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Draculabot Character Complaint

Guest Marlon Phoenix

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

BYOND Key: Jackboot

Player Byond Key: Draculabot

Staff involved: ummm I did ahelp it but I forgot who handled it. Aqy was around at the time and can probably give info. I got a revive from death into crit so obvs someone with admin powers was involved.

Reason for complaint:

I had work at 7 in the morning so I didn't want to spend time making a complaint, and have only gotten to this now. I'm going to make every attempt to keep this complained honed in on Draculabot's behaviour during the specific incident in question, and avoid implicating security in general.


I was playing Sirasairot Uaekis, Chief Engineer, during a nuke round. I had dropped the blast doors and raised the shields after it was shown at the station had become a battleground, and didn't allow anyone in or out - engineering was effectively sealed off except for the other engineers going the long way via the engineering shuttle.

TL;DR the unathi operative, who's real name was Yinzr and who's operative name was Tranquil iirc, ended up captured by Mauvebeard and brought back to engineering. Sirasairot had a conversation with him, and learned that he wasn't like the other operatives, and hadn't killed anyone except for those who attacked him. This was probably a lie, but this is unathi 'your word is your honour' stuff so it was believed. He was shot up and treated with medkits laying around, and didn't attempt to resist - he was basically a passive captive. Uaekis gave him his name and title, and after learning Yinzr was also an Izweski vassal, basically informed him that he was now a prisoner and would be brought back to the Izweski Hegemony on Moghes to answer for his crimes.

The Head of Security, Rukia, played by Draculabot, immediately waltzes in with Victor Kaipov, and demands 'the hostage' is handed over. She's dual wielding two energy carbines, and is covered in blood - Sirasairot watched her fight before on the cameras, and saw an operative's head fly off and knew that Tranquil would end up dead or tortured, which is extremely dishonourable. He states calmly that it's safer for Tranquil to remain in his care, and that as a vassal of Izweski he has authority to hold the prisoner. Unless Uaekis' direct superior, the Captain, ordered him otherwise, he has no intention of handing over aUnathi prisoner.

OOC'ly, I was concerned that this would end up with the operative player locked in a cell, and basically dumped in a hole as is what happens when security latches onto an antagonist, but that is a separate issue.

The incident for this complaint

"Victor, I'm going to taze the Chief Engineer."

Sirasairot informs Rukia that he's moving the unathi op to the engineering outpost until it's time to evacuate, and turns and starts to head to the shuttle. She chases him, firing tasers that all miss and hit the operative buckled to a chair that Uaekis is pulling. She chases him all the way to the dock, until she gets in melee range. Now, Uaekis doesn't want to be tased, and disarms her gun and picks it up, putting it in his satchel.

Without missing a beat, she steps back, switches to her other gun, and unloads the entire clip of laser bolts directly at Uaekis (me), killing him in seconds. I was effectively executed by the Head of Security. Draculabot apologized in LOOC, saying it was a 'mistake', after I said in LOOC that I was disappointed. I ended up ahelping and explaining the situation, and got a revive into crit, with the RP saying that I was put in crit instead of dead, so that I could continue the round.

The Aftermath

Draculabot said that this was a mistake because the gun was on the wrong setting, and whether or not I believe someone can 'accidentally' unload an entire clip of lasers without realizing it's set to lethals, is something that's only partially related to the fact that Dracula makes these sorts of mistakes all the time. She executed the Chief Engineer for insisting, nonviolently, that he is better equipped both physically and legally to hold a prisoner who had shown zero attempts of resisting.

This prisoner went on to be uncuffed for being trustworthy, and provided information that gave the station warning that the Odin would be nuked, as well as delicious rp. This would have been impossible if I remained executed, but that's a separate complaint - the behaviour of Draculabot is what's the concern here. I have to say I would feel more comfortable if she had administrative action taken against her Head whitelist.

Approximate Date/Time: March 24th, at roughly 9:30 - 10:30pm (UTC -7:00.)

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This was a mistake, I had an energy carbine on the wrong setting. It was my last intention to kill another player.

I'm willing to accept a removal from my whitelist status, if it means I can get another chance later on in the future. I don't intent to wrong or upset anyone, my status here on this server is wholely meant to try to better the server with my writing and my play. I make a lot of fuck-ups and I'm sorry. Please remove me from the head whitelist. Despite how much I enjoyed playing the captain and Head of Security role, I would much rather have a cemented place here in Aurora than lose both the whitelist and receive a possible ban for a future mistake.

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After having a talk with Dea Tacita on the issue, we have both agreed to remove your whitelist, and place a restriction. You will not be able to re-apply for a head of staff whitelist for a week; starting today on May 27th, and ending on June 3rd. After June 3rd, you are free to apply for a head of staff whitelist again, and if you do, then Dea and I expect you to bring this issue up on your application in order to tell us how you learned from it.

I will leave this thread open until tomorrow before locking and archiving.

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