best interest to make sure the individual never escaped once they first broke free of their handler.

During the whole issue, one officer decided to toss a FLASH GRENADE in the middle of the departure lounge, blinding and deafening a number of security and civilian personal. Were they dealt with? No. I came to my own defense after the head of security attempted to arrest me. Not even allowing me to explain myself before sicking Beepsky on eachother.

I'm also detecting a bit of racism, Your words hint at a distrust that all unathi are violent individuals, or were you charmed by the female suspect? Do try to include details like mine next time you file a report against me.

I'm an officer of the law, just like anyone else. We all make mistakes at times.

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Agent Fumiki's Response.

There is a vast difference between pepper spraying an individual at point blank whilst they're on the floor and using a flash bang. While the flash bang is an escalation of force, it does not needlessly harm an individual. Under i117 in the Corporate Regulations hand book, excessive use of force in detainment is an infraction and it is strongly believed that this was an infraction made upon the prisoner. It would also be noted, that the criminal in question was added to the stations records, including medical and security records, thus covering their rights as an individual while in custody. Indeed the flash bang was uncalled for, but having to prevent a supposedly trained Officer from needlessly harming the prisoner only caused more hindrance to the situation in comparison.

As with the accusation of racism, I remain indifferent to the species and only take note of their confirmed traits and facts. It is known that Unathi are superior in strength, have tendencies of rage induced actions and pose a threat to other crew more so in comparison to all other races. It is also good to note, that Commander Stone holds high regards for an Officer Sslazhir Yinzr, an unathi who has shown great promise in the field. With this, any racial prejudice would be void given the circumstances.

Despite the Commander Stone's firm hand when it comes to his men and their severe misconduct, the proposed disciplinary actions were from my own personal observations on the situation.

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I suppose this can come down to a case of minor misinformation. I wasn't ever briefed on the suspect before hand once I arrived late into the shift, and I'm rather good friends with Officer Yinzr and we constantly patrol from time to time, even having our differences.

If it helps with anything, I'll rake a few courses in security management and class to help... Improve my proper use of force during these situations.

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