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Pleace unban me

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24 would still put you fresh out of med school/college. Given that you've already been banned for it, we're going to look towards this much more closely. A 24 year old character would likely not be very experienced with advanced medical procedure, nor could they perform complex surgeries.

For science, I'm not quite sure, as that would put you at the age of a grad student or around. You're still expected to limit your character's knowledge - you can't be proficient in every field at 24.

In favor of unbanning once more people weigh in.

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I'm sure there's more to it. But really a ban? For a character being too young?

What happened to helping? And use of varedit?

Repeated ignoring of the issue.

She was ahelped on multiple occasions, to such a point that she was informed she'd be jobbanned if she didn't fix it. She didn't fix it after that. Thus, jobban.

That is essentially it.

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OK what i would like to know is what i can do that will take the job ban off so can you please tell me so i can play the jobs that i like the most on your grate sever.

After reconsideration, it seems to me that you've yet to learn your lesson about what is acceptable in a job or not. Just earlier tonight, an admin had to talk to you because you joined as a completely limbless character in sec.

I don't understand the train of thought under which NanoTrasen would hire quadruple amputees to carry out security business on their space stations, but unless you can provide to me a compelling reason why I should trust your judgement on what constitutes an acceptable character to play, I'm tempted to mark this as a no.

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